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Victoria's Secret

Losing Baby Weight in Weeks

10/29/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like many supermodels, Alessandra Ambrosio's superpower is weight loss.


Believe it or not, the 27-year-old Victoria's Secret model had her superbaby just nine weeks ago.

How the hell are earthlings supposed to compete with that?


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I gues it's easy to lose the weight when you have all day to spend in the gym.

2151 days ago


I don't understand why is such a big deal, if you are a healthy woman at a healthy weight and you don't use your pregnancy as an excuse,, then you should lose it very quickly, women have been doing this since the beginning of time obviously, and they drop them in fields, your not some delicate little flower you can work everyday all day, it drives me up the wall when oyu guys put commments like that, how are earthlings supposed to keep up, BY BEING HEALTHY thats how

2151 days ago


she must of started her diet from when they started stitching her coochie.... (SECOND!!!!)

2151 days ago


I don't know what people go on about this for. I lost all my baby weight within 2 months of giving birth, with both kids.

I guess if you think you're eating for two ADULTS and your binges stop just short of gnawing on the table, well, yeah, then you gained way more than you should have and won't lose it easily because you gained a ton of FAT.

2151 days ago


Maybe losing it like angelina jolie did tummy tuck, lipo etc

2151 days ago


it's actually very easy to lose baby weight if you don't get fat during your pregnancy. so many pregnant women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything and everything. i dropped my weight in about 8 or 9 weeks with little to not effort.

2151 days ago


She has a contract to look like that so she better have lost it! And for those of you who looked pre-baby 2 seconds after giving birth, well...doesn't God love you more than He loves the rest of us?!?!

2151 days ago


Between the gym, personal trainer, medical advances in appetite supression, and the good old finger down the throat, anything weight loss is possible!

2151 days ago

thats right    

with my first 2 kids i was back to my pre-baby weight within a month, but after the last one i couldn't lose it as easy. im only about 15 pounds overweight but i wish it was as easy as with the first two!

also, i LOVE those leggings she's wearing!

2151 days ago


i lost my baby weight within 4 weeks after each child, i have 3 kids's not as hard as people make it out to be, just a good excuse to some people to be on the larger side!! anyhow love the leggings what's with the flio-flops tho, is it just the picture or does it look like she is losing inches off the flip-flop like she is her weight...

i'm just saying

2151 days ago


You idiots, it is called a mommy-tuck, the celebrities do it all of the time. And just 3 days after baby is born. Do not think for a minute that any of these women spend one minute in a gym.

2151 days ago


It's not that hard to lose baby weight if you are motivated. I don't like to hear that people don't have time for the gym. I work full time, go to school full time and have a 2-year old and I still make it 4 days a week. If you really want to make a change, you can make it happen. Stop making excuses people.

2151 days ago


post # 11 - pebbles

Did you have too many spoons of negativity in your morning cereal today?

PLENTY of Women dont need to hit the gym, in order to lose baby weight... nor get a "mommy-tuck"

2151 days ago


NB- how often do you see your poor baby? Doesnt sound like much!

2151 days ago

Mrs. Soprano    

Can't she afford a pair of shoes that fit?

2151 days ago
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