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Wonder Who HE'S Voting For...?!

11/4/2008 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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Americans, please read this. Right now you are voting for America's present/future (Obama) and America's past (McCain). The decisions you make will fundamentally determine where the country is heading: into the 21st century or backwards. Obama runs on a campaign theme of hope, inspiration, INTELLECT and change. McCain runs on a campaign theme of national division, hate, ignorance and xenophobia. Rise above what McCain/Palin (and many in the world) think of you: that you are an anti-intellectual, simple-minded, arrogant and racist people. Let everyone know you're better than that: vote Obama!

2141 days ago


Isn't today a school day. Why on earth would you pull your kids out of school for an "I voted photo op".

2141 days ago


He wrote in Ron Paul. If he truly is wise, he'll call up Ron Paul and have him help fix this mess we have these days. Ron Paul fixes things, Obama takes all the credit. Win, win.

2141 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Today is voting day ! GO MC VOTE !

2141 days ago

Nobody In Particular    

#16 - The ballot is that long because there are more elections taking place today than just the Presidential election. My state, for instance, is electing a President, a Governor, a Lieutenant Governor, a U.S. Representative, a Secretary of State, a State Treasurer, a State Auditor, an Attorney General, a Commissioner of Public Lands, a Superintendent of Public Instruction, an Insurance Commissioner, 2 State Senators, 4 State Representatives, and in my county 12 various other public offices, not to mention the 3 Initiative measures and 2 local Propositions.

I reside in Toronto and saw first-hand just a few weeks ago how Canadians vote... or should I say don't vote! You would rather sit around eating poutine and complaining about American politics, than take some initiative and make changes in your own backyard. So to that I say...


2141 days ago


Maybe he just voted PRESENT like he always did in the senate. If you don't understand what that means then you didn't research your candidate before you voted.

2141 days ago

pay atention    

Obama can run for president but because of his associations with terrorist Bill Ayars he would not pass a security clearance!! This doesn't make sense to me! I have two family members that have worked on military projects and had to go through tons of paperwork to get a security clearance. The government interviewed the neigbors next door!! I'm not joking! They would not let you work on government projects if you were friends with a man (Bill Ayars) who actually bombed federal buildings!!! Never!!! Barack Obama is going to know all the secrets about our country. How do we know we can trust him??? What is wrong with our country sometimes?? He should not be allowed to run for president if he can't pass a security clearance that regular citizens have to pass to work on secret projects as small as airplane and helicpter parts!!!

2141 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

The best part of an Obama win will be that African American youth will no longer have any excuses

2141 days ago


Are you kidding me Philoabroad.....

Let's get it right. Obama is running a campaign of deceit, ignorance and lies. McCain is a good man who has served his country. Obama goes to church with rascists and pals around with terrrorist Bill Ayers. Have you even looked at Obama's voting record? Or do you just listen to his stupid promises? Check out his voting record and see how many times he has voted to increase taxes on people or families who make over $42,000 per year. All of the dems who are talking crap about McCain now have always spoken well of him until this election. They are only saying what they need to say to get elected. Our economy was good (record profits) until two years ago when the dems took over congress. But people are too ignorant to realize that congress affects the economy by not regulating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.. I suggest you do some reading.

2141 days ago

McCainPalin 08    

God help us if he becomes President

2141 days ago


#19....same reason Obama's rallies have 30,000 people on a weekday. McCain supporters are all AT WORK!!!

2141 days ago


I wonder how many times he voted for himself.....ACORN is supporting him

2141 days ago


I bet his children are smart like their parents. Mine on the other hand, are dumber than a brass monkey.

2141 days ago


Obviously sand is in my box that people refers to as a brain. Hell, I don't even have a job.

2141 days ago


On the other hand, when he is elected President, we know God has bestowed favor on America again.

2141 days ago
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