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Obama Scalpers Hunt for Their Cut

11/3/2008 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Obama campaign has dished out all 70,000 tickets to the massive election night rally in Chicago's Grant Park tomorrow, which in turn has bred a whole new type of businessperson -- the election rally ticket scalper.

The tickets were personalized by the DNC to keep such scalping from happening -- but now some clever people are literally hawking their +1 status on eBay for nearly 400 bones by making you meet them at the venue to get in.

Capitalism at its finest.


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Rest in Peace    

Nice...I hope their $@%! get thrown in jail for this, they certainly deserve it!

2143 days ago

100% Me    

How funny. That's a smack in the face.

2143 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Get used to it morons, this is what democrats do. Lie, cheat and deceive. You are all such suckers.

2143 days ago


White guilt is highly profitable. just ask CNN, along with all the other liberal media outlets

2143 days ago


thats funny, I got a ticket to go. I live right in front of grant park and I believe you need to show your photo ID to get in. whatever I'll just listen to it from my window :)

2143 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Well, I certainly hope they are intending to redistribute the wealth when they get paid for selling the ticket. You know, keeping the money to yourself would be "selfish." Democrats are such hypcrites. Voting for Obama is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.

2143 days ago

Laura Priest    

osama is NOT going to win!

2143 days ago


Youtube------Paper Lace "the night Chicago died"

2143 days ago

Laura Priest    

I've got my popcorn and HD tv all ready for tomorrow nights race riots when B.O. loses.

2143 days ago


COLLECTION OF TAXES, no matter how it is COLLECTED is ALWAYS redistribution of wealth. How do you think people get Medicare, Medicaid, and all other socially created programs? You pay taxes at work don't you? And you pay taxes on everything else you buy too. Taxes pay for roads, bridges and all other programs in this country. So get over that ugly lie that Palin & McCain made's how this country works.

And what difference does it make what color someone is if they do the job right? Geezzz.....don't tell me you all have all white neighbors and all white work place friends. Get over your hate. Why is it that you own so much hate.....when the people you hate tries to help you?

And don't tell me you middle classer's wouldn't like a few more bucks added onto your paycheck because you get an extra tax break. It's like a little raise in pay isn't it? Quit the hate......cause damn the rest of us white Mom's would sure like a break from that kind of spreading ugliness. We want to send our kids to school without this kind of hate. What's inside your heart anyway, that you feel a need to empty hate onto other's?

2143 days ago

bite me    

so if Obama doesn't win tomorrow, is this where he will give his succession speech?

(Cuz you know he wont give the money back.)

2143 days ago

Laura Priest    

Osama fits all the criteria of the ANTICHRIST.I fear for us ALL if he wins

2143 days ago



2143 days ago


This will be gone as soon as someone reports it for violating eBay terms!!

2143 days ago


15. The blacks are voting for nobama because they think they're going to get 40 acres and a mule.My question is are we still going to have race riots once they learn all they're going to get is a little raise on their welfare checks?And will that affirmative action crapola finally end if a black has the highest job in America?

Posted at 3:16PM on Nov 3rd 2008 by Americans only

You are truly stupid. Most of "the blacks" as you say ,are voting for Obama because he is a Democrat, not because of his color. Obviously there are people that are voting base on color and that's coming from both sides. But if you did your research 90% of African Americans always vote democrat in Presidential elections. Now if Obama was a republican and he won by a majority of African American votes then I would say your right but hes not and we''ll just have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens.

Either way, i got my tickets to the rally and I'm going. If he wins or loses this is still a historical event and I want to be there.

2143 days ago
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