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If He Hit a Kid, He Is "The Biggest Loser"

11/3/2008 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Badalamenti -- who was a personal trainer for one of the contestants on season 4 of "The Biggest Loser" -- was arrested Friday night for allegedly beating his girlfriend's six-year-old son with a weightlifting belt.
The Biggest Loser
Cops say the kid suffered multiple lacerations and bruises on his right hand, right leg and buttocks. Anthony's landlord called the cops after hearing the kid "pleading for mercy," according to

Badalamenti and Jessica Muniz -- his live-in girlfriend and mother of the child -- were arraigned by the First District Court in Hempstead, NY on charges of second-degree assault, possession of a dangerous weapon and endangering the welfare of a child. Cops tells us the GF allegedly took part in beating.


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Hope the penalty is harsher for adults that are violent towrds kids. What a cowardly moron, hope they throw more than the book at him. What a spineless idiot.

2149 days ago

CHICAGO woman    

thank you ccc and don't forget to vote for obama

2149 days ago


I wish I could smack them both upside the head with that belt to see how it feels. That poor child. That was totally uncalled for. Maybe he'll get bent over in jail and she'll get some butch to teach her a lesson. Those two make me sick!!

2149 days ago

Bash a Pap    

"Give Me A Break"

Don't worry your pretty head about what that ass said... You are better than that. Have a great day today and an even better one tomorrow.

2149 days ago

Black Power    

Hey give me a break. I already voted. Are we ready for a change? I can only hope Jan Twitter is. She sounds like a republican. Vile and hateful and ready to attack. Keep up the exercise. Even if you can't lose weight, it is still good for your health. I'm 51 yers old male and am 5' 9" and weigh 185. I could care less what people think about me, but I do like to stay fit. Go Obama!

2149 days ago


I was a therapist in LA county for 5 years. It is ILLEGAL to strike your child (anywhere on their body) with an object. I hope that the child recovers from the physical harm, but emotionally it will scar him forever. This mother is discusting, a mother needs to always protect their children..she should be sterilized.

2149 days ago


They both look like they don't give a flying $%#@. Let em rot in jail. Nobody, especially a child deserves what they did. .

2149 days ago


IN REFERENCE TO COMMENT are clearly uneducated, how sad.Do you know where "spare the rod, spoil the child" came from? In biblical times the rod was used to "guide" sheep, not hit them with it. Please don't have sound like a trashy piece of work, uneducated, redneck.....

2149 days ago


He wasnt a trainer on the show. He was a personal trainer of a voted off contested, JIM GERMANAKOS, who said that he gave up his job as a body guard to work with Jim and help him lose the weight after he was voted off the show. Jim went on to lose the most weight of the voted off contestants and take home 100k for the season.

No I didnt know all that from fact...I googled it...Larry King Live Transcript

2149 days ago


Bastards!!! Hope the authorities place the boy with a loving family. How can you beat a six year old child like that? LOSERS!!!

2149 days ago


People like them are why we have prisons. Hope they both do some time.

2149 days ago


Thank God the landlord was willing to get involved. One more example of single parents dating when they have young children is symptematic of a deeper disinterest in motherhood. Focus on raising your child, NOT getting into another relationship.

2149 days ago


**body builder and gym owner...not body guard

2149 days ago

CHICAGO woman    

obama grandma died and tmz is not reporting it...bastards

2149 days ago


Dude is HOT! He can spank me with a leather belt ALL he wants too! I promise not to cry and to LOVE every minute of it!!!!

2149 days ago
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