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Stays Away from

Murder Scene

11/3/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

picture-172Jennifer Hudson hasn't been able to get near the house where her mother and brother were murdered.

Jen kept to herself as other family members attended a public memorial service for Jen's mom, brother and nephew at her childhood church a little over a week after their bodies were found at the mother's house. The private memorial for just the family and guests will be held today.

Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley, a friend of Jennifer's, tells Rush & Molloy the Oscar winner can't bear to go inside the scene of the crime.


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Jennifer Hudson hasn't been able to get near the house where her mother and brother were married –- no surprise.

don't you mean murdered?

2178 days ago


mother and brother were "married"????

2178 days ago


You might want to change the word married to murdered.

2178 days ago

Ashley Wren    

i was going to say don't you mean murdered...not MARRIED.

2178 days ago


First line includes a little error:

TMZ writes:
"Jennifer Hudson hasn't been able to get near the house where her mother and brother were married –- no surprise"

Married? I believe you meant to type murdered.

2178 days ago

just wondering    

What do you mean married? Dont you mean Murdered?
What a bunch of retards!!

2178 days ago



2178 days ago


Why are some of these people so heartless?

2178 days ago


No surprise, I probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to walk through the door either. So much pain and violence now in her childhood home where her happy memories are. Those memories are now stained with the blood of her loved ones.

2178 days ago


Jennifer Hudson's family was up to no good. The entire family with the exception of the little boy were selling drugs.
for years. They were also raided several times. the brother was in the gang Disciples as well as the baby father and
Willilam Balfour.
The mother was not leaving because she was comfortable in that criminal enterprise.
Jennifer and Julia are not making statements because they lived and know of these conditions.
All the people who were murdered were victims, they did not deserve to die like that.
However, if the sister was so sure the guy murdered her own flesh and blood, why isn't she screaming to the roofs?
Anyone who was involved in that enterprise could have murdered them.
Also, Jennifer will not go near the house because she realizes that it could be a contract hit.
The baby's father is in jail because he took the fall for the family when they got raided the last time.
It would be interesting to follow the money and see who has been taking care of his financial needs while he was in jail
Also, there should not be a public funeral because these people were shot in the head.
May they rest in peace

2178 days ago


First off jc needs shut up and keep there little smartellic comments tothemelves and show some respect and kepp their little nasty,rude, and dirty somments to themselves. What Jennifer needs is family and friends to be their for her and some trash talker whos looking down on her for something she has NO control over!

2178 days ago


One would think that JH would have gotten her mother out of that situation. With her money she could have moved her away from there. Sad situation, the boy being killed. The druggies, not so much. Just a couple less votes for Obamanation!

2178 days ago

Proud American    

TO: #10 crazy girl Are you crazy AND stupid?! Where do you idiots come from? I hate when people try to put down the VICTIMS of a crime. We should blame the Hudsons' for being murdered, instead of the evil SOB who did it. Where are the reports of these drug busts, at their home? Why haven't they surfaced? Why is it, were just now hearing about the Hudsons' being drug dealers, only AFTER Balfour's mother talked with Nancy Grace? Why does Julia have to shout anything from the roof? How is that going to benefit her or her family? Did you ever stop to think, that the family wants to grieve in peace? You & Balfour's mother must be reading from the same book of nonsense!

2178 days ago


feel so sorry for Jennifer

know this isn't meant to be a referendum on either candidate but one thing that bothers me more and more about Obama is that his state Illinois-and in particular Chicago-apparently has the highest murder rate in the country now

and with the 3 deaths of Jennifer Hudson's family members taking over the headlines it brings this under the spotlight for me even more so-news media outlets don't seem to be adding up the connection-and so find myself thinking that if the citizens there are not safe walking down the street with him as their senator-----why would I feel safe with him as my president-what has he done for Chicago the past few years-or Illinois?
this makes me nervous about what he will/will not do for America

sure I'm worried about the money in my wallet and how much I will or will not have
BUT if I'm not safe and alive to spend it-what does it matter ???????

2178 days ago


OOPS, your right! Not legally, antways. Bet some of them get around that. Look at TI, he did.

2178 days ago
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