Palin in "Out of the Closet" Controversy

10/30/2008 6:24 AM PDT
Governor Sarah Palin's "Aw shucks, I shop at thrift stores" admission cost her favorite Alaska shop something kinda important -- its name.

Out of the Closet is the name of the consignment shop Palin frequents back in Anchorage. It also happens to be the name of a chain of non-profit stores in California and Florida run by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). It's proceeds go toward HIV medical care, testing and prevention service, among other things.

When the AHF heard about the Alaska version via all the Palin hype, they sent over a cease and desist letter asking them to change their name. TMZ talked to Ellen Arvold, who owns the shop. She admits she's a little bummed, but plans on complying and changing the name of her store.