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Julia Hudson

Still 'Friends' with Murder Suspect

10/30/2008 12:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Almost a week after the brutal slayings of her mother, brother, and son, Julia Hudson inexplicably remains friends with estranged husband William Balfour, the "person of interest" in the case -- at least on the Internet.

Julia Hudson has logged onto her MySpace account numerous times in the last few days -- as recently as today, according to MySpace -- but has yet to remove William Balfour, who goes by "Flex" on MySpace, from her list of friends.

She has changed her personal photo and replaced written passages on her page, among other things. And as of today, she describes her online mood as "numb."


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why are some of you criticizing TMZ and others for talking about her frequent myspace visits? julia is obviously obsessed with going on myspace considering she is going on after her whole family is murdered. i find it so damn weird that a person would get on myspace and update her profile after her family has been shot to death. anyone with a famous sister would have privatized that sh#t by now.

2186 days ago


Her mother, brother and son have been murdered and she has time to blog??? Im sorry for her loss but lets get real - she is trash!

2186 days ago


Her lifestyle completely put her mother and son at risk!!! Her brother was involved in gangs and drugs so he made his own bed (not that i wish that on anyone but if you pay w/ fire). But her being with this man who she kenw was convited felon and having him around her son is child abuse and look waht it resulted in. Thank goodness for her mom who raised the boy. I dont think she had a lot to do with her own son because she was to busy hooking up w/ losers! May her mother, brother and son rest in heaven.

2186 days ago



2186 days ago

how dumb    

I disagree with the comments to "leave the family alone". The family has used their celebrity status to go one tv and other public forums to talk about their ordeal (not necessarily a bad thing). I am sure many of you readers have had loved ones murdered, yet you did not receive the national sympathy received by the Hudson family. So sorry, you cannot have it both ways. If you use your celebrity status to talk about your private matter publicly, then expect to receive public reaction as well.

2186 days ago


His page is not PRIVATE because I was able to click on his picture and go to his page also. And who cares what he has to say anymore, who cares what his friends have to say. That guy should be "dead" in her eyes for what he is being accused of doing. He would be in my eyes. I know, Innocent until proven Guilty but in this case, if it was my child and all the fingers pointed to him he would be Guilty until proven Innocent!

RIP Julian

2186 days ago


I usually don't agree with things like this but its true, this monster either murdered or know's who murdered her MOTHER, her BROTHER, and worst of all her CHILD. I would have been deleted his ass off my page along with a fat F U C K YOU sign as my mood. This is just disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2186 days ago


Wow, no wonder Jennifer kept away from this garbage. Her family are complete and total trash. *sigh* Sure Julia, bring another violent convict around your family... idiot.

2186 days ago


The thing that really makes me angry is that she has spawled at the top of her page the words " Proud Mommy"
Then she has julians pic's all over, then she has the nerve to put that nasty questionare with that disgusting language, right next to that bueatiful childs picture. A proud mommy would never do a thing like that, they would have taken the whole page down, or at least made it child friendly!
Another thing, about the night before the murders, it was Julia's Birthday, She wanted to go out, but the baby was crying for her to stay home with him, she had to go out , so she took him with her, Where did she take him? To a bar?She says he fell asleep in the back seat of the car. While she was in a bar? She says she bought him home and handed him to his Grandmother.
Why couldn't she put him to bed? She says that was the last time she saw him alive. Why didn't she check on him before she went to work? Most Proud Mothers hug and Kiss thier kids Goodbye before the go to work for the day

2186 days ago


This looks bad. She's updated several pics, I would think removing him would have been a priority.

I wonder who it is that's logging onto his page?

2186 days ago


I've been looking at her myspace the last few days, her friend count has increased significantly, her page isn't private, yet she posted tons of pics of her son, I don't have nearly as many of my son. My grandfather passed away in May, he raised me so he was like my dad. I didn't log into myspace for 4 days I was so distraught, then even after that I had his pic plastered everywhere. Her family and friends including Jennifer, had Julian as their main pic, Julia has never had him as her main. I think this current one is her mother? Jennifer or whoever runs her page hasn't signed on in 2 days. Everyone grieves differently but I can't help but feel a little suspicious in her actions she probably is sucking up all the attention, I wouldn't be surprised for a big "show" from her if they god forbid got any video or photos from the funerals. Anyhow she is grieving her own way and if the attention is her way so be it. I just feel sorry for them all.

