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John McCain -- Quality, Value, Convenience

11/2/2008 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out John McCain may be the real "celebrity" in the race -- because Johnny boy looked more comfortable on stage at Studio 8H last night than he did during the debates.

In the "SNL" skit, McCain and Tina Fey-Palin made it clear: money has been hard to come by for the GOP, forcing them to target QVC as the affordable option to the Obama network blitz.


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OBAMA FOR CHANGE 2008 - Philadelphia    

Wow, wow, wow. It amazes me how some people can be so blinded. Concerned Christian....did you not realize that both Senator McCain AND his running mate committed adultery? He was womanizing navy brat who has no regard for women? Did you know that John McCain graduated 4th from last in his class of over 800? Voter Fraud guy, YOU CAN'T VOTE WITHOUT AN ID! So if those guys on the streets tried to get extra cash by turning in as many voter registrations as possible including fake ones, and THAT was the issue, it WILL NOT make a difference in the actual elections! And you Marxist guy, are you kidding me? You might as well go live on a mountain top in a cabin. McCain = Keating 5, $350,000 investment into a Keating investment, oh, $400,000 donation to Palestainian guy. McCain crashed 4 planes in his career and caused the demise of some of his own. War hero, no, more like war trophy after his captures found out he was the son of an Admiral. (Which he, himself, leaked to them). Oh, Miss Cindy McCain's addition to drugs. Listen, there is an arsenol that is under wraps on the McCain camp. Obama is running a clean campaign focusing on the issues. Obama could EASILY spray a round of personal fire right back at McCain on who knows who, who is "paling" around with whom, and so on....but he isn't. Marxist? Evil Party? I can only laugh at such ignorance...

1996 days ago


change is what you will have left in your pocket if obama gets in

1996 days ago


I think he's happy that the campaign is almost over, so whatever.

1996 days ago

Me, myself and I    

27. Those liberals are scared of Palin because she will hold true to her promise to clean up the corruption in DC
Posted at 10:34AM on Nov 2nd 2008 by McCain-Palin '08
I agree with you about Sarah Palin, and the same can be said about John McCain. Democratic Party leaders are dumbstruck that they have a candidate that can finally make their party relevant again, after 8 years of being the loser party.

They thought that Hillary Clinton would be that candidate, but Barack Obama proved to them that he was better organized in getting people to vote for him. This doesn’t mean that they agree with all of his plans – or any of them. They don’t care if he has any qualifications to be President. They just want to win.

1996 days ago


Obama is a threat to our security. For those of you who want Obama to help you because you think you are owed...think again. Just get off your lazy butt and do something for yourself instead of always waiting for someone to help you. Be accountable and set good examples. Nobody owes you anything. If you do not like it here; move on to another country and see where you get. Stop taking and taking. Start giving instead of just always wanting someone to take care of you.

1996 days ago

You Wait And See    

John McCain has always...always been good at comedy. But, he's just not good at politics unfortunately. I will vote for Obama. I don't know why John has said that Obama is someone fit for Hollywood when John McCain actually can do his own comedy political show. And I've said it before anyone else said it and spreaded it around in an email that Palin was not good at politics either, but she should put her journalism degree to good use and get a talk show.

1996 days ago


::Of course he won't win on Tuesday. The corruption of the Obama party is so huge with all the fraud voters, etc.::

Perhaps 'Concerned Christian' should pick up a book (other than the Bible) and read actual news and information. Voter fraud has nothing to do with Obama or the Democratic party, it's something that has happened on both sides of the fence and John McCain was actually affiliated with ACORN before Obama was. Secondly, the definition of the voter fraud scandal is that people were making up fake names and registering them. FAKE PEOPLE CAN'T VOTE. So regardless of the idiotic actions of a few individuals trying to make money, IT WON'T, AND CAN'T, AFFECT VOTES IN ANY WAY. You can only vote if you are a real person, in the flesh, and registered as yourself. When Obama wins, it won't be because of fakery (even though the Republican party used it to get Bush re-elected), it'll be because Obama is courting bipartisans, is promoting unity and not division, and because he has been hopeful, run a POSITIVE campaign, and made good judgements. McCain lost this all on his own, by alienating people and creating fear and division, running horribly negative campaigns and dirty debates, and showing his supposed judgement as a potential commander-in-chief by selecting the most uninformed politician possible as his VP candidate (who didn't even know what a vice president actually does), who he met once prior to making his decision.

