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Oh. Yes. She. Did.

11/5/2008 12:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The first thing newly elected President Barack Obama needs to change ... Michelle's dress.
First Family


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hey #35, my president is white just like me!! y'all hear me!!! blah blah blah

he's half white, half black. raised by whites. he is NOT BLACK he is BIRACIAL and should embrace it.

2123 days ago


You're kidding, right? She rocked that dress!

2123 days ago


You pathetic racist sore loosers.. Go crawl under a rock or something. Deal with it! Obama won! Whether you like it or not! HAAAHAAAHAAA!!!! GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2123 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Why stop at the dress? Dump Michelle too. Racist bitch.

2123 days ago

Divided States of America    

I have read all of your comments and it is ashamed that the only thing that you can pick out about this beautiful family is her dress. This is the change that America needs. All of your comments are not surpising because their are still idiots and fools in America that still thinks of blacks as lower class citizens. Keeping laughing and when your children have to pay for all of your ignorance keep laughing. This was God doing so take it up for him. Another thing why are white people so bitter, blacks have never acted the way that you'll have acted. Obama is the 44th president which means from 1-43 have been all white and you cannot let us have this one and you call us ignorant. This is the last time I go to because they said nothing nice about Obama and did no posting of him winning the election. Let it go and come together because no race is better nor perfect. Remember you have to pay for everything that you do.

2123 days ago

Serra Paylin    

Michelle's dress was bad. Not like her at all.
That being said however, she is going to be the most glamorous first lady we have had in the White House since Jackie Kennedy. I'm so tired of these gray dumpy first ladies. And the Obama daughters are very cute. A great looking family. Just one mistake with Michelle's dress that's all.
Go America!

2123 days ago


I've liked her fashion sense until last night...did not like that dress at all but it did nothing to ruin the wonderful occasion!

2123 days ago


HIDEOUS!!!! And what's with one of their daughters in a dress and the other one wearing a shirt and capris...they should have both had dresses on...just my personal opinion...

2123 days ago


When I first saw her in this dress, I thought there was a bun in the oven!!! I agree not the best dress to wear, it gave the illusion that she was pregnant. Anyways, it is what it is. Congratulations to Barak Obama and his family for making history.

2123 days ago


Commies prefer red

2123 days ago


Some of you all just need to be honest with yourself. The problem is, you don't want a black man running this country. Instead you talk about unnecessary things to express your angry. To me it doesn't matter what color is his skin. I am more focus on my kids future and some of you all need to think about that too. Judging others is not going to solve America problems. When Bush was elected the first time alot of people did not know anything about him, but you gave him a chance to run this country and look what it got us into. Now it been done, whether you like it at or not he is our next President. You don't have a choose but to give him a chance.

2123 days ago


Michelle you need to fire your stylist ASAP! This dress will forever be recorded in history and it's horrible. Call RACHEL ZOE - 911!!!!!!!!

2123 days ago


Not crazy about the dress but I love how it matches their childrens dresses.

2123 days ago


she needs to soften her face. she looks like the predator.

2123 days ago


no not red neck, no not racist. i don't like michelle because SHE IS A RACIST. she is cold and radical, and i just don't like nor do i trust her.

2123 days ago
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