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White House or Penthouse for Palin

11/3/2008 10:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary Clinton was squarely presented with two choices last night in D.C. -- Sarah Palin as Vice President, or Sarah all spread out in Penthouse. Yeah, we think it's inappropriate too and we've already spoken to our photog.
Hillary Clinton: Click to watch


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OH how I wish Hillary would be the one becoming president.......she was the prefect fir for it. Very experienced

ACORN was to key for Obama's winning the nomination via fraudulent votes. The majority of people wanted Hillary

He cheated his way into the senate
He cheated his way into the dem nomination
He is cheating his way to the White House

And with his bad records, America still believes that he should be there!

What a shame!

2183 days ago


Hillary is a highly intelligent and respected woman and public servant.. Palin is a sad joke and more of a celebrity than public servant. Hil's name doesn't belong in the same sentence, paragraph, or book as Palin's. Sheesh -- what were you guys thinking?

2183 days ago


AMEN! "Sloane"
I fell the same way...but how do you stop that corrupt from reaching his goal? You can't, he has the support of so many criminals, radicals, terrorists, we just have to accept the reality "and move out of the country"

2183 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Inappropriateness is part of TMZ's business model, as well as hypocrisy and character assassination. Of course they would ask the question and then post the video of the interview and then come here and shed crocodile tears over it.

And I'm sure that when TMZ spoke to the photog, they praised and rewarded him, and they encouraged him to ask more questions like that.

This illustrates the moral bankruptcy that the jealous, vengeful Harvey Levin brings to TMZ.

2183 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

8. TMZ, you really crossed the line here...this is a post of bad taste

Enjoy it while you can, 'cause come January the Obama's administration is going to implement new restrictions for the media

Posted at 9:07AM on Nov 3rd 2008 by ken

I've got $100 that says that Obama will do no such thing. Care to put your money where your (big, unthinking) mouth is?

2183 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

15. know this isn't meant to be a referendum on either candidate but one thing that bothers me more and more about Obama is that his state Illinois-and in particular Chicago-apparently has the highest murder rate in the country now

and with the 3 deaths of Jennifer Hudson's family members taking over the headlines it brings this under the spotlight for me even more so-news media outlets don't seem to be adding up the connection-and so find myself thinking that if the citizens there are not safe walking down the street with him as their senator-----why would I feel safe with him as my president-what has he done for Chicago the past few years-or Illinois?
this makes me nervous about what he will/will not do for America

sure I'm worried about the money in my wallet and how much I will or will not have
BUT if I'm not safe and alive to spend it-what does it matter ???????

Posted at 9:36AM on Nov 3rd 2008 by Sloane

The reason for why the media doesn't make a connection between Chicago's murder rate and Barack Obama is because there _is_ no connection. Such a link only exists in the paranoid fantasies of certain increasingly desperate supporters of McCain who cannot bear the idea that they are increasingly out of step with the majority of people in this country.

And besides, as other people have pointed out, whenever someone tries to pin some sort of lying slur on Obama, more moderate voters turn their backs on the Republican Party and give their support to Obama. If he wins, and it's likely that he will, the only people to blame will be those who kept driving people away from McCain with their incessant trumpeting of false, fear-mongering accusations against Obama such as "terrorist", "racist", "marxist", etc.

Lots of McCain supporters are too stubbornly stupid to realize that the politics of fear and slander are not working during this election.

2183 days ago


Oh, yeah, there's no sexism in the media. Right.

You guys would never have asked: Obama in the White House, or working on the lawn at the White House.

The double standard lives on. Bravo, Time Warner. Your lucrative female demographic must be so pleased.

2183 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

When Obama wins, the die-hard conservatives who fear and loathe him are going to start looking around for someone to blame for their debacle. They're going to blame ...

... "the liberal media"

... "foreign terrorist influences"

... "election rigging"

... "brainwashing of the electorate"

In fact, many conservatives, sensing imminent defeat, are already starting to make these arguments. However, these people are failing to see the true cause of McCain's defeat: themselves.

They are the ones who drove millions of moderate voters away from the Republican Party with their extreme, fear-based, rabid rhetoric. And the shining star of the conservatives, George W. Bush, helped the process immeasurably by driving even more millions of voters away from the GOP over the past couple years or so.

It's not so much that Obama is going to win this election; rather, it's that the conservatives have successfully lost it.

If the members of Republican Party want to have any hope of being a viable force in the next election, they will have to undergo a lot of honest soul searching. To blame their defeat on external bogeymen will simply perpetuate their weakness and unpopularity, because the necessary introspection will not get done, and they will not learn their lessons and grow stronger.

2183 days ago


Latex Solar Beef, before you make a bet, do some research.

2183 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

16. OH how I wish Hillary would be the one becoming president.......she was the prefect fir for it. Very experienced

ACORN was to key for Obama's winning the nomination via fraudulent votes. The majority of people wanted Hillary

He cheated his way into the senate
He cheated his way into the dem nomination
He is cheating his way to the White House

And with his bad records, America still believes that he should be there!

What a shame!

