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Patriots Cheerleader

Fired Over Penis Scandal

11/5/2008 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The New England Patriots are none too fond of cheerleaders who draw penises, swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs on drunk people.

18-year-old Caitlin Davis got the boot from the football team's cheerleading squad, the Boston Herald is reporting, after several inappropriate and downright offensive pictures featuring Davis cheifing* a drunk person were found on her Facebook page. Doesn't anyone set those things to private anymore!?

FYI -- Davis recently dressed up as an angel for the team's Halloween celebration.

*cheif -- to write, mark, shave, sud or otherwise vandalize an individual who is comatose due to over consumption of alcohol.

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have any of you gone through a collage prank where a guy passed out drunk at a party get over it shes at the age that this kind of stuff happens. Get over it she's a cute blonde let her be a " Dallas Cowgirl" if we took pac-man we can deal with her.

1988 days ago


You are a bunch of idiots.....If you read the actual article, it was a guy,not a friend who had passed out. Besides how dare any of you point the finger. I am sure most of you did similar things at one point. And just because she did something wron it doesn;t make her a whore or a slut. I amreally sick of people slinging those words around. Man people are real morons!

1988 days ago


The story says the "drawee" is a guy

1988 days ago


Seriously, is this country really this full of judgemental fools? It was a MAN for the 5th time. She just took a picture with the MAN. This happens in almost every frat and sorority in the US. Really, you people need to climb down off that high horse and take a look it the mirror.

Funny, you get fired for taking a picture, but it perfectly acceptalable to video tape other teams and get, what $750,000 fines.

1988 days ago

rick r    

get over your self NFL players beat women shoot people and do drugs and still play football and this fine lady just gets in a picture with someone that has writtting on them and she gets fired damn something wrong with that if you ask me we used to do the same thing to our friends when I partyed as a teen but still not as bad as beating a women in my book but I'm not the NFL who looks the other way

1988 days ago


AND..the Patriots SUCK ASS......GO STEELERS!

1988 days ago


it's great that she got fired society is going down the toilet with morals i can only imagine how the future is going to be

1988 days ago


The Pats over-reacted, pure and simple. It was a youthful indiscretion.

1988 days ago


You people are the ones that are silly. Being "chiefed" is just college age silliness, noone is hurt, harmed or maimed, it's only a practical joke. Nothing in life is permanent (except stupidity, herpes and tatoos) she's only 19 you morons. WTF were you doing at 19?

1988 days ago


You people are a bit over the top, Did any of you got to college? It was a party and the first guy that passed out got messed around with. OK the racial slander was a bit much but it never said she wrote that. Yeah she wasn't very smart posing, then posting the pictures but to call her a slut,whore and bitch is totally uncalled for. She is a YOUNG girl who had a little too much fun, and now she is getting punished by losing her job.

1988 days ago


What was that girl thinking of??.... Thats very nasty towards jews and a man's private parts.... If that girl comes to my town I will spring my penis towards her....no joke.... Its shows that the cheerleaders have penis on the mind...Watch football players the cheerleaders will try anything to see a penis.....

Good luck babe....for your next job...

Good job for you is making penis cookies....at a local bakery

or prison showers...dirty girl~~!!!!!

1988 days ago


This girl thought because she "made it" as a cheerleader on the Patriots, that she had it made. Wrong. You have to have more than good looks, nice body, and do cheer routines: I'm sure they want nice girls with decent character and choice of friends. Enjoying a friend lying dead drunk on the floor, and then watching people draw all over him and laughing about it all... is more than enough to dismiss her and teach her a lesson she won't forget.

1988 days ago


oh waaaaaa... who cares.. if i got fired ever time i drew penises on someone who passed i would have been from every job ive ever had.. america is so worried about being pc... who cares this chick is super hot so cut her some slack

1988 days ago

On the lookout    

Hey there Onceyoung.
Did you forget that tattoos are not permanent? We have this thing called a LAZER. The B#$%H got what she sowed. She only took a picture? Yeah Right. And if a guy takes a naked picture next to her naked body they did not have sex!! People, get it right. Morral conduct is the issue. She was wrong, laughed about, posted it, then got caught because of it. That does not make her a slut, or whore. Just a DUMBASS.

1988 days ago


I blame the parents of this stupid person. If they don't know anything about morals, and treating people with respect ,then maybe the parents need to be sent to classes for them. This is proof in thepudding that the government needs to stay out of the house. If I beat my kids butt for something they did wrong they would learn. This goes back 30 years. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Shame on MOM and DAD for not teaching this wench any decency towards others.

1988 days ago
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