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Palin Gets Chilly Reception

11/6/2008 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The bad news for Sarah Palin: She lost the election. The worse news: She had to go back to Alaska.

There aren't any Saks or Neiman Marcus stores in the Last Frontier.


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Where in heavens name do some of you idiots get your news from? Let me guess, you get all of your so-called news from reading these retarded Gossip sites. Brilliant...Not! Uh, morons, why don't you try watching real news shows then you might have learned that Palins brother-in-law is a total dirt-bag who once ta-sered his ten year old step-son and threatened his (then) father-in-law because he hired an attorney for his daughter! Or is that your idea of a great deputy? Oh and this didn't come from Palins camp it came from the independent inquiry board. And the $150,000 did not come from tax payers you moron, it came from the RNC and they are free to do with their money as they see fit! And she returned most of the outfits and the ones she couldn't return she donated to be auctioned off for charity! Stop with all of the lies already! If you don't like someone or don't agree with their political views then DON'T VOTE FOR THEM just as I didn't vote for Obama because of his far left leaning agendas. But to continually bash her is just disgusting! The hatred geared toward Palin borders on insanity! It is unreal! And I'm waiting for all of the imbeciles to start the childish name calling and the pulling of the race card out of their asses whenever someone "dares" to criticize their precious "messiah". LOL! What a joke! Yes it's historic because he is the first black president! But if he or any of his little supporters think that by pulling the race card out of their asses is going to silence legitimate criticism then they have another thing coming. Actually to give someone a free pass because they are black or of a minority is in fact, being a racist! Equality demands that he be given the same chance as a new white president but that he also be subjected to the same level of criticism as a white president. Well actually I should say a white Republican president since everyone with an ounce of brain knows darn well that President Clinton was given a free pass most of the time by the effing far left leaning media. Only I have feeling it will be ten times worse with Obama. Even if he were to purposely bomb their newsroom (REMEMBER I SAID IF) they would probably make excuses for him "Oh, he was probably having a bad day and decided to take it out on us, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he won't do this again and in the meantime we'll happily work off our laptops out in the parking lot" LOL! Yes, I am obviously greatly exaggerating to make a point. yet at the same time I doubt I exaggerated by much. In fact I had to laugh out Loud when I heard that the media who has this great love affair with Obama reminiscent of teen-agers love affair with Elvis or the Beatles are now actually worried on how they will get along with the new president! SERIOUSLY?!! If the media has been any more "In Love" with Obama they would been serving him breakfast in bed and helping him get dressed every morning and then carrying him on their shoulders out to his car. Get along with him?!! NOW THAT HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST JOKES THE NEWS MEDIA HAS EVER TOLD!! I guess they don't have a real sense of irony. LOL!!

2138 days ago


I'm a marxist and can tell you with absolute confidence that Obama is NOT a marxist. Too bad though.

2138 days ago


Like no way! No Neiman Marcus or Saks! Those barbarians! How dare they call themselves Americans! Well I'm sure every socialite in America has declared war on Alaska! Of course some might say that idea is half-baked! Get it! Baked Alaska! lol
Of course that would mean declaring war on more than half the country seeing as how there are only approximately 17 states in the USA that have a Neiman Marcus store. Oh my, to think there are soooo many uncivilised states in the union. The horrors! Maybe Paris Hilton and her friends will march on Washington DC (providing of course they can even find it) and demand that new President elect Obama make it a federal crime for a state not to have both a Neiman Marcus and a Saks Fifth AV. I mean what are these states thinking. Oh I suppose they are more concerned by mundane stuff like, health care and education and crime reform and little annoyances like that. Puh-leese, we all know that the real issues plaguing our great country is the lack of high-end retail stores. Sigh! Maybe Paris Hilton should run for President when she turns 35. Then we know that the really important issues will be addressed. And every state in the union has a Neiman Marcus. LMFAO!!!

2138 days ago


All the canidates are fun nice people unlike some of the people leaving comments. But now you all better pray that this Obama thing works or the good old USA will just have two choice and that will be CHINESE OR RUSSIAN bacause their a commin. At least Sarah Palin will be armed and will be able to warn us, hopefully she will be fixen a taste moose dinner and looking out the window towards the west.

2138 days ago


Who in heavens name said Obama was a Marxist? Was it on a previous page, if so you should mention the page or the persons name and number so that the rest of us know what you are talking about, because none of the other letters here call him a marxist or even intimate that he is one. And the reason I ask that you list name and number is sometimes letters get deleted and then the letter writer will sometimes click on the e-mail link again to put it back but it will most likely be in a new spot. It happened to me. On another story about Palin I wrote a letter, however it was deleted, but not before another letter writer praised my letter calling me by the name I used there. So when I clicked on the link again my letter now appeared after the letter praising mine. It was actually quite funny. Made the letter writer look it was it was me(it wasn't) or that the person was a psychic. LOL!

2138 days ago


Gov. Palin, acts like a lady and has taken on corruption in her own Party and the oil companies. Now we have Obama wanting to bankrupt the coal industry, and put the ban back on oil drilling. Yeah, like he's going to lead us to prosperity.

Another thing, those that post here, either have low intelligence, or think it's cool to be crude and rude, with language and thoughts.....or did you just drop out of school? Anyone that writes and spells like those above, have no right to be critical of Gov. Palin....or anyone!

Now I know why these types of people voted for Obama, you are the ones with your hands out to get something, instead of working for it...cause you sure couldn't find a good paying job with such a lack of education or respect for others.

2138 days ago
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