2186 days ago

Lovely Barker    

This is from another post on TMZ:

Theory 1: Julia Hudson's Involvement

There are too many holes in this story:

1) The body of Jennifer Hudson’s mother Darnell Donerson was found by Jennifer Hudson’s sister Julia around 2:45 PM Friday. Julia called 911 to report the shooting. She also reported her 7-year-old son missing. Police arriving on the scene found Hudson’s brother Jason shot to death in a bedroom.- okay I got this from CNN. My question is how could she report her son missing if she never went through the house. She claimed to have walked in the door, and after seeing her mother's body in the living room, left out the house and called 911. She then went to the police station to report Julian missing. How did she know he was missing and not hiding in the house or somewhere murdered in the home? Apparently, the police discovered her brothers body- she did not. As I said, she only made it to the front door.

2) Friday was a teacher's work day in Chicago. Therefore, children did not report. Julia is a school bus driver. Why was she working then? If her son didn't have school, she shouldn't have had to work.

3) Police have stated that Jason Hudson was shot when the gunman shot through the front door. He also received defensive wounds. However, his body was found in an upstairs bedroom. If you've seen a picture of him- he was no small guy. William, a man of small stature, could not have taken him upstairs alone. If Jason was shot in the thigh, he would have needed a very large person to help him upstairs. I always wondered in that type of area, shouldn't they have a gun in the home?

4) Shell casings were found in Julian King's bedroom, yet police are saying he was killed in the SUV.

5) The small bullet only went through the wooden door, so the door should have still been locked. How did the killer get in? If he shot at the door first, who in their right mind would have opened it for him?

6) Why didn't they come at night when most murders occur? The whole family would've been there, and they could've killed everyone.

7) Sure, the police could've been monitoring Julia's myspace, but I doubt it. This is more along the lines of the FBI and they didn't jump aboard until late Saturday. I'm sorry, but I just can't imagine with your mother and brother being tragically killed, and your son missing, the last thing I'd be thinking about is the damn computer. And if it was her on the computer, and William was a suspect, why did she keep him as her #2 friend? His *ss would've been gone with the quickness. Why did she feel the need to explain her actions on Myspace yesterday? Why has she been seeking support from her fans on Myspace when I'm sure she's surrounded by family and friends who love her? I'm sure her closest friends/family know how to reach her. Is she enjoying her newly found celebrity status? My little cousin was gunned down a few years ago in Detroit and my Aunt joined a support group for grieving mothers. She said during her meeting yesterday, the women unanimously agreed that something wasn't right about Julia Hudson- even the grief counselor said that she's exhibiting questionable behavior for a grieving mother.

8) Her appearance at the press conference was a little too calm and collected for me. Her hair was fly, she looked pretty well-rested, and she said Julian was more "like a little brother?"

I pray that I'm wrong. Lord, I do. I just can't imagine a mother being involved in something like this, which is why I've held back on posting this. But something isn't adding up. If they had something on William, they would've charged him. I think they're trying to get William on technicalities.

Theory 2:

Jason Hudson's Involvement

Jason Hudson has had a few run ins with the law. Perhaps he owed some people some money and they were coming after him. I'm not sure what Ms. Donnerson's schedule would've been like on a regular school day and what time Julian went to school. Maybe she normally took him to school, and didn't come home from dropping him off until around 9:30. If the killers had been watching the house all week, and noticed this pattern, maybe they didn't expect to find Mrs. Donnerson and Julian there on Friday. I mean, it wasn't like it was a major holiday. This would've explained a few things:

1)Why Jason went from being shot downstairs to going upstairs in his bedroom. Did he have something in his bedroom that the killers wanted? Otherwise, why did they let him walk upstairs instead of shooting him in cold blood like they did his mother?

2)They weren't expecting to see Julian. I think this may have really posed a problem for them as they struggled with what to do with him and the person couldn't bear to kill a 7 year old kid. I mean, they had enough heart not to kill the dog- but then again the dog can't talk. Whoever killed Jason an

2186 days ago


Thats because Belfour probably did not kill Julian, and the reason he is not talking is because his life and Julia's life will be in danger. Someone had mentioned others involved and that Belfour is in the gang "disciples", an extremely violent
gang in Chicago......There is more to this horrible situation then meets the eye..... RIP JULIAN

2186 days ago


Oh, this is so sad. I just don't get it. Why would she be on myspace, and why would flex still be on her page. I pray to God she had nothing to do with this!

2186 days ago


72. Why does this fat BYTCH still have a myspace? Isn't she too old for that?
OMG and she still has the monkey on her myspace. Wow and then we are always wrong for discriminating against blacks?

Posted at 1:21PM on Oct 30th 2008 by noway

You stop using my name!! I see what you're doing here and trust me...It's not wise! IP can easily be found!

2186 days ago
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