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White House or Penthouse for Palin

11/3/2008 10:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary Clinton was squarely presented with two choices last night in D.C. -- Sarah Palin as Vice President, or Sarah all spread out in Penthouse. Yeah, we think it's inappropriate too and we've already spoken to our photog.
Hillary Clinton: Click to watch


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Yeah u think its inappropiate but that didnt stop u from airing it. On another note I'm sure Hillary heard that question and I'm surprised she didnt wag a finger in that guys face to tell him off I guess she has become mellower with old age

2183 days ago


So why even post this at all then?

Yeah - you think it's "inappropriate".

2183 days ago


That photog has no respect for our former First Lady. Who does he think he is that it's okay to speak to people like that? If I ever ran into her, I woudl want to shake her hand, not belittle her.

2183 days ago


I didn't bother to watch it.........what's the point in trying to humiliate the former 1st lady.....

TMZ you are telling the WORLD that the USA is a joke....they hate us as it is, thanks for sealing the deal....

2183 days ago

Susan B.    

Glad to see she's too smart to answer such a stupid question. And then you posted it, what a bunch of "maroons."

2183 days ago


She's ignoring him because it's a rhetorical question... no-braininer if you will... she is going to Penthouse, duh.

2183 days ago


What a moron your photog is for asking such a question. Have a little respect dude!

2183 days ago


TMZ, you really crossed the line here...this is a post of bad taste

Enjoy it while you can, 'cause come January the Obama's administration is going to implement new restrictions for the media

2183 days ago

concerned citizen    

Very sick stuff TMZ.

2183 days ago


I don't think talking to your photog is sufficient; you should fire his ass. Where do you find these uneducated, unsophisticated, tactless people you have working for you?

2183 days ago


Can't stand Palin, but Hillary Clinton desrves more respect than this.

2183 days ago


You "spoke to your photog" but you still paid for the video and posted it to your web site.


2183 days ago


If you honestly thought it was inappropriate the why the f*ck post it?
You guys are pathetic. So where do you draw the line between journalism and slander?
I'd say you crossed it.

2183 days ago


This just shows the hypocrisy of TMZ..Your photogs ask celebrities and politicans inappropriate questions ALL OF THE TIME..And now that this was asked of Hiliary, you want to speak to this photog??!!!..Give me a freakin' break..I think it's inappropriate to ambush some of these people and hound them over and over, but TMZ thinks THAT's appropriate..

2183 days ago


know this isn't meant to be a referendum on either candidate but one thing that bothers me more and more about Obama is that his state Illinois-and in particular Chicago-apparently has the highest murder rate in the country now

and with the 3 deaths of Jennifer Hudson's family members taking over the headlines it brings this under the spotlight for me even more so-news media outlets don't seem to be adding up the connection-and so find myself thinking that if the citizens there are not safe walking down the street with him as their senator-----why would I feel safe with him as my president-what has he done for Chicago the past few years-or Illinois?
this makes me nervous about what he will/will not do for America

sure I'm worried about the money in my wallet and how much I will or will not have
BUT if I'm not safe and alive to spend it-what does it matter ???????

2183 days ago
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