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10/30/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's Wednesday Addams aka actress Lisa Loring from the '60s TV series "The Addams Family."
Lisa Loring
By the time she was 16, Loring had her first child and her mother died of alcoholism.

Lisa has since gone to rehab, married several times (including to a porn star) and has worked in public relations for a hotel chain.


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pubic relations? I suppose they're the best kind.

2184 days ago


I never would have guessed. But she looks very beautiful:) " Before the onslaught of fat jokes begin" Look in the mirror before you judge anyone! You might be thin or beautiful whatever your size...But if your personality stinks....Everyone not only see's it....They can smell you coming from a mile away! So snap on that LMAO!!!

2184 days ago


Ok, she's not news. Also, WTF happened to her? Did she eat the rest of the family?

2184 days ago


I am so sick of you TMZ writers. Does TMZ pull you guys off the streets? Learn how to proof read your work! Losers!

2184 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Why do you insist on continuously hiring employees who obviously have never made it past 3rd grade? Why is editing so hard? Shouldn't that be a skill that is mandatory for employment in your type of business? If the "pubic" comment was suppose to be a joke, then you may need to invest in some type of comedic training of some sort for your employees. If the "pubic" comment was because someone failed to use more than just the spell checker, then you definitely need to invest in training on basic elementary school grammar skills. Failing to edit a post, especially one as small as this one, should be grounds for termination.

2184 days ago


#4 Mike, if it bothers you so bad don't come on this site, duh. I guess that makes you the....LOSER. Dumb A.....!

2184 days ago


Hey glgriffith... people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Perhaps you should proof read your own work prior to accusing others of failing to do so. It was probably an honest mistake that you didn't use the proper word "supposed" in your comment: "...If the "pubic" comment was suppose to be a joke". But hey...maybe you didn't make it through elementary school either.

2184 days ago


EWWW! She sort of looks like Wynonna Judd!

2184 days ago


She has more chins than a Chinese phone book.

2184 days ago

Jenny pruski    

Not surprising most people in the real world age normaly,they don't have a face full of botox and they don't look like the joker[aka: shannon tweed suszanne somers the list goes on for days].

2184 days ago


Hey Gemini,

The word supposed would have been used if there had been a period after the word joke. However, in this case, after the word joke, my thought was not complete yet, therefore, there is a comma separating the word joke and the word then, making it proper to use the word suppose. Also, in regards to your post, when you are utilizing quotes, the proper thing to do is to place the punctuation mark inside of the quotation marks, for example, "joke." not "joke". Another grammar error you have made is when using an ellipse, . . . , the proper way to do so is to place spaces in between, for example, . . . , not ... . One last note, the word proofread, is one word, not two.

By the way, you missed me when you threw your stone, but good try though.

2184 days ago


Ummm... do we really need perfect grammar when we post on this site? It's not like we're typing an essay for school or anything.

2184 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Actually, I can settle the "suppose" and "supposed" disagreement here.

I am a former English teacher and reporter, and I am presently an editor. The question here is an easy one. The word that should have been used is the word "supposed" and I will tell you why.

This is what you said: If the "pubic" comment was suppose...

The word suppose should have a "d" on it, meaning it should be past tense, because your sentence is past tense, as indicated by your use of the word "was" at the beginning of your sentence.

To make your tenses agree, the word should be "supposed" or you should have used the word "is" to bring your sentence into present tense, thus allowing for the present tense use of your word, suppose.

The explanation the author gave as to why he/she used the word "suppose" instead of "supposed" is laughable, and none of it is based any any grammatical or editorial truth.

However, it is true that the word "proofread" is, in fact, one word.

Now put away your English books and let's get ready for recess, children.

2184 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to comment on the lovely Lisa Loring. She was certainly an adorable little girl, and it is clear that her beauty has stayed with her into adulthood.

I am sorry that life and poor choices have caused her unhappiness as an adult. I hope she is at a good place now in her life, and wish her all the best.

2184 days ago


To Joan Short, your correction was right on and funny. And I don't get the "pubic" comments. My TMZ site has "public" relations.

2184 days ago
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