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Palin Gets Chilly Reception

11/6/2008 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The bad news for Sarah Palin: She lost the election. The worse news: She had to go back to Alaska.

There aren't any Saks or Neiman Marcus stores in the Last Frontier.


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A Mom    

The Republican aides slamming Palin and her family post-election is just yet another nasty example of that bunch eating their young. She wasn't ready, but she stood up and backed McCain when asked as valiantly as she was able considering her limited exposure and experience on a National stage. Measured dignity and ethical introspection within a party in the face of resounding public retribution at the polls is apparently hard to come by. As CTV news commentator Lisa LaFlamme stated in a video clip, 'Barack Obama mined a deep vein of national discontent.' The loss is not nearly all Palin's, by a long shot. Pardon the pun, but she was a trooper.

2140 days ago


It's messed up how the GOP is trying to throw her to the dogs now after talking all that nonsense about how she was gonna shake things up and such. It's not fair that they are doing that to Sarah and Im not a big fan of hers. Haven said that, I like how these bitter McCain supporters are pouting their butts off and muttering under their breath that our new President is still a "Socialist, Terrorist, Inexperienced, Closet Muslim THAT JUST WHOOPED YOUR CANDIDATES BUTT AFTER ALL THE MUD SLINGING AND KARL ROVE DIRTY POLITICS THEY PLAYED!!!!!!!!!! Just kept on pouring glasses of water on Americas head and telling us it's raining and we finally stood up and said no more. No matter what you say, do or however disappointed you feel, its all your fault for putting Bush in office TWICE and letting that moron Sarah Palin be on your ticket. To all those black, white, brown, yellow, red, men, women, gay or straight people that voted for Obama, big ups to you. You non supporters can only do what real "patriotic americans" do and give the man and chance. And if he doesn't do a decent job, then critizize all you want. Oh and Sarah Palin? The next time you want to come out and insult a Ivy League educated man and his almost genius IQ running mate, make sure your intelligence is up to par.

2140 days ago


For all the crap that Sarah has taken i hope she gets more than some clothes out of it

2140 days ago


to #50-WRONG,WRONG, WRONG--While you can't be with your child 24/7-you can teach them correctly and then you don't have the issues that Sarah has with her 17 year old pregnant daughter. I don't blame the daughter--she apparently wasn't given the right teachings -- my oldest is 29 and did not have any children until after marriage. My 25 year old is SINGLE AND CHILDLESS. My 15 year old goes to school, comes home, does the homework and will not be walking around with a child (she's still a child herself). While everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect, what you teach your children at home is what they carry out the door. It just amazes me how people will find excuses instead of looking at the reall issues. That child should not be pregnant and both Sarah and her husband understand that there was obviously some values that were not taught!

To #47--the markets went WAY DOWN well before November 4th! Stop whining, it's over--Obama won--plain and simple.

2140 days ago


hmmmm... "passion, "( what a cute little name) you're an idiot. "food prices IS ridiculous." learn english and then complain. and your thought process is dumb too. "george bush had experience and screwed us, so i guess that means that someone with ZERO experience will be the one to save us!" are you kidding? it's not that simple, but apparently you are.

2140 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

Now, the dumb c*** just needs to stay up there, and freeze to death, so we NEVER have to worry about her getting all "mavericky" ever again.

2140 days ago


Sarah could care less about these washington elites just because she wouldnt conform to what they wanted to mold her into is typical of washington

2140 days ago


I voted for Obama the other day......for some reason I am sick of that today!
Oprah just makes me puke!
Sarah is a great gal and I hope she returns with a vengeance in 2012.

2140 days ago


Joe Biden was kicked out of college for plagiarism although he obviously went back and got his degree. He spoke of television being around in 1929 when FDR was president. Hello? Hoover was president then. Some genius. Television didn't catch on until Uncle Milty ruled in the late 40s.

2140 days ago

bite me    

Passion I dont remember George Bush being on the ticket this last election, where were you voting from? Mars??

NOW.... let's see the CHANGE! Washington is corrupt and we need to clean house! Appointing Washington insiders or political operatives is not going to CHANGE anything! Every politician that wins is expected to pay back those who helped in their campaign. Will Obama fulfill those paybacks or stay true to form and throw them under the bus? Let's hope he stays true to form and realizes the enormity of responsibility that will rest upon his shoulders come Jan.20. I shudder at the thought of what George Soros, Islamic radicals or The American Communist Party expect in return for their support. WAKE UP !!! The kind of CHANGE you voted for, I'm afraid is not the CHANGE we are going to get. We all will endure the ramifications of this election cycle, those who voted for Obama will bear the one to blame!! except the "left" So...........revel in your glory, enjoy your victory and be ready to "sacrifice" and live with the consequences of your actions. I am proud of my country in regards that we elected a African American to the highest office, I am disappointed that we elected him NOT for his merits and patriotism.

2140 days ago


glad obama won, IN MY OPINION ,McCain picked the wrong choice for his vp, to me she had no clue,he could have picked other more qualified women out there, some people on this blog need to stop with the negative comments, obama is our president now so deal with it ,your negative words arent going to change anything, when McCain gave his speech after the lost, he received boos from his own supporters ,that just shows you what kind of supporters he had, disrespectful and rude,thats just so sad. THIS COUNTRY WILL NEVER BE RIGHT UNTIL WE LEARN TO LOVE EACH OTHER

2140 days ago


na na na na,na na na na,hey hey hey,goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2140 days ago


Jeez Brenda Heck I think you are the seriously dumb bitch for being a white 'OMG Nobama' supporter. Unlike you I'm not sorry to be so honest!

2140 days ago


Yes, I'm a racist and a fat pig. So what?

2140 days ago


yes, you can TEACH your children the right way to act. but that doesn't mean you can make them listen that is such an outrageous theory. what, so all the teenage mothers out there, none of their parents told them not to have sex? or to use protection? that's just crazy. i agree that most of us get our values from our parents, but values normally aren't what 17-year-olds are worried about, and anyone who's not too old remembers that stage of their life.

2140 days ago
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