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Palin in "Out of the Closet" Controversy

10/30/2008 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Governor Sarah Palin's "Aw shucks, I shop at thrift stores" admission cost her favorite Alaska shop something kinda important -- its name.
Sarah Palin, Out of the Closet
Out of the Closet is the name of the consignment shop Palin frequents back in Anchorage. It also happens to be the name of a chain of non-profit stores in California and Florida run by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). It's proceeds go toward HIV medical care, testing and prevention service, among other things.

When the AHF heard about the Alaska version via all the Palin hype, they sent over a cease and desist letter asking them to change their name. TMZ talked to Ellen Arvold, who owns the shop. She admits she's a little bummed, but plans on complying and changing the name of her store.


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Here's a question - is the thrift store a chain of stores or is it locally owned? How lame do you have to be to send that letter to the thrift store? Idiots.

BTW, the conversation would go something like this:
"OmG! I have to get tested for AIDS! How did I wind up in Alaska from California and WHY am I at a thrift store?!"

Thank you for being stupid!

2183 days ago


You don't HAVE to get tested for HIV/AIDS. Just keep spreading it to every unwitting partner you have or will have because you are too scared to find out. Or don't want to use a condom. Or have sex with that one because they look "clean". Oh, and keep telling your kids (and youself) that abstinence works, always! It may actually, but most are not going to abstain.

People have sex, are unfaithful and going to want to expermiment, young or old. I preach biology, not morality. Get tested often, To not do so is irresponsible whether straight or gay.

2183 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

She really didn't seem like the type to promote wearing AIDS infested sweaters and jump suits.........

2183 days ago


Good God, TMZ- Shut. Up.

Sick of this petty crap already.

2183 days ago


Let's see Hillary or Pelosi shop at thrift stores. You people are disgusting. You're so all mean to her. "Pretend to be every woman"? She knows more about every day struggles and the value of every dollar than all of Washington put together..

2183 days ago


This isn't petty, by any means. It actually illustrates a pretty critical point.

Palin will do whatever it takes to win. She will step all over anyone she needs to, will use them and discard them as she sees fit. The woman running the shop means nothing to her. If Palin had brain cells, after seeing all the media hype surrounding everything she does, she should have known the press was going to swoop in on this poor shop. Woman running the shop did not ask for any of this, but Queen Sarah just had to speak her feeble mind.

Google palin and socialism and see what comes up. She's the Socialist, not Obama. She insists on redistributing wealth to the masses (her own comments, not an opinion here) through her oil kickback program to the citizens of Alaska.

Palin is simply a fraud who subscribes to the theory of "do as I say, not as I do". She does not even personally follow her own rhetoric. Her campaign is a disgrace to democracy, and her tactics are used by dictators, LOL.

2183 days ago


Rashid Khalidi and Obama sitting in a tree...

2183 days ago

think about this *******    

#8, you must have a drill up you r you know what!!! Calm down!!
The naming of the store came out of conversation. Not because she wanted to hurt this store!!

If the bigger chain did not exist, would TMZ or any other media (since all ARE BIASED), would have said anything? Doubt it!! Apparently the owner of the small shop doesn't care! You know she will be getting tons of business! Heck,if I lived inAlaska, I would go there.

No, clothes are not infected with HIV. No more than at any Good Will/Salbation Army!! The PROCEEDS go to Aids patients. Idiots!

2183 days ago


I can understand the chain not wanting another store to use the same name if they are not part of the foundation. I think they could have handled it better than they did.

Out of the clost doesn't sell "AIDS infested sweaters"....k, grow up. They pay to help people afflicted with HIV/AIDS and help people get screened so the disease does not spread. I guess by your reasoning, k, the ASPCA must only adopt out rabies infested animals.


2183 days ago


Why is this chain of stores in California stereotyping AIDS as a gay disease?

2183 days ago


This is about as petty as it comes and a non-story TMZ.

#6. your homework and get of Palin is giving oil money back to Alaska constituents: money that is a "windfall" to the state coffers. NOT other taxpayers money. Slight difference.

Everyone should be concerned at how Palin and Hilllary have been treated in the media: they asked questions about and of both of them and they would never ask a man. Unless things change drastically in the media, just imagine how they are going to absolutely shred the first actual female presidential nominee. Dems should think long and hard about the fact that Hillary would be the nominee if the media had not done such a hatchet job on her.

Make an informed decision on November 4th!! Do your homework and understand WHO you are voting for and why....

2183 days ago


Here's a question - is the thrift store a chain of stores or is it locally owned? How lame do you have to be to send that letter to the thrift store?

Posted at 5:33AM on Oct 30th 2008 by facepalm

yeah, and a thrift store in Alaska none-the-less.

2183 days ago

Sarah Palin    

Like Michelle Obama isn't going around trying to be, as you say, "Miss Every Woman" with her J.Crew ensembles on Leno or her "off the rack dress" she wore to The View. Please...........

2183 days ago


ObamaRx – The Wrong Prescription for America (ObaMARX)

Joe Biden pointed out to us on 10/21 that his mother told him we are judged by the company we keep.

Obama’s mentor from age 10-18 in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis – a Marxist/Communist (and also a pot smoking sex pervert). Obama cites this relationship in his book along with his guidance as Obama departs to college.

Obama explains in his book how he was drawn to Marxist professors in college.

Obama aligns himself with a pastor who founded a church embracing the Marxist based Black Liberation Theology and stays there for 20 years calling the pastor his mentor.

Obama establishes alliances in Chicago with Ayers, who in 2002 refers to himself as a dedicated Marxist/Anarchist. (This is about who Ayers IS and was during his alliances with Obama and not who he was back in the 60s/70s as Obama would like it to be)

In October 2008 Obama slips up and lets his true philosophy out – spreading the wealth around.

As Joe Biden said in the same stump speech where he referred to his mother’s sage advice about the company you keep: “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck …..”

Marxism – the wrong prescription for America. ObamaRx – the wrong prescription.

2183 days ago


Wow, what an "exclusive," TMZ. Yawn. Go, McCain!

2183 days ago
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