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If He Hit a Kid, He Is "The Biggest Loser"

11/3/2008 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Badalamenti -- who was a personal trainer for one of the contestants on season 4 of "The Biggest Loser" -- was arrested Friday night for allegedly beating his girlfriend's six-year-old son with a weightlifting belt.
The Biggest Loser
Cops say the kid suffered multiple lacerations and bruises on his right hand, right leg and buttocks. Anthony's landlord called the cops after hearing the kid "pleading for mercy," according to

Badalamenti and Jessica Muniz -- his live-in girlfriend and mother of the child -- were arraigned by the First District Court in Hempstead, NY on charges of second-degree assault, possession of a dangerous weapon and endangering the welfare of a child. Cops tells us the GF allegedly took part in beating.


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Good for them!    

More people should beat there kids.

His hand got hit from trying to block. His leg is collateral damage.

I beat my kids just the same! =)

2179 days ago

CHICAGO woman    

boohoo a kid gets a spanking jennifer hudson family was murdered and you people just made a bridge and get over it

2179 days ago


I vowed to NEVER be like my dad and use a belt, shoe, a stick, coat hanger, anything that you would hold in your hand, towards my kids. It's so much easier to ground them from their toys or t.v. and putting them in timeout to their room and have them think. I'm shocked that they did this to a child on Halloween, and use that kind of belt. Shame on You! Such a stupid man and Especially a STUPID MOTHER for allowing a another man to spank YOUR Child!!!!

2179 days ago

Candie Cane    

They both have a screw loose! Lock them both up and throw away the key! This chick needs a REAL LIFE biotch slapping and he needs something shoved up his ass. I hope the kid is o.k. and they find a better place for him to live. My gosh the kid is only 6 years old. People really need to think before having children especially a woman who needs to rely on a man!!!

2179 days ago

people are so ignorant    

This stupid POS needs to be beat within an inch of his life. If i see this POS on the street, he is dead.

2179 days ago

Christy Hoover    

As a mother of a 2 year old, I understand frustrations that parents go through. But beating a child with an object is plain abuse. If the couple is frustrated and to the extent of using an object to literally beat the child they should have sought professional help through community resources. Using time outs appropriately and talking to the child at such a young age should be sufficient enough. I have seen this way to often with irresponsible parenting. These two adults are acting as if they are teenagers.

2179 days ago


I read in Newsday that the landlord had been hearing this for a month and finally decided to make the call.

2179 days ago


This is such a shame, they deserve the criminal charges they get as well as the potential removal fo that child from the mother.

2179 days ago

people are so ignorant    

quote: 10. I say the both of them should be stripped naked. Give a couple kids a belt and let them both have it! Makes me sick how some mom's today will let their boyfriends harm their babies! It's like they would rather have that D*&K then protect their children! I'm a mom and i would never let any man hurt my kids! Stories like this makes me so mad! Better yet....i wish someone would give me the job of beating men's @sses who abuse women and kids!

Posted at 3:16PM on Nov 3rd 2008 by NoWay

I completely agree with you. I too am a mother and would NEVER let anyone touch my child and if they did, they would suddenly disappear. These woman who allow anyone to touch their children should be beat themselves. Disgusting POS's.

2179 days ago


My son was 2 when I met my husband and the rule is that he is NOT to touch him! My son is now 9 and that rule still applies!

2179 days ago

CHICAGO woman    

no,22 your son is the next william balfour..congrats

2179 days ago


WTF is wrong with these females - that keep their children around abusive males? When did women stop putting their child before a man ???? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE FEMALES !!!!?? It upsets me so much to read things like this !!! Why did this female have her child around this guy ??? WHY ?????? HOW PATHETIC ARE FEMALES GETTING THAT THEY PUT A MAN BEFORE A CHILD !!!! It disgusts me !!!

2179 days ago


Crap like this happens all the time. I just glad the landlord called the cops. (my mother use to beat the crap out of me with the dog's, sometimes her fists. i was 6. nobody called the cops back then)

2179 days ago

100% Me    

Shame on that woman! For her to let someone abuse her child there is something wrong with her thinking. May God help her and ANYONE like her.

2179 days ago


Hey Good for them! - whats your address so I can come down there and BEAT THE CRAP out of you for thinking more Kids need a good beating.

2179 days ago
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