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Palin's Biggest Fans Call Her Stupid, Really Stupid

11/6/2008 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been less than 48 hours since the election has ended, and the Sarah Palin bashing and blaming is already in full force -- and it's Fox News leading the charge?!

Basically, Fox News reporter Carl Cameron went on the air with Shepard Smith yesterday to reveal all sorts of incredibly damaging "off the record" juicy secrets about Palin -- like the fact she didn't know Africa was a continent. But It gets better....

In the report, the woman who several Fox News personalities hailed as a person qualified to run the country is portrayed as someone who couldn't pass the 4th grade.

There's the bus -- and there's Sarah Palin being thrown under it.


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THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Well , we've seen more of her post election than we have VICE PRESIDENT ELECT BIDEN . where's he been hiding ?

2177 days ago


She has more experience than Obama!


2177 days ago


This must be some liberal vendetta against Palin on your site TMZ? She lost. Who gives a crap? You really want to rip this woman apart like all the other true media sources. You are getting disgusting on everything now.

2177 days ago


Considering she dropped out of college, no, she doesn't have more experience than Obama. Zing. The Democrats won, and the Republicans are still bitter.

2177 days ago


The Dumber, the better!!!! Thats how most men like their women!!!!!
Just saying...............

2177 days ago


They were talking about executive experience not college experience.

2177 days ago


Um, Biden being the Vice President Elect has work to do. In case you didn't know the transition from the Bush White House to the Obama White House started the day after the election. He is getting his work in order to help lead the country whereas Sara Palin was on a Repubican shopping spree and is time to go home.

2177 days ago


The only reason anyone is still damning Palin is simply because a black man was elected President and if anyone says a word about him, in a negative way, then they will be called a racist. It is just a matter of time! Obamie will start screwing up and his own race will get tierd of defending him.

We shall all see!

2177 days ago


Liberal vendetta against Palin from TMZ?
It looks like Republican new network Fox ripping her apart to me!!
Republicans - Excuses Excuses!

2177 days ago


Maybe she isn't that intelligent, but is it fair to keep trashing this woman and the Obamas on this site?

2177 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Your a bunch of morons TMZ. The reporter on Fox was relaying what some piece of crap from the RNP said about her. Fox isn't bashing Palin.

She lost, get over it already. Can't wait until the OBAMA "ef's up........................just can't wait, cause it's gonna happen big time. What will you have to say then? Hmmm.

2177 days ago


Well there you go all of you Palin lovers...

To the idiot who says "She has more experience than Obama".... apparently she does NOT have more brains then he does.. Hell my 8 year old knows that Africa is a continent!!! Experience does not equal intelligent!

2177 days ago


Did anyone notice how Obama didn't crack a smile once during his acceptance speech. Not even when he was done and walking off. He's probably scared sh*tless that he actually won and how the "h" is he going to do and handle being President. He was most likely thinking what did I get myself into... how can I keep these promises I made to the American People.

2177 days ago


"some liberal vendetta against Palin on your site TMZ? "

Hello!!! This was a clip from FOX News.

2177 days ago


The Republican party is imploding. They have to blame someone for McCains loss....rather than just realize they picked the worst candidate they could find. Probably the only reason McCain got as many votes as he did...was because of Palin. It was the most pathetic campaign I've ever seen. He should have conceded months ago.

2177 days ago
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