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Fidel Sues Obama Campaign

11/5/2008 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fidel Rodriguez wants change from Barack Obama -- the kind you take to the bank.
Barack Obama: Click to view!
In a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Rodriguez claims he sold $10,000 worth of postcards, paper flyers and other advertising materials to Californians for Obama and Californians for Change, but says he was stiffed out of the $4,740 balance.

We called the campaign for comment, but for some reason the phones have been busy.


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What goes around will come around, Harvey    

103. Why waste time and energy insulting each other back and forth, it is not going to change or help anything. Barack Obama has been elected and I highly doubt those results are going to change. McCain conceded very gracefully and gave a wonderful speech and I believe Obama also handeled himself gracefully, we should all do the same. Either McCain or Obama would have done the utmost to turn this country around. We are not just electing a president alone and I know a lot of people were concerned about having Palin stepping in, if needed.
Hopefully Barack Obama will make the needed changes but we are all in this together.

Posted at 4:19PM on Nov 5th 2008 by Meg

OMG! You have posted a humane, balanced, reasonable, intelligent, sincerely heartwarming, and mature response. You are _way_ out of place at TMZ!

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2143 days ago


Congradulations to President elect Obama and his many many fool hearty followers,,
What the hell were people thinking. Yes history was made and I think its great we have a black president for once but NOT Obama, The american public might as well of given controle to alkida itself because with obamas plans for reduction of military strength and pulling most of our soldiers out of Iraq and Afganastan over the next 16 months we will I prommis you see a repeat of 9/11. Obama will send a clear message to terrorists tat the US is weak and unable to win its battles. without a decisive victory we show the world that we are not the supper power we clain to be so again congrats to all those dupped into voteing for a terrorist sympathizer cause our great country will pay a very high price indeed for this historic change.

2143 days ago


These outfits that drefaruded Mr Fidel Ramos are operated by Emmet Cash. He is a fraudmeister down to his very bones and has been one for years.

I know Emmet Cash III somewhat well. It’s been a few years but suffice it to say he was a crook back then and he still is one now. I met him in the early 90's when I first moved to Los Angeles. He conned a bunch of people to help him produce a movie called "Rap the Movie". He convinced a bunch of folks into giving him goods on credit, even to the point of having the girl in the front office writing her personal checks to cover the 10% down on these accounts. He had set up shop in the now demolished former GTE Corporate Studios in Santa Monica. He didn’t have a dime. I was a naïve, eager film student so I jumped on board.

I was surprised to find it out first hand but I had suspected he could even be violent – he badgered the girl in the front office for checks a little too strongly sometimes. One of the guys he conned - a rather nice but struggling older fellow from Egypt whom I had gotten to know - came barging through his office door demanding some money from him. Emmett hid down low behind a desk and when the guy came by, he hit him in the shins with a 2x4. A fight ensued and both wound up needing medical treatment.

A buddy of mine who was a film grad, who first introduced me to Emmet and "Rap the Movie" had been in a halfway house that Emmett had something to do with. He ran into Emmet again in the mid 90's - he ran into him in Santa Monica and Emmet was passing out info for Ross Perot. Emmet was running around with a business card saying, "Political Consultant".

I hope someone sticks it to this fraud but my guess he'll find a way to be firmly on the Obama bandwagon to shield all his less than honest activities. I can bet you he's just salivating over the prospect of Obama's "New New Deal" spending plans. I hate to say it but the grifters are coming out of the woodwork for "Change".

2113 days ago


mr fidel rodriguez I mean...

2113 days ago
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