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Klum's Bazooms Exploited by Guitar Hero

11/4/2008 3:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This video of a nearly-naked Heidi Klum shaking her jiggly bits "Risky Business" style is supposedly an advertisement for Guitar Hero -- but all we can confirm is that it's a video of a nearly naked Heidi Klum shaking her jiggly bits "Risky Business" style.


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I think her bodies had it after pushing out Seal's kids. Her boobs are too jiggly. She's getting old :o(

2186 days ago


I hope they run it in the evening. I have an eight year old daughter and I don't want her to think that's how all women should look. We don't allow her to wear bikinis and we make her wear leggings under skirts and dresses. We are teaching her modesty. Seeing supermodels in their bra and panties dosen't help. It seems that there is a lot more stuff out there that I don't want my children exposed to at such an early age. Little girls are seeing overtly sexual ads in magazines, billboards and the television. They are only young once. On the other hand, My six year old son would keep rewinding it!

2186 days ago


I just saw the video and bought 25 copies of the game.

2186 days ago


I am a big girl who plays this game (way more than my boyfriend) and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE: DONT YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO (LIKE PARENTING) THAN HATE POSTING? Geez....This woman looks awesome for having 3 kids, a MEGA career, a show, husband, and god knows what else more stressing than you or i will ever have to deal with b/c remember she has people like you hating ALL the time and the paps taking pictures of her at every turn especially when she makes MISTAKES!!! So let it go...and just accept it. If you dont like it or her, dont watch it and dont let your kids watch it, but really? What she is wearing is just like a bikini with more coverage. How many bikinis have your children seen on tv/ads/internet/REAL LIFE (pools, beaches)? Same thing!

2186 days ago


What really makes this lame is how much this no talent twit gets way over-paid for doing next to nothing except appealing to some acne-encrusted, never-been-done self-abusers, one 25 year old stunted straight “woman” who evidently wishes she could be over-paid for nothing and a "big girl" who may be choking on a hook, line and sinker. The game may be fun but you’re being separated from a lot of your money by mindless worship of mindless celebrities, as the cost of making these takers rich is added to the product price. So, coppertops, drink your kool-aid and plug the cable back into your head so we can get on with picking your pockets.

2186 days ago


Shamhowe, have to agree with you. i have an 8 & a 10 yr old, and they are average for their age in their class as far as girl fascination-- they would rewind & rewind to no end. if it's on during shows for like Daily Show & on Spike, it's FAR from the most explicit. I walked into a room at my borther's to find my 10 yr GAPING at a commercial for a stripper competiton on Spike (my 30 yr old bro has no use for parental controls most days).

some guys think she is hot, some women do. she loves the spotlight, but at least she can take a joke at her own expense and doesn't whack people w/ cell phones like other supermodels, or snort coke on camera like Kate Moss who is a parent also. Personally, I think the ad would have been as funny if not more if she left the shirt on- but WHO CARES?

2186 days ago


Guitar Hero's "Risky Business" take is hilarious. If I had the bod still, I'd have had a blast doing it myself. She played the exact moves dead on, so knew the dance quite well; this made it a deliciously goofy parody.
Parody - yes. She's doing it for grins, obviously.
Why all the commentary about how "naked" she is? She's got on more even shaking the shelf supporter and hip bumping than the AVERAGE bather at the local pool or beach. I suppose because it's technically "underwear" instead of a "bikini" it seems more ... risky and risque.
Even so, I do have cringes and caveats. While I enjoyed the heck out of it, I also squirmed slightly. And no, I wouldn't want any pre-teens watching it (more than once, anyway, as an ad), nor want my own daughters (9, 15 & 18) emulating it. Somewhat telling about our society, that not only do we have such a plaything in common use by inappropriate age groups, but that we are divided and confused by our own reactions.
And as one last comment, the ONLY households where I've seen this game in action were with kids UNDER 10 playing it almost exclusively. Never thought much about potential mature content, but then we don't own one, so I've never researched the rating. I'm sure my older kids have friends with GH, but not that I've ever seen being used while making the usual delivery/pickups.

2186 days ago


IT looks GOOOD!

Last night i saw the Tv verison and she keeps the White Shirt on the whole time......

What about the guys (Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps, A-Rod, Kobe) who did this video....that was awesome too

2186 days ago

Ms. X    

A bit tacky coming from a wife and mother. Respect yourself Klum.

2186 days ago


I don't have kids, but if I did, I wouldn't base my parenting on the ESRB, MPAA, FCC, or any other organization. Its up to each individual parent to determine what's appropriate based on their own set of morals. So stop acting like your kids suddenly mature at 13 or 17, and stop criticizing other parents for having different opinions.

Also, I have only seen this version once, during monday night football. I've seen it about 7 or 8 times since then and its always been the shirt-on version.

Besides, the ratings are completely skewed. The sexual situations you often see in a PG-13 movie would never be allowed in a TV-14 show or Teen game. But at the same time, the violence you often see in TV-14 shows like Prison Break or 24 or even R movies that have been cut to a TV-14 rating, would never make it into a Teen game. When it comes to games, even a little blood often equals a Mature rating. Just look at half life / counter strike.

Bottom line is, ratings are completely bogus.

2184 days ago


Heidi looks awesome, with the shirt or w/o the shirt. As for poster #30, you must have become so used to seeing fake hollywood boobs, ala Pam Anderson (yeah those babies look real) and all the others with the grand canyon between them that you have forgotten that a real woman has movement and softness. Everyone ages, get over it.

2173 days ago
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