1996 days ago


McSame was very funny. He is showing the nation that he isn't a sore looser. I will be so glad when this election is over. Sara Palin can take her wardrobe home and have a yard sale, She will be feeling pretty salty bout then, I'm sure all she needs to do is go kill some poor defenseless animal and that will cheer her right up. I hate hunters! I think they are all cowards, woman beaters and child molesters. Any way I digress. I read all the comments on this site and I have to say what a fine, funny, sick, stupid and Purely American bunch you are. May the bipartisan war never end. I haven't had this much fun for a long time. On second thought, maybe we could postpone the election a little longer, it is truly entertaining to see the right sweating bullets right about now. Heres looking at you kid. "Ohio For Obama/Biden 08"

1995 days ago


OBAMA FOR CHANGE 2008 - Philadelphia...All of your facts are irrelevant to this election.
Vote because the issues, not their personal lives. PATHETIC
And you seem to act like you know it all, so why aren't you running for president?
Stop hating the world and taking it out anything you can.
Obama is running the dirtiest campaign ever.
He stole AMERICANS money, why do you think he has so much>
because half of the people didn't know they donated to him.
He is a fraud.
You just can't trust him.

1995 days ago


DJAM just rocks, i don't think you should even vote.
If you are going to base your decision on HUNTING, well then don't vote.
That is not what this election is about and if people are going to vote on stupid facts that have nothing to do with real issues then DON"T VOTE.

1995 days ago



Excuse me but WHO IS GOING TO PAY for the poor..the TAXPAYERS...the rich will circle the wagons and also put
a hiring freeze on for the next 4 years. Obama will end up being a one term loser like Jimmy Carter.

1995 days ago


There are many FACTS why Obama should not be President of the Uninted Sates of AMeria, butonly one anyone who is an American needs to know is this one: Barack Obama revealed himself in a 2001 radio interview. The audio reveals an angry man with disdain for the United States Constitution and the limits it places on government power in our lives. (This is enough to keep him from being President, because our Country was founded on the Constitution!)
"Obama says the Constitution charters 'negative liberties.' He wants government to do things to people, and he's mad that the 'flawed' Constitution limits its role in our lives. He doesn't like the idea of liberty, and wants to change it!"

The constitution is what this country was founded on and people have DIED for!!! This borders on treason , if it is not already! And anyone who supports these kinds of people is also guilty. ALL OF YOU NEED TO LEARN THE REAL HISTORY OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY & WHAT IT IS FOUNDED ON! Stand and fight now or loose this great nation to the socialist world. Obama is a citizen of the world, I am a citizen of the USA. Remember the Alamo, remember the American Revolution, remember World War 1 & 2, remember 9-1-1, remember if Obama wins we as Americans loose the constitution. VOTE VOTE VOTE NOBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1995 days ago


know this isn't meant to be a referendum on either candidate but one thing that bothers me more and more about Obama is that his state Illinois-and in particular Chicago-apparently has the highest murder rate in the country now

and with the 3 deaths of Jennifer Hudson's family members taking over the headlines it brings this under the spotlight for me even more so-news media outlets don't seem to be adding up the connection-and so find myself thinking that if the citizens there are not safe walking down the street with him as their senator-----why would I feel safe with him as my president-what has he done for Chicago the past few years-or Illinois?
this makes me nervous about what he will/will not do for America

sure I'm worried about the money in my wallet and how much I will or will not have
BUT if I'm not safe and alive to spend it-what does it matter ???????

1995 days ago


I am sick of Tina Fey's face!

1995 days ago


I would like to thank all of you especially White Americans who have turned that corner of race... It's Proud Americans like you who give kids of all races the dream that any and all things are possible in this great country of ours, it's true Americans like you that his country was founded upon and I for one and I am sure there are countless other African Americans Salute you because now we know and Believe this country loves all it's citizen and will give them a fighting chance.

1995 days ago
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