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John, Jen and Booze -- What More Is There?

11/5/2008 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, getting a shot of John & Jen partying together is great and all -- but what really made the pappers happy last night was David Arquette passing out the free champagne in front of his house!


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I have figured out Jenny A. She believes her own P.R.; a super chic, A list, movie actress. She is above doing anything that might interfere with her "movie star" status such as trying out for TV roles again; which, by the way, is what Courtney has done. C.Cox is more of a realist, down to earth type. Listen up Jenny ~ you are a mediocore talent at best. You are more suited for TV. Get with the real world, you would be happier.

2156 days ago


Trick-or-shot.............. ;O)

2156 days ago


Douchifer are two pathetic douche bags. Jen is a has been hag. The PR team keep leaking out rubbish to keep these two publicity whores in the media. I find them disgusting. I will never go see any of her movies ever again. I will never go to any of Mayer the douche concerts. He can shove his lame music up his arse. These two lame ass douche bags are not boyfriend. This is a PR trick. Totally lost respect for Jen.

2156 days ago


Why don't Jen just go away-if she is rich then she don't need to hang around Hollywood making a living. She needs to just disappear because she is really looking bad as she go down the toilet. John Mayer talent seems to have dried up so he is trying to hang around in Hollywood to keep his name in the media.

2156 days ago


Jen, John and David are big jokes.
Jen and John think they are fooling the public the last laugh will be on them.

2156 days ago

the loser    

I love you John... leave that old B**** for me.... David... your cool

2156 days ago


David, you sad little man. I hope you enjoy paying the huge tax increases headed your way. Oh, that's right; it's your wife that earns the money in the family. Talk about marrying over your head. David can't even see the bubbles. David hit his professional peak as a pro wrestler a few years back. I wish he was still wrestling so one of the guys could shove (it actually would just slide right in) that champagne bottle where the sun doesn't shine.

2156 days ago


i totaly agree jake!!

2156 days ago


Of course David is in a back alley drinking, what else can he do. Now he wants John to get in the hole of nothing with him. He don't have an acting career.
I think John lost interest in music to. The music he is working on sounds like crap. What a waste. John and David like two little boys reduce to kissing old chicks haggerly wrinkled asses. I can't get that weak picture of David tuning up a bottle of booze in the back alley. Something sick about these jerks.

2155 days ago

Unicorn Power    


2155 days ago


I agree will cowbulls, David is a big jerk.

2155 days ago


Loons and Mrs. Mayers overload in here.

2155 days ago


i like John . love his music but who the hell cares about these 2?? does she have a movie coming out or something because shes all over the place! she should stick to TV cause her movies ain't cutting it and i don't believe this relationship is real.

love ya john but Jen go away PLEASE!
shes using you . if he doesn't wanna be with one woman then FINE . that's just him . if this is real he wont be happy cause shes way to needy and i also read shes bossy to her boyfriends! no wonder Brad fell out of love with her!
SHES DONE! shes been done for a while now.

2155 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Of course I don't know Jennifer personally. But there is something about her that bothers me. She seems like the type to let people run over her and all she does is mope about it all day. If my hunch is right, no wonder Brad got tired of her. And not only did he get tired, he went for Angelina who seems to be the complete opposite of Jen. There is a reason why Jen can't keep a man. It won't be long before we hear that John found someone better.

2155 days ago


They're so cute. I love them together. And I like how they don't let the paps get a decent shot.

2155 days ago
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