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The Hogan Family -- A Greek Tragedy

10/30/2008 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not many families can brag about falling victim to both the Oedipus and Electra complexes.

Check out the pics of Nick hanging out with mom Linda and her boyfriend Charley -- who's one year older than her ne'er-do-well son and suspiciously similar in looks.

Brooke, who is "freaked out" about Linda's beau, has no problemo with dad dating a carbon copy of herself.

Paging Dr. Freud.


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Black Power    

#30-31 Jonna. Hugh Hefner is an old goat who has been making young women his toys for the last fifty years, and the only ones who don't seem to mind are the girls. If you read this site and the comments on Hugh Hefner, you would notice that most people bag on him and his girls all the time. As for this bleached blonde idiot family that you seem to want to protect, would you want your young daughter sleeping with the Hulkster? Probably not. They keep putting themselves in the limelight, and look like fools doing it. I agree,"who cares?", but as long as there are people like the Bolleas, there will be sites like this that will promote their idiocy.

2182 days ago


THERE ARE NO describe just how f*cked up this is !!!!!!!!

2182 days ago



2182 days ago


Can you say WHITE TRASH

2182 days ago

i really had so much respect for mr. and mrs hogan...they always kept a low profile while hulk hogan made a living...they have 2 beautiful kids and they have been married for a long time...what happened? lindas with a 19 yr old, hulk hogan is dating someone who looks like his daughter, his son is racing cars on streets ,and brooke is acting like a spoiled dumb blonde.......i dont understand why they dont have self awarness of all that is going wrong and why not change it? when you make things better, the past seems further behind you, but with these kinds of behaviors ,it seems like the future wont get better......come on guys....start reflecting and make the right chnages., not for anyone but your family..

2182 days ago


Please go away Hogan family. Really, your 15 minutes of fame is over. You are a sic k family and you should all seek MFCC help.

2182 days ago


This family needs help. Please seek the advice of an MFCC ASAP. All of them have issues and are not dealing with reality. Must I remind you all of the photo this past summer of "Hulk" rubbing tanning lotion on his daughter's ass? They are a sick and perverted unit. GET HELP!!!!!!

2182 days ago


You people are blind, hating morons. They look nothing alike. They do not look like Nick and Brooke. They are blonds and most blonds look alike. They are a blond loving family. Whats wrong with that? I like blonds.....well I'm not a blonde but if I were would that make me a sicko?? Look at their faces. Terry's gf has a smooshed face and charlie looks nothing like Nick. Linda is the only freak dating a kid the same age as her kids.

2182 days ago


BTW, I am adamant about this, Nick should have never been in jail to begin with. If John G. were smart enough to wear his seatbelt, he'd be fine. Not to mention that he should not have been hanging out with a 17 yr old when he was 22. Last I remembered, a 22 yr old hanging out with a 17 yr old and acting up with them was called a bad influence. His family should take responsibility for the fact that their son was wrong and quit trying to sue people over his mistakes which are the real reason that he is in a coma.

2182 days ago


Nick, Brooke, Brooke's female lover, Hogan and new F**k Buddy, Linda and new friend with benefits all should make an Adult video called "Real-F**kin-Ality".

2182 days ago

is it ?    

Hogans if you guys read this; learn a lesson ! Is it worth the fame and fortune to loose your family and dignity ? Get off the reality tv circuit and in to family couneling before something else happens !!

2182 days ago


I pray you read this.
Please do porn.
The whole world loves you.

2182 days ago


A greek tragedy.....? They'd be perfect for a Jerry Springer show.

2182 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

I'm no fan of the Hogans by any stretch of the imagination, and yet I must say that I really don't see any resemblance between Nick and Charley.

Also, if you get rid of the bleached hair, Brooke and her dad's girlfriend look a lot less similar.

What is it about sickeningly ultra-bleached hair that appeals to all the Hogans? That's what they all have in common with each other (except Nick) and with their beaus/belles.

Also, the TMZ writers are once again displaying their pathetic, lame stupidity. An Oedipus Complex is a case where the son is sexually pursuing the mother, not vice versa. Likewise, an Electra Complex is where the daughter is pursuing the father, not the other way around.

When the parents are sexually pursuing the children, this is called Pedophilia.

2182 days ago

Moan Ica    

It's the MOTHER.

It's always the MOTHER.

2182 days ago
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