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Julia Hudson

Still 'Friends' with Murder Suspect

10/30/2008 12:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Almost a week after the brutal slayings of her mother, brother, and son, Julia Hudson inexplicably remains friends with estranged husband William Balfour, the "person of interest" in the case -- at least on the Internet.

Julia Hudson has logged onto her MySpace account numerous times in the last few days -- as recently as today, according to MySpace -- but has yet to remove William Balfour, who goes by "Flex" on MySpace, from her list of friends.

She has changed her personal photo and replaced written passages on her page, among other things. And as of today, she describes her online mood as "numb."


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How come TMZ or any other news network hasn't noticed the part where she's asked about having kids? Her reply "whether I wanted to or not his ass is here". That right there speaks volumes to me how she felt about Julian.

2183 days ago

Anna Hagy    

I am sorry but you don't expose you children or family to what she did. Selfish and self centered and now paying a huge price

2183 days ago


I am praying for her son, but this woman is nothing but hood trash. This is disgusting to me. Her profile: "Who is most likely to get arrested? William" ... "Your Weakness: GOOD D*CK" ... "Ever been called a Tease: GOT A P*SSY DON'T I" And of course his status message is "in jail." She brought this hood around her family and son, and now look. I hope this is a lesson to all women, and I hope she cleans up her nasty act. Choose your partners wisely!

2183 days ago

Jay bee    

I noticed this on her page on Monday.

Obviouly she may not think it's him even thou he is the prime suspect or "person or interest"
We cant Judge her because she is probably in denial, and she wants the police to confirm it was him,
Julia is a mess right now, we need to just keep her and the Hudson family in our prayers.

2183 days ago


Flex? As in Flex his fingers on a trigger? What a sad story. I dont feel any sympathy for this Julia thing. Jennifer, however has worked hard to be where she is and get herself out the ghetto, and has sufferred tremendously because of Julia's choice in boys. I wouldnt care about the internet if my son was no longer around. So so sad.

2183 days ago


I don't understand how someone who just lost her son. mother and brother has the time to logon to myspace and update her blog. It just doesnt register in my head how you JUST lost 3 family members and you constantly update your myspace!?!?!?!? Am I the only one that thinks this is rediculous?

2183 days ago


Give it a break TMZ - she has lots more on her mind then updating her myspace. Get a grip!

2183 days ago


To # 4: If you are "minding your own business" what are YOU doing on this gossip site? Just wondering.

2183 days ago

chitown lady    

Just looked at the picture...This was taken what today in a hotel room????? Are you kidding me. What the hell is she smiling at.....Her family was just slaughtered and she is taking pictures and posting them on her my space account...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is this Julia right in the head? Im sorry but, if my family was just slaughtered I highky doubt that I would be snapping pics of myself looking all happy, let alone posting it on my web page...This chick is not right in her head..............Im sorry......

2183 days ago


I am appalled at Julia Hudson's behavior. You say Myspace means nothing. But it does. Thats apparent if you look at her page. She could have made the page private, but she didnt. She can still get messages even if it's private. People say she's hoping for clues on Myspace. Come on, do you really think she's going to get a clue of the murderer on there? I dont think so. She took the time to change her picture on her default, she wrote several things on her page and changed pictures around. If she had the time to do that she had the time to push the delete button to take him off. I dont care if he is her "estranged" husband. He's sitting in jail being comsidered as the possible murderer of her mother, brother, and CHILD. Something is not right with this woman. Jennifer changed her default picture to the precious angel, Julian. His mother on the other hand changed her default picture to a full profile of her in a motel room! Sorry, but my condolences go out to the Hudson family, but they really need to sit down and have a talk with Julia. May God have mercy on the murderer's soul. Rest peacefully little angel Julian. You are in the arms of the angels now.

2183 days ago


You all say leave her alone. Let her grieve in's just myspace. Let me tell ya something! No mother or father that really loved their child, that was murdered in such a horrible way! Would even think about getting onto their make believe life on myspace! Her baby was shot and killed as and her mother and brother! I can't imagine even having the energy to get out of bed to log into an account online to replace a pic! I'd be so worn out from crying and feeling such hate for the F%^K that killed my family! This Julia is the most pathetic person on the planet to me right now! There's no way she could have loved her family like she claims to. Yeah we all grieve in different ways! But you can tell she's not grieving...she's relishing in the attention from the media and myspace! Everyone should remove her from their buddy list and boycot her ass clear off of that site! I don't understand all this " We stick together crap" I'm talking about people who live in the hood who don't snitch. It's not snitching if you go and tell on a drug dealer/murder or anyone else that is commiting a crime. You people that think that way better be watching your backs....Karma is a real B&&^h! I feel so bad for all the little kids out in the world how have mothers like Julia! It's beyond me how a mother doesn't want to love and protect her child. That woman allowed drug dealers into her home around her child! I have no sympathy for a person like that! That child and every child deserves better!!

2183 days ago


Sick, sick, sick and tired of all the nonsense coverage on here about this horrible tragedy - showing a picture of the 'might be' gun was pretty low class, but this last one beats them all.

2183 days ago

Um Hello???    

Actually, her mood has been set to numb since last Friday night. Just FYI.

2183 days ago

fo real    

Shes the mother of the year. Good Choice of men

2183 days ago


The bible quote there is quite disgusting too. My interpretation of that particular passage is that God gave up his son for a greater good. When you compare that with what she says about losing her family for loving someone else it's almost like she knew something bad like this would happen. She knows the media is on to everything she does and keeping her myspace updated is a way to keep up with the fame of her sister. Sad, sad all around.

2183 days ago
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