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Leo Faces Off with the TSA

11/3/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You'd think a man doing everything humanly possible to conceal his face at an airport would set off a few buzzers, but Leonardo DiCaprio got waved right through the passport screening checkpoint at LAX this weekend without ever having to let anyone see his mug.
Leonardo DiCaprio: Click to watch
The entire time he stood in the line, Leo never let the screening lady get a clear shot of his face, covering it with the low-riding baseball cap, sweatshirt pulled up to his nose and using his hand as a blocker.

Or ... maybe that's just what his passport pic looks like.


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I can't recall if it was at LAX or another airport but just a week or so ago, Sarah Ferguson (Fergie), was taken aside and checked out. Why is he more important than a once Dutchess???

2182 days ago


15. I can't recall if it was at LAX or another airport but just a week or so ago, Sarah Ferguson (Fergie), was taken aside and checked out. Why is he more important than a once Dutchess???

Posted at 4:20PM on Nov 3rd 2008 by txprideandjoy

I like (the original) Fergie, but I have to say this. She had to wait because she is a heifer and he went through because he just pretended to do a heifer in a movie.

2182 days ago


He always wears his hat like that.

2182 days ago


If anything, this little traitor should not be let back into the country. He should stay in Europe with the people he truly identifies with. When he does come back, set the drug sniffing dogs on him. Or does he get a pass on that, too?

2182 days ago


Who does he think he is??? He has people following him (the paparazzi!!!) I don't blame him for getting "special" treatment...He can't even walk the streets!!!!...What would you do if you were in his shoes?...ahhhh But your NOT!

2182 days ago


I bet if the pain in the ass paparazzi wouldn't swarm celebs like they do, they wouldn't have to be escorted like this and worry about their safety. It's sad because the fans can't even go up to a celeb and ask for a pic or autograph because there are always about 50 paps swarming them.

2182 days ago


Stalk much TMZ???? This is news????

2182 days ago

Seattle Sapphire    

I saw the video footage of Leo at LAX (on TMZ, no less) and he actually DID show his face to the TSA agent. Granted, it was brief, but he did it. C' think a TSA agent doesn't know who he is by the name on his passport and wouldn't need more than a second or two to identify him??? The video showed him simply trying to walk through the airport in a pretty low key manner. In a recent interview, he said that he didn't want the paparazzi making a living off of his personal life. Seems like a reasonable thing to want, doesn't it? I'd lke to hire a team of photogs to follow around a select group of paparazzi photogs for a month. Every day, every moment. Not just for a day, or a week, but a whole month. No matter if they're with their families, or in the airport, or putting gas in their car, or on vacation, or playing in a park with their kids, or eating dinner, or at the grocery store...EVERY WAKING MOMENT. And then, when the photos are published, snarky comments will be included about their clothing, companions, facial expressions, and what businesses they patronized. I don't think people who are well known because of their careers in film, music or sports "owe" us their entire lives. In fact, they don't owe anyone jack - you can choose to watch their movies, listen to the records, or attend their games - OR NOT. We expect more from celebrities - by way of access and behavior - than we do our elected officials. How sad and twisted is THAT?

2156 days ago
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