Posted at 9:36AM on Nov 3rd 2008 by I care


Piss Off you moron! This country has gone through so much in the past decade. Why? Why for the love of God must you try to continue to spread your hate and fear? Are you that afraid of the dawn of the new era? This is one of the most positive and exciting times in history and when I read post like yours and others damning this man it sickens me!

We have been given 8 years to see what the Republican Party has to offer America, the most vicious attack on our soil in history, a broken financial system, war, and our standing in the world in the eyes of other countries. I don't want it anymore. Hope and Change is in the air. This country is in dire need of change right now. So piss off and deal with it!!

2183 days ago


That would be record sales if she does pose zero copies sold. I can't stand to look at her with clothes on and her voice makes me want to puke.

2183 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

I agree, #26. When the Republican voters chose McCain to be their candidate, they made a clear statement to the fear-mongers in the party's "base" that they wanted to move away from the ideological extremism and Karl Rovian tactics that had become the Republican norm. The conservatives were shocked and dismayed that the voters chose someone who renounced that approach, and who drew his support from today's "Silent Majority": the less partisan and less ideological moderates who make up the "undecided" voters.

If McCain had remained true to his moderate, "both sides of the aisle" character and continued to appeal to his core consituency (this Silent Majority), he would very likely have won this election. However, he allowed his campaign to be hijacked by Steve Schmidt and some of the more traditional operatives, and they redirected the efforts in order to appeal to the more extreme party "base", using neo-Rovian tactics. With this, McCain turned his back, in effect, on his own moderate base, and they responded by turning their back on him, by the millions.

Schmidt and his crew have been able to successfully galvanize the more extreme Republican core, but these people are in the minority these days, and their support is not enough to give McCain the election without the moderates who have now been alienated.

This appeal to the "base" was a strategic error that was promoted by the older party stalwarts who put Conservative "purity" above all else ... well, perhaps not above _all_ else, because probably an even greater motivation for them to pull the party towards it's erstwhile "base" was the fact that they saw their own, personal pre-eminence in the party threatened by the new direction that McCain was trying to take the party, and which the Republican voters approved decisively during the primaries.

Therefore, in trying to pull the party back to this more extreme core, the conservative leaders ended up destroying a goodly portion of the base of support that McCain used to have in his pocket. This, more than any single factor, is what has cost McCain the election.

One of the sad things about this, from the Republican Party's point of view, is that many of the more moderate Republicans in Congress are on their way to defeat. The remaining Republicans in the new Congress are going to consist of a higher percentage of the extreme, ideological core. This means that the party will be even more out of sync with mainstream America, and this will further harden the positiion of these extremists. This is likely to damage the Republican Party even more, as it will continue to lose an increasing percentage of its former moderate base.

This could even lead to the fracturing of the Republican Party into two new parties: one which appeals to the moderates, and another which appeals to the more radical conservatives. Time will tell if the GOP can avoid this fate.

2183 days ago

I, Slay The Dragon    

WHOA. First, read Gennifer Flowers (and MANY others) comments of MS. (ahem) Clintons, uh, EXTREMELY, uh,
"versatile" UN-NATURAL orientation, and the question is not only valid, but VERY tame.
N.O.W.-types, quit ACTING shocked. Tasteless? How's CRUEL and tasteless?
A man-hating "Attorney General" orders 1. The massacre of 79 (mostly women and Children) at Waco.
2. The racist attack and REMOVAL of a little boy (Elian Gonzales).
So, fakers, face The Truth and The REAL Clinton Legacy.
Harvey Levin....MENSCH of the YEAR!

2183 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

Friends and Family:
By now I am guessing most of us have decided what lever your pulling on Tuesday. That is, those of you that are not so pissed off that they're not voting at all out of protest or my one friend who feels it better to let things get worse first so people wake up.
But I wanted to send one important message in case anyone is still listening and open to ideas.

Because I feel as many do that our republic is hanging by a thread after the last 20 years of loss of a rudder in congress and the oval office, as well as the new wall street corrupt disaster that we are all going to pay for over the next 2 generations.
Because of this, I feel this election is of extreme significance as many of you do I am sure. I wanted to say though that I have decided that although I can't endorse McCain because of his foul voting record - I vehemently oppose Barrack Obama. Call me nuts if you wish or anything else but I truly wish there was a third viable candidate, but I don't think he's viable either.
In fact therefore, I think I would much rather take my chances with McCain and hold his feet to the fire once in the White House than send our country down the river with Obama. I realize many of you will disagree with me, but I just want to go on the record with this, I feel we are on the brink of either a head on crash in the next 2 years that will cause us to find ourselves beyond possible repair of the country with Obama, or in a slow pull away from this disaster&nbs p;IF and only if, we all hold our representatives feet to the fire and never take our eyes off them. We must stay involved with our local, state and national office holders. It is the only way we will pass on the greatest political experiment alive to the next 2 generations. Do you want to be seen by history as a part of the generation that let it go?
Time will tell, but I feel it important to try to help hold on tight to the end of the rope and pull it back upward before it slips into the well forever.
I thank those of you who listened this far. To those who hit the delete button, don't complain when it's too late.

g chase

2183 days ago


This ain't her first "bimbo erruption" or in this case "interruption".
Give that woman a cigar!

Now she is going to think TMZ is part of a "vast right wing conspiracy".

2183 days ago
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