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Owen Wilson

Pales in Comparison

11/3/2008 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For Halloween, Owen Wilson went as a ghost.

The translucent 39-year-old hit the beach in Maui this weekend with a considerably tanner mystery babe.

He's white hot.


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damn, she's pretty hot!

2187 days ago


And what's wrong with being white, TMZ? If that is how you were born... people who tan are "trying" to be black!

2187 days ago


She is a naturally tan color chick! He is white! Who gives a crap ass! They are "natural" why make fun of that!? Dumb TMZ go back to your mispells!

2187 days ago


It's not healthy to tan... the sun is bad for you and tanning beds are even worse! Not to mention how much healthier you will age... less wrinkles, not skin cancer. I could go on an on. I would be ashamed for posting this. TMZ you are badd!

2187 days ago


I thought it was one of those Culkin boys at first.

2187 days ago


you'd would look tanned too if you weren't white, he's white she's not idiots!

2187 days ago

KRISPY is Right!!    

Anytime someone gets a picture of Owen lately he looks like he's about to cry. He should take a tip from Joaquin Phoenix and retire from acting for awhile. No-one wants to hire a miserable washed-out old loser who's afraid to talk to the press anyway! Buy a ranch and go back to Texas!

2187 days ago


Am I the only person that is completely sick of seeing the singles ads kiki is posting? I don't know what's worse....the ads or that novel ELIZABETH is posting to give us her political opinions.

Ok, on to the topic at hand. Just because he doesn't hang out in a tanning bed or have the oopah loompah fake tan sprayed on, doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with him.

2187 days ago


The turd look is pooped out. White is in

2187 days ago


According to doctors, any kind of "tan" leads one step closer to skin cancer.

2187 days ago


we should not be shocked or appalled when we see someone without a tan since it is healthier

we should be concerned about the the dark tans from sun or tanning salons

but for some reason we thing that whose who are tanned look healthier and without a tan the person looks pasty/sickly

it will take a while to reverse the mindset

with my Irish background I have to avoid the sun completely or I burn badly so I am one of those pasty ones!

2187 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Ummmm.....HELLO??? I used to tan too! But as I approach the big 4-OH this month, I have stopped tanning. I have beautiful white skin. Sure, a tan is nice, but I'm not going to continue to fry myself to that pathetic orange glow so many stars seem to want to achieve. White skin is pretty. Tan, wrinkled skin is not. Oh - black skin is pretty too! I'm just talking for myself, of course. Irish, Scottish, get the picture. I fry.

2187 days ago

KRISPY is Right!!    

Owen should be okay as long as he stays away from Kate. Kate is most likely a "chipper" (dabbles with the H) while Owen is an addict and needs to stay away from the hard stuff ALTOGETHER. He most likely didn't want Kate to think he couldn't handle the stuff, so he indulged with her and then it got away from him. He had been sober and healthy for a good while before taking up with her. It's bulls**t that Steve Coogan led him down the wrong path. It was Kate (although not intentionally - she's flaky and didn't realize that he would relapse so hard so it's not ALL her fault, although she did cut him loose when he was suffering with his addiction - maybe to hide her own secret?) Plus all that tabloid stuff about their "secret affair" and her leaving her marriage for Owen. It was way too much for him to handle. Choose your friends and lovers wisely, Owen and please be honest with yourself. You CANNOT handle the hard stuff. Stay away from it at all costs. Keep going to therapy for your depression, take (only) your prescribed meds correctly, and most importantly, ACCEPT yourself (your successes and your demons) and try to live a relatively clean and happy life!!

2187 days ago


Who cares if he doesn't tan? People who tan have bad skin, and people with spray tans look like morons

2187 days ago


That is the skin color he was given. Nothing wrong with that. It is nice to see somebody just accept themselves as they are. Flaunt the skin you are in!

2187 days ago
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