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Oprah Winfrey Jinxes Barack

11/4/2008 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey called into "The Ed Lover Show" on Power 105 this morning and confessed she already has a dress she picked out for Barack Obama's inauguration. Counting your chickens before they hatch, O?
Oprah: Click to listen


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Oprah thinks she is some kind of guru. All she talks about these days is being in the "now" and being enlightened with what she calls "ah-ha!" moments. I'd love to she her face when she has the "ah-ha!" moment of realizing that Americans are not as dumb and sheep-like as her audience is.

2179 days ago


Oprah is a moron and tries to get others to think her way. What a moron!

2179 days ago


45.same old same old.... from your mouth to gods ears.... karma

2179 days ago

Sue McWilliams    

Oprah you are a pig! You mentioned how when Obama wins tonight it's a new beginning for black, brown, yellow and red people. Did you forget about the white people???? The ones who made you famous years ago when you were a nobody.

2179 days ago


10. I would love to know why Whoopi Goldberg supports Obama when she has screamed more than once her issues with high taxes. Obama has been very clear in the past how he WILL get redistribution to happen. All these wealthy celebs that are backing Obama and his #1 goal is to take their money and give it to the poor blacks.
Posted at 1:57PM on Nov 4th 2008 by me

11. Fat pig...

Posted at 1:57PM on Nov 4th 2008 by MDCRAB

Well, then all those celebrities should finally be happy, right? I mean they're always saying they want to give more & they will finally get their wish. Maybe, then they'll stop complaining but I wouldn't count on it. Next, they'll want our military to go into Darfur (their pet project) to fight their war. Don't be surprised at anything.

2179 days ago


Will the hog be able to get into it come election day? She is one big heifer.

I don' think Obama is going to want her hanging around, something she can't even imagine.

2179 days ago


oprah is the biggest biggot there is. Shes a self serving person who claims to be so spiritual and shacks up with a guy. Good role model.

2179 days ago


I thought mentioning a black person and chicken in the same sentence was racist

2179 days ago

Smarter thatn You    

Idiots the majority of blacks are democrates. 90% voted for John Kerry a candidate who sucks.

2179 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

Like one person said, unfortunately our next president may get voted into office specifically because uneducated, misinformed minorities are voting for the first time in their lives and these racist, ignorant black people are voting ONLY because a candidate's skin is dark. STUPID STUPID STUPID PEOPLE.

Posted at 3:57PM on Nov 4th 2008 by anonymous

I am a registered Democrat and I am a 33 year old African American female. I have been voting Democratic for as long as I've been able to vote. Why all of a sudden am I a Black Stupid Racist for once again casting my vote for a Democratic Presidential candidate who happens to be Black? I don't get it.

Be careful, you're so Angry that this man may actually become President that you are letting your hate spew stupidity from your lips and I'm guessing it makes you feel better to think that EVERYONE voting for Obama is a racist, oh and stupid. Hmph! Just making sure I understood your point.


2179 days ago


Posted at 4:42PM on Nov 4th 2008 by THE WORLD IS WATCHING

No your not stupid for being a democrat. People are stupid to vote cause they go by skin color not what the person stands for. You know there is a ton of that right now.
I personally dont chose to vote for Obama cause he is for abortion and gay marriage and has terrorist friends and ties. This counrty doesnt need a man with 180 days in office as experience.

2179 days ago


Yeah I love how you see all these black people who have never voted before but are doing it now cause one of the canidates is a blac man. So wrong. As a citizen of the US you should always vote not just wait till your like their skin color.

2179 days ago


37. YES WE CAN.. Opps sorry so many picking on me I can't keep up oops sorry

Obama 08...................

2179 days ago


Kenyans Pray for Obama Win

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 3:28 PM

People across Kenya are praying for Barack Obama, making sacrificial offerings for the Democratic presidential candidate many consider a native son.

One prominent preacher says his church is engaged in "spiritual warfare" to ensure Obama is victorious.

Bishop Washington Ogonyo Ngede, a Pentecostal leader who met Obama during his 2006 visit to his father's village, Kogelo, said a prayer before Obama spoke and "laid hands upon" the Senator, who he believes is anointed by God for victory in the election.

Ngede's church has 1,400 branches throughout East Africa and claims a membership of 250,000 people.

Other religious figures in Kenya have also pulled for an Obama win.

At Kit Mikayi, a sacrificial rock shrine, about a dozen people have visited on Obama’s behalf, according to Jennifer Okot, an elderly villager who lives near the shrine.

“Customarily, those seeking large blessings sacrifice a goat by swinging it by its legs so that its head and neck are bludgeoned against a large rock in a naturally occurring enclosure between two massive boulders that serves as the shrine's sanctuary,” according to Fox News.

Participants believe the goat's death incurs the blessings of the rock shrine's god.

2179 days ago


Oprah rocks! She's the main reason I supported Obama in the first place. Love that woman.

2179 days ago
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