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Oprah Winfrey Jinxes Barack

11/4/2008 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey called into "The Ed Lover Show" on Power 105 this morning and confessed she already has a dress she picked out for Barack Obama's inauguration. Counting your chickens before they hatch, O?
Oprah: Click to listen


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Allred Tree    

Oprah's dress was made by OMAR THE TENTMAKER as he was the only one qualified to make one big enough.

I can't wait for stinky BO to lose and then I will watch Oprah to see what bigmouth has to say about Sasquatch losing the White House!

Sarah Palin should refuse to ever grace Oprah Winfrey with her presence.

2118 days ago


She would have McCain on her show because she did not want to endorse either candidate. WTF. Give me a break. She introduced Obama at a rally. She is so biased that she is no longer a journalist. She is one of the most egotistical racist women I have ever watched. I stopped watching her quite awhile ago, and this just makes me glad I made the choice I made. YOu are setting blacks and females back decades, Oprah.

2118 days ago


Don't worry if he doesn't win, she will probably pay someone to count the votes over and over again until he does. I am sorry I just don't care for Oprah, not sure why, I just don't. I am still mad at the guy who wanted "Oprah for President" that started all this. She said she didn't want to run but if you wanted to vote for someone vote for BO.

2118 days ago

Kendra Would Rock Your C**k!    

It is actually a blue gazebo from Home Depot! Eat your buffalo wings and shut up racist, fat a$$!

2118 days ago

lisa nichols    

HA!! I love it!! Obama Wins. Democrats rule--we are the youth party--the party of change--the party of true freedom and the party of true CARING for others! We want to love the repubs too-- let's make our country great again--we can do it together! NO MORE HATING!!!!

2118 days ago

lisa nichols    

TAX THE RICH!!!!! I don't believe anyone on this board makes over 250,00 so shut the hell up-- we're all poor--

2118 days ago

lisa nichols    

Hey folks--doesn't it seem like the goofy hating repubs post mostly on this site? Let's Boycott TMZ and only visit Perez.. let TMZ fule the repub with their regular hating stupidity. I'm tkaing them out of my bookmarks. Just think of it.. the TMZ show is on the FOX channel.. HEY DEMS--stop visiting this site. They are hateful and rude. Remember them comparing Obama to the mad magazine guy? How dumb.. Bye TMZ--

2118 days ago


When a man gets president because of his color, its a sad, sad day....there is no way anyone who isn't stupid can say he got it from anything else but his color...All they keep showing is town after town, black churches, black schools praising that a BLACK man will be president, not praising a man they believe had the better views....all the black people saying this was their 1st time voting (all because a black candidate was there), you had racist Oprah backing him.....He should be embarassed to know he didnt win for talent or anything else but the color of his skin...I will never vote again when i know that you can win the presidency because dumbass people dont see the the views, but color....AND to all you dumbasses, he is HALF WHITE!!!!! So when he runs the U.S.A. into the ground and allows all the kids to be killed from abortions you will cry.....Hope Powell runs next time so he can get Obama outta the White House. He proved voting is a joke and made the U.S. look bad, who can trust democracy now???? Oprah you racist pig, you have helped turn white people racist in this election along with all the others who kept throwing the race card and the harping of a black man running for president....When he should have ran on his values of baby killin, gay rights, terrorism, and having a racist wife. 92% black votes for Obama, 8% McCain from FOX news, That proves the majority of black people can't NOT be racist either, but love flipping the race card for everything else....Hopefully ACORN will be found out as cheating with the voters and/or the truth will come out that the baby killing racist was born in Kenya and him and his racist wife will get thrown out on their butt. The whole black community should be embarassed to be known as not able to understand that you vote on views not color!!!!

2118 days ago


Seems she was right.

2118 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Obama has been declared POTUS


Now we'll be enduring Oprah's racist pig mouth squealing for the next 4-8 years

2118 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Well i guess if you have enough money , you too could buy the presidency. This is horrible for the USA. You FOOLS JUST ELECTED a terrorist who couldn't pass a a security clearance for the FBI and now he's the president . GOD D---n OHIO , PENNSYVAnia , MASS. MICH. MINN. & and the rest of you states who voted DEMocrat. you are traitors in my opinion. ROT IN THE HELL YOU JUST MADE OF OUR NATION. It is unbeliveable that NEW YORK VOTED HIM IN. GUESS THEY LIKED 911 .. STUPID PEOPLE THINK OBAMARAMA is going to buy them all new cars and give them the money HARD WORKING people made with their own two hands . IT IS DISGRACEFUL , A SHAM, A JOKE.

2118 days ago


Wear that dress with pride, Oprah. All you doubters - TAKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best man won. Wonder what Palin has to say now? She was confident that God would do the right thing and have McCain win. Guess God DID do the right thing!!! And it was left!!!!!!!!!!!

2118 days ago


# 71 & # 73. You covered everything to a T and I wonder how long it will take before people will realize how ignorant they were voting for Obama just because of his skin color. God help us all!!!!!

2118 days ago


Rosa sat so King could walk.... King walked so Obama could run... Obama run so we could fly.

2118 days ago



SAY HELLO TO THE U.S. PRESIDENT... BARAK OBAMA... Sorry #1 and all the other haters....

Congratulations to the FIRST FAMILY!!!

2118 days ago
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