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SI Model May Become Hottest Woman Ever Jailed

11/5/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An orange jumpsuit is a lot more material than Valeria Mazza is used to wearing -- but that's exactly what the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model may be zipped into soon enough.

Valeria and her husband, Alejandro Gravier, are under investigation by the AFIP -- Argentina's version of the IRS -- for allegedly swindling the gub'ment out of what translates to nearly $2 million in unpaid taxes, according to

The couple, who have four kids, got into this mess by allegedly considering things like Jaguar payments and vacations to ski resorts as tax deductible.

If Maaza's convicted, there will finally be a reason to break into jail.


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Apparently, she carries around her nipples in her pocket

2157 days ago


haha, 2nd!

2157 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Don't they have tax advisers and accountants? Who in their right mind would think you can file vacations and bills as tax deductibles? They are either extremely sheltered or extremely stupid. But I'm sure it is the latter.

2157 days ago


I'm from Argentina as she is, she's a stupid b*tch and as all the powerful ppl here she thought she could get away with it. I hope she has to serve time in jail, she is disgusting. Always thinking she's better than everyone else.

2157 days ago


Upon conviction I forcast numerous intense body cavity searches.

2157 days ago


yeah and everybody was clowning swizz beats

2157 days ago


We don't have orange jumpsuits here in Argentina... but I guess she'll get away with it. Everyone does around here. If you have the money...

2157 days ago


This fucxxing high class prostitute also defended PINOCHET

Attacked the gay community

She' s an ambassador for handicap kids in special olympics ( SHE USED THE MONEY FOR PLANE TRIPS in holidays with her family instead of the original use ) ,

Managed to close a hospital ans shelter for homesless in the coast and now her hubbyand her are building a luxury SPA ... The hospital belonged to the community causethe original owners of that land donated it ... no idea howww now the legal owner is VALERIA MAZZA!!!

2156 days ago


i'm so tired of filling up our prisons with people who smoke pot and don't pay taxes!!! what a sham!!!!!!!!

2155 days ago


she really is an stupid bit** She is so plastic. So dumb. For years I was wishing something hits her on the head to see if she reacts.
Showing up her absolutely undeserved celebrity lifestyle between the poor people of Argentina. I hope she pays.
You can be a jerk, but u can't wear an angel mask for ever.

2149 days ago

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