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Hanson Bro Fires the One Finger Salute

10/29/2008 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So what's weirder? A Hanson Brother with facial hair -- or the fact that one of the "MMMbop" kids just flipped the bird!
Hanson: Click to watch
23-year-old Zac (goatee) and 25-year-old Taylor (finger) joined the other one for a show in Falls Church, Virginia yesterday -- where it seemed at least one of the guys is finally over that damn song you couldn't get out of your head 11 years ago. Sure was catchy though...


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Just when we all thought we would never have to hear about these losers again....

2186 days ago


I hate it when celebrities flick off the camera. I think it's the most immature classless thing they could do. Not only is it completely ineffective in sending any sort of message to the paparazzi, but they're basically flicking off the public who made them who they are. Not that being a Hanson is anything to commemorate.

2186 days ago


Ok that pap is a moron, "The Crazyness being back?!" I've gone to so many Hanson concerts through out there years and EVERY single concert I've ever been to has been sold out. There are always hundreds of screaming fans.

2186 days ago


Now I have that damn song in my head! Thanks alot TMZ. Oh the humanity!!!

2186 days ago


the next generation of right-wing whackos!!!

2186 days ago

All Of Them Be Infected    

"Hollywood" bird - no wings, and very gay.

2186 days ago


Zac Hanson, please do not ever, ever, ever change.
TMZ, if you aren't going to take the time to educate yourself on the people you're "reporting" on, why bother at all? Check out TakeTheWalk.Net and embrace the feeling of idiocy that *should* set in the moment you realize what Hanson is "up to".

2186 days ago


maybe I wasn't watching closely enough but I didn't see Taylor flip off the camera...if fact I didnt see him at all.

2186 days ago


I wanted them to sing the song. Why can't they just grow up and sing it? That song is the only reason they even have a music career now a days anyways. I bet 90% of those girls waiting in line list there favourite Hanson song as "MmmBop".

2186 days ago

Chuck Norris    

''Being back''?? hahaha they never left idiot!! Thats what you get when you piss off a Hanson guy! lesson learned ?? or do you need one more flip bird??

2186 days ago

mrs. brand    

What an obscure reference, Hanson. Yet that child with the facial hair was so sacrcastic to the pap speaking to him. I would think he would just appreciate being recognized. What an immature punk.

2186 days ago


You people don't have a clue. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson hold more musical talent in their bird flippin' finger tips than any of the so-called "musicians" you hear on your blasted radios these days. Hanson never stopped...they've grown, evolved, and have produced some of the most amazing, inspirational albums. The work that they're currently doing for HIVSA is beyond incredible. Grow up, get educated, and give these young men the respect they deserve.

2186 days ago


They should appreciate being recognized. I mean, seriously, they "peaked" 11 years ago. Such has-beens with egos. Can't wait til this is the Jonas Brothers...Which it will be in a few months, maybe years.

2186 days ago


omgosh... that zec kid is a huge arse! seriously... like he was acting like such a smart alec... and acting and all recaial about the 'ghetto style... is that how you normally talk?" wtf? he's lucky they even took the time to videotape him.
soooo dumb... and SOOOOOO 90's...

2186 days ago


Hanson are not "over" MMMBop. They played it at their show at the State Theatre that very night. It was a great show, by the way. And mention of the song is NOT the reason that Taylor was flipping the bird.

2186 days ago
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