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If He Hit a Kid, He Is "The Biggest Loser"

11/3/2008 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Badalamenti -- who was a personal trainer for one of the contestants on season 4 of "The Biggest Loser" -- was arrested Friday night for allegedly beating his girlfriend's six-year-old son with a weightlifting belt.
The Biggest Loser
Cops say the kid suffered multiple lacerations and bruises on his right hand, right leg and buttocks. Anthony's landlord called the cops after hearing the kid "pleading for mercy," according to

Badalamenti and Jessica Muniz -- his live-in girlfriend and mother of the child -- were arraigned by the First District Court in Hempstead, NY on charges of second-degree assault, possession of a dangerous weapon and endangering the welfare of a child. Cops tells us the GF allegedly took part in beating.


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big joe    

have fun in jail. LOLOLOL bring extra soap

2117 days ago


Disgusting! There is never a reason to beat a child. Discipline is one thing, but beating a defenseless six year old. I guess these two 'adults' can't handle picking on someone more their size or age. I hope when they go to jail they get a similar beatdown and feel the pain this poor child endored. I HATE PEOPLE WHO BEAT A CHILD OR ANIMAL. THERE IS NEVER A REASON TO DO SO.

2117 days ago


If this story is true...I hope they both rot in HELL!

2117 days ago


My dad beat me with a belt a few times and I don't blame him - I was being a brat and deserved it. But he never went overboard.

You have to use discipline sparsely and wisely and with love. It is all about common sense.

2117 days ago

Granny Pants    

My Browning's gettin itchy.

2117 days ago

CHICAGO woman    

2 less votes for mccain...ho obama our bext president

2117 days ago

Good for them!    

The stupid kid would learn his lesson better if it were like a wire hanger or steel toe boot.

Yay put em in jail for being parents!

2117 days ago


Punishment for this --- They should be beaten too!! The same exact way.

2117 days ago

Good for them!    

What morons would beat there kid and leave marks behind?

What I usually do is fill a bag up with uncooked rice but leave it a little loose so it doesn't harden up like a rock. I hit them in the stomach, chest, back, and ass... Never leave marks =)

2117 days ago

Granny Pants    

I bet I can get 31 and 33 with one shot.

2117 days ago

Good for them!    

I would just choke my kid instead until they passed out. No marks, no proof, and the feeling of being completely dominated stays with them forever.

2117 days ago

Good for them!    

I prefer to teach my kids a lesson with books, not fists...

I hit them with it til they lose consciousness.

2117 days ago

Good for them!    

As a wrestler, we are taught everything we need to know in order to make informed decisions regarding our weight.

You see, wrestlers compete in weightclasses under there natural weight. We regularly have to lose up to 20 lbs OVERNIGHT.

Is that healthy? No... but it's not UNHEALTHY if you properly rehydrate.

It's got what plants need! ELECTROLYTES!

2117 days ago

Good for them!    

Hey TJ,

You are full of crap.

Losing weight like that is very natural and how our bodies are built. It's called sweat, and it has mass.

A majority of the weight lost on a show like that is water weight. Theres nothing unhealthy about it.

Right after they get off the scale, they drink 80% of the weight right back on. The lost 20% is actual FAT that had been burnt.

Let me guess, you think the way to lose weight is through chemicals and surgery? Sorry man, people have exercised like this since the dawning of time.

2117 days ago


31. More people should beat there kids.

His hand got hit from trying to block. His leg is collateral damage.

I beat my kids just the same! =)

Posted at 4:01PM on Nov 3rd 2008 by Good for them


2117 days ago
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