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Oprah's Mystery Man Exposed!

11/6/2008 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man whose shoulder Oprah Winfrey used to cry on at Barack Obama's victory rally was a total stranger -- but we found out who he is.
Oprah Winfrey
Sam Perry, a corporate development consultant, happened to be in the right place at the right time and comforted lady O as she cried for joy.

Stedman better watch his step.

UPDATE 4:43 PM ET -- O and Perry have already set up a second date -- on her show! He'll appear on Friday's episode.


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This is my Boom Stick    

27. Oh please Opray and Obama both suck, just what America needs, to have the anti-christ as it's leader, God help the USA!!!
And the new first lady is gross...plain and simple, no style. Yuck..........

Posted at 4:22PM on Nov 6th 2008 by Obamahater

You being THIS upset about the skin color of your new President makes this little Black girl sooooo very very very Happy! YOU ARE OWNED BITCH! HAHAHAHA

2177 days ago


#25.. Yes it is racist. I'm saying this only becasue, and everyone will agree. If 96% of white people voted for McCain, then yes, they would be considered racist. So, the same goes with blacks.

2177 days ago


Hey Oprah,

Lay off the donuts fat cow!

2177 days ago


#14 Black Monkey???? TMZ are you going to take that remark off!

2177 days ago

DJ Architect    

I would have smacked her in the head

2177 days ago


That man would never have pushed Oprah away, and none of you would have either. He is obviously someone of importance, otherwise, he would never have been allowed that close to her by security. Some people here are so insecure in themselves. They are scared to death of this black(half) man being president. WHY? If Hillary had won the nomination, then everyone who voted for Obama, and quite a few of you who voted for McCain would have given her your votes. Either way, the republicans were not going to win this one. Not by a long shot. Give it up people...COME TOWARDS THE LIGHT!

2177 days ago


where is Oprah's other hand and what is it doing?????

2177 days ago


lyetyga/again: Perhaps it's you that needs the therapy? Have you nothing better to do than worry about what people are saying on TMZ? This website is suppose to be fun and if you have such a problem with what everyone is saying there is an easy solution...DON'T READ IT!!!

2177 days ago


I bet they have positiones reserved at the White House.
Steadman will be a financial advisor & Oprah will be a spiritual advisor and mentor to his daughters
DC will be the new Chicago!

2177 days ago


TWO COMMENTS: #1: This was a HUGE, IMPORTANT day for Oprah and for everyone else that bothered to show up for Obama. Of course you're not going to pay attention to the person next to you leaning on you out of excitement ! I THINK EVERYONE THERE WAS EXCITED - and just in a happy, loving mood and they accepted their fellow American hugging and leaning in to them. #2: Listen - to all posters that get upset at all the hatred and insults on these posts... THIS SITE IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY !! DUH !!! don't you get it ??? This is where everyone is free to say whatever is on their mind - even if it's stupid or insulting! THAT'S WHAT THIS SITE IS FOR ! If you don't like the insults - then get your a$$ on MSNBC'S WEBSITE !! IDIOT !!!!

2177 days ago


Oh-oh #32, you just spewed on people for spewing on people. Have you signed up for therapy yet? Tell your therapist you may be experiencing heavy cognitive dissonance.

2177 days ago


in her defense, i can see how it happened - i was somewhere, we were all excited, the guy next to me smiled, like an angel, and he was the PERFECT height and size for me to wrap my arms around [like big bear types] we stayed 'spooned' till the event was over - when we were done, we said goodbye .. and that was that - in the parking lot i couldn't convince my colleagues that i never met him before as we were so comfortable -- sometimes IT BEES LIKE DAT .. plus, he just got a free trip [hotel/car service, possible gifts] for being unselfish with his shoulder :) stedman did look pissed but he shouldn't be all 6'5, she can't lean on him ..

2177 days ago


Steadman was standing right behind Oprah with his arms wrapped around her.

2177 days ago

kate blows bigtime    

You being THIS upset about the skin color of your new President makes this little Black girl sooooo very very very Happy! YOU ARE OWNED BITCH! HAHAHAHA

Posted at 4:38PM on Nov 6th 2008 by To the Moon Alice!!

Yes another well educated black person I can see. What an ass you are, go cash your welfare check.

2177 days ago

Roxanne F.    

Who cares! Oprah bought Obama this presidency and the stupid Americans who voted for him were suckered into believing he is the second coming of Christ. I can't wait until he falls on his face, unfortunately at the price of America. When is he going to start paying everyone's mortgage and gas bill? He will not spread my wealth, the little that I have, I've worked hard for it. He can get it from Oprah, Springsteen, Diddy, and the rest of Hollywood. Stupid Ellen, the same people that put your great savior in office also voted against gay marriage. The majority of the voters who voted against Prop 8 were blacks and hispanics. I'm going to enjoy the next four years. Paybacks a B****!

2177 days ago
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