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Ivanka Trump to Part Red Sea

11/1/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ivanka TrumpIn the midst of the current economic crisis, Ivanka Trump has announced her plans to convert all of her shares in Christianity to an older proven equity -- Judaism.

Her decision coincides with her engagement to Jewish Billion-Heir businessman Jared Kushner, and...surprise, surprise....daddy Donald's plans to build a Trump Luxury Hotel in the Israeli Red Sea city of Eilat.

Rumors are already circulating that the 27 year old heiress plans to rent the country of Australia for her Bat Mitzvah.


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5. Good for her! Never hear anything bad about her.
Posted at 11:21AM on Nov 1st 2008 by libby

Right! She could have chosen the Paris Hilton route & dropped out of school to party 24/7. Instead she got an education & stayed out of the scandal mill. So, she's rich. This is still America.

2160 days ago


If the meek shall inherit the earth I'd better start looking at some Trump mansions.

2160 days ago



2160 days ago


Posted at 1:33PM on Nov 1st 2008 by Michael:
You guys are retards! austrailia is a continent, not a country!! seriously? I learned that in 1st grade
Do a research before you make a stupid comment! Apparently you did not have a good teacher in 1st grade. Australia is BOTH a country and cotinent. A continent just refers to the land masses of the world, and Australia is large enough to qualify as one. Australia has been a nation since January 1 1901, with a single national government. Although it is divided into states and territories which have their own state governments, they are all united as one nation.

2160 days ago

Ms. X    

Ivanka is a very intelligent, beautiful and rich. This is the recipe to making "Haters". Congrats to she and Jared.

2160 days ago


Congratulations! Odds are, their first child is a GOY

2160 days ago


Tangina: L'chaim means 'cheers' (or rather 'to life'), it's what you say before you drink. You mean 'Mazeltov', which means 'Congratulations' And Ivanka Trump would be a total nobody if it weren't for her father.

2160 days ago


First things first; Ivanka hasn't announced anything because she has declined to comment on this story. The story is true because people close to the situation have spoken to the press about it. I don't blame Ivanka for not speaking out because I really doubt that she'll go throught the conversion. Ivanka is going through a Modern Orthodox conversion which is strict and will affect her dress, eating habits and she'll have to observe the Sabbath which starts on Friday sundown until Saturday sundown. Ivanka doesn't want to be Jewish but she's doing it to please her boyfriend's family which is a terrible reason to go through a conversion of any kind.

If Jared wanted to marry a Jewish woman he should have never gone out with Ivanka in the first place. Jared knew Ivanka wasn't Jewish when he met her so why is he trying to change her now? I doubt Jared's an observant Jew. I think it's about Jared's family. Ivanka's conversion will be as real as her nose, lips and boobs!

2160 days ago


You've to give her credit , at least "The Donald's" sons and daughter
all went to college , recieve there degrees and making money no
matter if they work for daddy or not .

At least they're smart , intelligent , and done the right thing . EDUCATION .

All these other celebrities 20's , like Paris Hilton and many others , NEVER
went to college and done anything for thereselves , except for party
and made fools out of thereselves .

Even 30's something celebrities they didnt do the right thing either .

Donald , Ivanka and Eric Trump isn't out getting drunk , on drugs ,
Im happy for them .

I'm impressed with Donald Trump sons / daughter . Keep on doing
the right thing , and work hard .



I wished most young men and young ladies was able to go to college
as soon as they get out of high school . Polictians should
make this happen . Many parents can't afford it , for
reasons . Right now it's jobs , everyday , Companies are laying off
people are struggling . Lotteries and Bill Gates are suppose to help
But I havnt seen anyone I know going to college under this proposal.

Many are going into the military , to go to college , and have a career.
Nothing wrong with that , if that's what they want .
The system broken , Every Student in United States should've Free College.

2160 days ago


Explain for me one thing: How is it that Donald Trump Sr. has had 3 children with not an ounce of showbiz savvy like his?

2160 days ago


How do you just change you religious beliefs? Does she just all of the sudden not believe that Christ was the savior? If she is doing it to make him happy, bad move, if she is doing it because she believes in it then she wasn't a Christian to begin with. Jesus Christ being the messiah is kinda the whole point of Christianity.

2160 days ago


Why all the negative comments about Ivanka? True she has been lucky to have opportunities due to who her father is. But she also holds an Ivy league degree and actually works for a living at a substantial job, she's not some bimbo like Paris Hilton that makes her living by showing up to parties. A girl I know went to boarding school with her and said she was always very nice. She certainly doesn't need to marry anyone for their money, so congratulations to them.

2160 days ago


Its a shame, I would have married her if only she'd promised to stop inviting Elizabeth Hasselbeck over for dinner all the time.

2160 days ago


The rich marry the rich, the poor marry the poor. And then there are those social rejects that just breed like rabbits, never get married, and even tho they say they believe in GOD, Mary, and Jesus will just as soon shoot you dead for walking on their side of the street,

Religion is pretty much pointless and useless considering 80% of people do bad so many wrong things to others only to wake Fri, Sat, or Sunday and go to temple, church, or where-ever and receive forgiveness.

I'll give her cred tho, I never hear anything bad about her, so Props to herMay she have many fat children.

2160 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

22. Tangina: L'chaim means 'cheers' (or rather 'to life'), it's what you say before you drink. You mean 'Mazeltov', which means 'Congratulations' And Ivanka Trump would be a total nobody if it weren't for her father.

Posted at 5:46PM on Nov 1st 2008 by Greta

To Greta:

Greta: how incredibly and amazingly arrogant and presumptuous of you to tell Tangina what she means. I would be willing to bet you don't een know Tangina. If Tangina writes "L'Chaim" in her post - or "Kiss my tail" for that matter, why on earth would you think for a moment that you know better than Tangina what Tangina meant to write?

I understood your post, so don't try to defend it by explaining the difference between "L'Chaim" and "Mazeltov" because that is not at all the point. I have seen some arrogant posts in my day, I have written many of them, myself. But I must bow to the master, because yours really takes the cake. I've never read a post where someone told someone else what they meant to write.

That's all I have to say, unless you can think of something else I meant to say.

2160 days ago
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