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Julia Hudson

Still 'Friends' with Murder Suspect

10/30/2008 12:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Almost a week after the brutal slayings of her mother, brother, and son, Julia Hudson inexplicably remains friends with estranged husband William Balfour, the "person of interest" in the case -- at least on the Internet.

Julia Hudson has logged onto her MySpace account numerous times in the last few days -- as recently as today, according to MySpace -- but has yet to remove William Balfour, who goes by "Flex" on MySpace, from her list of friends.

She has changed her personal photo and replaced written passages on her page, among other things. And as of today, she describes her online mood as "numb."


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Wow!!! Other humans that know what happen is not right but still you are saying this woman should be dead..... I'm reading what you all are saying and it is heartbreaking that none of you were there but the way you run your mouths I would suspect you sold the gun.... Julia was with Jennifer because they are family and that is how family is they want to be around each other not that she is jealous. Some of you have even made this racial, not to mention to bring up Obama. TMZ all I can say is no class at all. None of you would behave like this if it was you, and people are running of by the mouth about things they know nothing about... I feel sorry for you all and I will pray for you. Remember when something is going on in your life and you don't know why just think back to your horrible thoughts about someone else...

God be with you all...

2155 days ago


OMG! It is her mother on her default myspace pic people! LMAO even though I believe she was invloved I just had to point it out.

2155 days ago


Julia is logging on her husband page she put flex is in jail on that friday..and she put forgotten as mood...she is setting him up big time because he dont want her ass...police better look into this woman.william mom is bring out the truth...i was wondering how they got william so fast..but the truth be told like his mom said william went to police station and turn his self in min he heard they say he might be the killer..a thug would'nt turn hisself in he would be on the run....she's a jealous woman..

2155 days ago


She seems to me to be a typical sort of person, not terribly educated, not attractive, no self-control, a bit mental, obese (most likely because of socio-economic factors, cheap food is fattening) all these really bad qualities all bunched up into one person.

Next time you go somewhere, someone like her will be there.

I am kind of surprised she even knows how to use MySpace

Anyway, she is a glory hound, she seems to have taken delight in Jennifer's fame, I would be proud too, but she had a MySpace page stating that no one shouls ask her any stupid questions. Uh, ok, I don't know what she'd consider stupid.

How about this Julia, take your myspace page down, or make it private

She had something to do with this, I just feel it

2155 days ago


perhaps she is keeping him on there to see what stuff might be put on his page - because if his page is set to private - the only way to view it is if you are a friend. So maybe she is doing it to see if anything is put on his page about the murders....I could kind of understand that. Or like others are saying - maybe that's the last thing on her mind?

2155 days ago


His page is not private if she deletes him she can still visit his page and all pics. I am not either ones friend and have been on their pages!

2155 days ago

Chris B.    

For all those defending Julia and saying she should be left.....SHE'S PUTTING HERSELF OUT THERE!!!! You don't go through something as horrible as this, then start posting pics of yourself smiling, keep the "person of interest" on your PUBLIC myspace page as one of your "top friends", and not expect a PUBLIC reaction!!!! I'm sorry, she's stupid and your stupid for defending her!!!

2155 days ago

name withheld    

William decided to kill her son to put him out of the miserable life that his mother let consume him. Prolly blew smoke in his face and then pulled the trigger

2154 days ago


How this woman could have brought in TWO ex-convicts into this good familys home defies common sense. Guess it's hard for her to find a decent man with her having NOTHING to offer...ugly, big as a house and no morals.

2154 days ago


This case is so sad. It's even more sad to me because my son's name is also Julian. I could never imagine losing him. I lost my daughter last year and I was on myspace the next day to let people know what happened and all. Does that make me a bad mother just because I was on myspace? I have a question to those who say that Julia had her family killed. If she had them killed, then why wasn't her sister killed too? Why not kill everyone? As a mother and especially one who has lost a child, I do feel bad for her. Especially since he was her only son. And why is this even on TMZ? This is a murder case, not celeb gossip. There is nothing entertaining about this. I will continue to pray for Julia and Jennifer.

2154 days ago

Illinois person    

I don't know how anyone would "feel" like going on their Myspace account with what she would be going through? Sounds to me like she very much enjoys the company of her thug husband, but at what cost? Jennifer, take your Oscar and run!!

2154 days ago


This bitch will rot in helll. her quote is very disgusting! What kind of quote is that???? she is implying she gave her son up!! She killed him!

2154 days ago


I dont know what i would be doing if anything happened to my baby, but for sure i wouldn't be on myspace. She is NOT acting like a mother who just lost her only child and she is not acting like a person (Human being) who just lost most of her family members. Regardless if her abandon husband did it or not she shouldn't have his pictures up on her myspace, being that he is the primary suspect to killing her family for now. Maybe this may sound too much for now, but she seems like she had something to do with this. She wasn't even the one to take care of her son, her mother was and like she said in her interview, he didn't even want to be with her, he loved his grandmother. She DID NOT seem like she was very upset at the interview and she didn't even cry at all. I wouldnt even be able to talk, i know everyone is different, but when it comes to you loosing you baby......every mother should be the same.

2154 days ago


I think she is going on her MySpace page so that someone will tell William she still loves him, it's pretty obvious she loves the guy

2154 days ago

Sue Wong    

POST#46 Say what you want about Julia but don't insult Jennifer. She worked hard to get where she is and YES she is talented!!!! Let's be fair here and not spew hateful venom for no reason. Perhaps you ought to stop posting.

2154 days ago
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