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Oprah's Mystery Man Exposed!

11/6/2008 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man whose shoulder Oprah Winfrey used to cry on at Barack Obama's victory rally was a total stranger -- but we found out who he is.
Oprah Winfrey
Sam Perry, a corporate development consultant, happened to be in the right place at the right time and comforted lady O as she cried for joy.

Stedman better watch his step.

UPDATE 4:43 PM ET -- O and Perry have already set up a second date -- on her show! He'll appear on Friday's episode.


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Bush must have really set the bar low for people to think that Obama is more than qualified to be President.

I hate Oprah, she is so annoying, but go figure that she would support Obama. She would know all about being a CULT leader.

SAM PERRY looks like he sucks ClOCK.
*"He kissed a boy and he liked it..."*

2144 days ago


I'm really hoping that Obama makes her an ambassador to Africa or England so we don't have to listen to her new age junk anymore. This woman is so full of herself, she believes her own hype. I hope she takes Gayle with her.

2144 days ago


lololololol! hahahahhahahhahaha! cold and flu season comment!~ hahahahahahhaha!


2144 days ago


So What. Who cares. Big Deal. Whoopie Doopie! Everyone I know has boycotted her lying behind. Her mask is off.

2144 days ago



2144 days ago


I have just one thing to say..WHO CARES? and did she ever stop to think he didn't want her hanging all over him..or just cuz she's "Oprah" he would just want her on his shoulder? I think this massive ego needs to go away can't stand her and now she goes around thinking she gets credit for Barack Obama being our next President! Ok so I had more than one thing to say..

2144 days ago


7. Knowing the way Americans make a celebrity out of anybody, this guy will have his own talk show soon and make millions.

Silly Americans.

--John in Canada

Posted at 3:51PM on Nov 6th 2008 by John

Is there something wrong with making millions?
Silly Canadian.

2144 days ago


No doubt Obomba will make Noprah Ambassador to Africa and if not that some thing else like Minister Of Justice.

The below are all of the main contributors to the Obomba campaign, Keep an eye on these names America because Obomba will be offering alot of them positions in the cabinet etc. If you have money you can but anything even the President and Presidency!!

2144 days ago


Why is everyone saying he is the first African American President? Are you forgetting he is half white, he is biracial not black!!!!!! All you people saying I own you now and people only voted for him because he's black don't make sense he's as much white as black.

2144 days ago


I find it sad that there is so much racism and hatred in America. I am no fan of Oprah to be honest and it has nothing to do with her race. I truly enjoyed her shows in the beginning but her constantly interrupting her guests turned me off. I was not a supporter of Obama or McCain. Frankly I had a hell of a time trying to figure out who was the lessor of 2 evils. If and I say if Oprah Winfrey bought the presidency for Obama it is not the first time it has happened. How in the hell do you think John F. Kennedy got in the White House? Old man Joe Kennedy bought his way in. I for one hope that Mr. Obama can turn things around for our nation. Our government needs to stop trying to "save" the rest of the world and concentrate on its own failures. I am neither a Republican or a Democrate. My only complaint about Mr. Obama is I feel he lacks the experience to lead but I very well could be wrong. I hope he proves me wrong. I have lived through the years of seeing humans repressed because of their color...shameful that any human being can say they are better than someone else simply because of their color. The time has come that the nation pulls together as one and get things right. That is what America is supposed to be about. Not be a nation of racists. For the Black Americans to say that it is over for whitey is sad. Nothing is ever accomplished by violence and hatred. For the Whites to say that Obama will lead us to repression of whites is shameful. I have seen many changes in America during my life time and i hope to live long enough to see one more..a nation united in its people, no matter what their skin color or religious beliefs. One nation, indivisible, under God with justice for all. Peace.

2144 days ago


AND, so what if he's gay!!!!!

2144 days ago


To the Moon Alice Obamahater did not mention "color of skin"_ but you did. You are owned & fettered by yourself & your own racism. You are a "little black girl", you say ; well your very little brain is in a negative neurological state. Your mouth reflects an ugly character,

2144 days ago


28. 27. Oh please Opray and Obama both suck, just what America needs, to have the anti-christ as it's leader, God help the USA!!!
And the new first lady is gross...plain and simple, no style. Yuck..........

Posted at 4:22PM on Nov 6th 2008 by Obamahater

You being THIS upset about the skin color of your new President makes this little Black girl sooooo very very very Happy! YOU ARE OWNED BITCH! HAHAHAHA

Posted at 4:38PM on Nov 6th 2008 by To the Moon Alice!!

Little black Girl -

The poster you are bitching about never said anything about Obama's color you just desperately STILL want to cry bithc & moan about everything being so racists against blacks - when will you ever shut up - NEVER????? what good is Obama gonna do if it doesnt prove to you blacks that racism & slavery is long over with??? Obamahater has every right in the country to their own free opinion just like you - you are no better off for obama being president, still a dumb little black girl!! GROW THE HELL UP, please & get over your own skin color!!!!

2144 days ago


Yes another well educated black person I can see. What an ass you are, go cash your welfare check.

Posted at 5:39PM on Nov 6th 2008 by your a fool
I thought To the Moon Alice was quite funny. And if you want to talk about education and be educated, you should know the difference between "your' and "you're." Just saying!

Posted at 6:02PM on Nov 6th 2008 by To Infinity And Beyond!

HOW ANAL CAN YOU BE TO FOCUS ON THE POSTER'S NAME??? Pat yourself on the back cause NOBODY ELSE WILL. You must be lonely, sad, angry & lost to have such raging tendencies built up inside. Maybe President elect Obama will cure all that for you, too, just like he is gonna fix everything else for you & everyone else too damned lazy to fix things for themselves. YOU ARE THE BIGGEST DORK & SORRIEST FOOL POSTING ON TMZ TODAY & that is saying ALOT.

2144 days ago

No Fooling    

Maybe Noprah mistook his shoulder for a pork chop and bit a huge chunk out of it

2144 days ago
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