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Report: Isiah "Not Breathing" When Cops Arrived

10/31/2008 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Isiah Thomas might claim he wasn't the reason a 911 call came from his house, but the proof ain't in the police pudding.

An incident report from the scene says the ex-Knicks prez was "sprawled on the kitchen floor" and had to have oxygen administered until medics arrived, reports the Daily News. He was then taken to White Plains Hospital Center for further medical center.

Though reports do not reveal the name of the victim, sources have told us it was indeed Isiah.


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Yeah, the call wasn't for him..riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! He just happened to be there in need of medical attention at the same time.

2130 days ago


That's too bad.


2130 days ago


hmmmmmm......sounds like he may have OD'd??? I sure hope not. I it happened to me, but why else would an otherwise healthy guy "stop breathing". maybe a bit to much oxycontin/vicocin/percocet/percodan/heroin????...I'm just sayin'

2130 days ago


"He was then taken to White Plains Hospital Center for further medical center." Shouldn't it say medical CARE?

Somethimes I think these typos are made to see if the articles are being read all the way through.

2130 days ago


Having oxygen administered and not breathing doesn't gel in the looking for drama article . If he was not breathing they would be doing more than administering oxygen while waiting for medics. They would be doing CPR. If he was having difficulty in breathing then oxygen would be administered.

2130 days ago


EGO is a helluva drug. Get some help Isiah, get some help.

2130 days ago


You don't give O2 to someone who is not breathing.

2130 days ago


When is he going to pull his daughter out from under the bus he threw her under?

2130 days ago

Kendra Would Rock Your C**k!    

This guy is seriously arrogant and has a major sense of entitlement. You throw him, Alec Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer in a room together and you've got the largest load of hot air ever in one place at one time.

2130 days ago

the gap    

"Seattlelite," I agree. Besides the typos, the editors ought to catch the misspellings also. His name is spelled I-S-A-I-A-H. When you denigrate folks, you ought to at least get their names right.

2130 days ago


Uh, Webster, they did spell his name correctly. Go look it up. Apparently his parents chose to spell it wrong. Or they were just stupid.

2130 days ago

Truthiness Advocate    

For further medical center?!?! Yeah, you guys are good.

2130 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

That doesn't make sense. It he isn't breathing, they are NOT administering oxygen. If the police report says they were administering oxygen, then you made an uneducated jump to think that meant he was not breathing. It does not. If someone at the scene told you he was not breathing, check your source, because that does NOT gel with someone receiving oxygen. The only way for this to be accurate and him to be not breathing would be if the police report was wrong and oxygen was NOT administered.

And it is curious that he had to have oxygen administered "until the medics arrived." If that is the case, who is administering the oxygen? Police officers? Police officers in my area do not perform ANY medical services.

I am, of course, not just basing my information on this story, but also on the story you ran previously. I am afraid your facts are shaky, at best. If you are going to run this story like a news story - and that is clearly what you are doing - you need to research your facts before you present them. The story as you have reported it, is full of holes on your part and doesn't make sense.

Of course, we know Isiah's story is full of holes. Perhaps I'll address that in a future post.

2130 days ago

Proud American    

Why must people lie? This isn't even anything worth covering up. He's not the 1st and won't be the last person to OD. He should be glad he's still alive.

2129 days ago

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