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Patriots Cheerleader

Fired Over Penis Scandal

11/5/2008 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The New England Patriots are none too fond of cheerleaders who draw penises, swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs on drunk people.

18-year-old Caitlin Davis got the boot from the football team's cheerleading squad, the Boston Herald is reporting, after several inappropriate and downright offensive pictures featuring Davis cheifing* a drunk person were found on her Facebook page. Doesn't anyone set those things to private anymore!?

FYI -- Davis recently dressed up as an angel for the team's Halloween celebration.

*cheif -- to write, mark, shave, sud or otherwise vandalize an individual who is comatose due to over consumption of alcohol.

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Candie Cane    

He, he, ha, ha-----That's funny! Rock on G-friend!!!

2178 days ago


What a dumbass BITCH! Serves her right to be booted off the squad. Seems to be more & more dumbasses like her lately. She's such an exhibitionistic showoff slut that I bet she'll be in a GGW tape or porn soon...

2178 days ago


Actually, if looked at by a legal team this could be assault, I believe of the worst kind since this young lady is Incapacitated! And, my bet is if a team attorney or any other attorney sees this all hell will break loose! This is NFL behavior by an official squad member of the Cheerleading roster for that team. This is not a good picture!

2178 days ago


If I found a drunk, passed out cheerleader like that it would be all over. dream come true for every pervert. Quagmire would do some serious damage to that doll.

2178 days ago


I hope the other girl presses charges against her when she wakes up! I also agree with "Charliesmom" - the passed out girl is lucky if that's all that happened and will hopefully learn to conduct herself better from now on.

2178 days ago


oh give me a break. Guys do stuff like that all the time. if you can't handle your drink and pass out in front of your friends, things like that happen. we once shaved every bit of hair from one friend when he passed out. another time we wrote on someone they went to the beach with the writing all over them. i also do not see a swastikas

2178 days ago


She's 18? She's way too young, stupid, and immature for her own good. These young kids think nothing of getting their faces on the internet for all the world to see.

2178 days ago


what a lowlife. she should be punished with the same. let her try and live with that until it wears off and see how low she really is.
kids today are so disgustingly low. spoiled rude and just plain dirt lowlifes.

2178 days ago


Well, Mr. "Anything Goes" Massachusetts, your comments (judgments) have to make you hypocrite of the year. Do you want everyone off their judging chairs because you need the extra seating capacity for yourself?

2178 days ago

Right On    

Ummm, why are you imbeciles freaking out about someone being drawn upon with a marker. You know, something that will wash off the girl who was drinking UNDERAGE and stupidly passed out at a party?
Oh, and Mr. Massachusetts, a big FU from the man upstairs (and a big welcome from the one down under).

2178 days ago


i hope that one day, that cheerleader passes out and someone superglues a dildo to her head. thank goodness that sharpies are easier to wash off nowadays.

2178 days ago

LilyandMorticia's Evil Twin    

I am of two minds on this one. On the one hand, the team no doubt has policies in place to dissuade this type of behavior. If her FaceBook profile identifies her as member of the squad then she is acting as a representative of the organization and must behave accordingly. Everyone has a right to privacy but when you post it online, you waive that right. As an agent of the team her behavior was inappropriate and unprofessional. If she failed to live up to a standard of behavior set forth by the team they are within their rights to let her go.

On the other hand…with the proliferation of performance enhancing drugs, gun charges, sex offenses and countless other legal issues the team may do well to pay more attention to what their star players are doing instead of scouring social networking sites for pictures of their cheerleaders involved in frat party style hijinks.

2178 days ago


If anyone would actual read the story from the Boston Herald, you would know that the passed out person being assaulted is a MAN

2178 days ago


i used to work with her and she was stupid and immature then too.

2178 days ago


I wonder what her parents will say when they find out she is banging big black guys in the NFL...hahaha Opps i guess they know now.

Her next career move will be to try and come out here in L.A. to "model"..But ya know she will most likely be passed around hollywood and then move back to the east coast...lol

2178 days ago
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