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Palin's Biggest Fans Call Her Stupid, Really Stupid

11/6/2008 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been less than 48 hours since the election has ended, and the Sarah Palin bashing and blaming is already in full force -- and it's Fox News leading the charge?!

Basically, Fox News reporter Carl Cameron went on the air with Shepard Smith yesterday to reveal all sorts of incredibly damaging "off the record" juicy secrets about Palin -- like the fact she didn't know Africa was a continent. But It gets better....

In the report, the woman who several Fox News personalities hailed as a person qualified to run the country is portrayed as someone who couldn't pass the 4th grade.

There's the bus -- and there's Sarah Palin being thrown under it.


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here we go typical washington talking heads when Obama didnt even know how many states there are come on shepard,carl you should be ashamed what BS

2115 days ago

Lelsie B.    

That's BS! Just wait til 2012 Nobama will have shown his true colors by then and Sarah will kick ass.

2115 days ago


so shouldn't FOX come clean and tell them they were misleading the general public by supporting her ? no..... because they are conceited hypocritical Republicans. The USA public votes for the best looking candidate and McCain looks like an old potato. SO that is why she was in. More deception and hypocrisy from a dying phony political party.

2115 days ago


So now Fox News is being accused of being "Liberal"? No, this is a deliberate attempt to discrect Palin so she doesn't get anywhere the next time around. I for one can't imagine anyone voting for this horrilbe woman but there are many who for some reason find her appealing. The conservative intellectuals who didn't like her from the get go were absolutely correct. and they along with the moderates in this country will never ever vote for herr in any election.

2115 days ago


Sarah Palin is incredibly incompetent and it is about time that the gloves are taking off when exposing her!she talked really bad about OBAMA but yet her personal life needs some tending too..she has a downs syndrome child and a teenage pregnant daughter and truthfully she looked mighty stupid in that debate against Biden and we wont even discuss the Katie Couric debacle!even though Mccain is an idiot he can be excused because hes a senior citizen Palin makes him look like Einstein
do us all a favor Sarah Palin go to your hovel of a state called Alaska and if you really wanna do something worthwhile make sex tape or do a playboy photoshoot because thats all you are good for...and Todd your insecure husband go icefishing!ya ll both suck!she was so quick to talk crap and nobody responded but iam again glad shes getting a taste of her own medicine!

2115 days ago


You better believe she's a complete moron. Here's a tribute to Caribou Barbie:

2115 days ago


The washington crowd tried to mold Sarah into one of them she wouldnt go for that and they did not like it she is a down to earth real american fox should be ashamed

2115 days ago


4. Considering she dropped out of college, no, she doesn't have more experience than Obama. Zing. The Democrats won, and the Republicans are still bitter.

Posted at 12:19PM on Nov 6th 2008 by Sara

Intelligence does not equate political experience. You can still be a dumba$$, and one could still have more political and executive experience. Look at George Bush!

2115 days ago


she TOTALLY has more experience than nobama, she (as governor) has had to balance a budget and run a state unlike the JUNIOR senator from Illinois that has a TOTAL of 143 DAYS at work and has what, maybe 3 bills that he SPONSORED!!??..unreal..and the only reason shes been thrown under the bus is b/c the mccain campaign ran a garbage campaign..mccain decided NOT to use all the info he had against nobama so the person to blame is mccain himself..its his own fault and i blame him..

2115 days ago

lost in lalaland    

If I didn't know better, I'd think all you Republicans are actually HOPING the next four years are a failure for our country. But, you're not THAT stupid, are you..........?

2115 days ago


the blame game lets throw sarah under the bus what a bunch of morons

2115 days ago


Ok she messed up-she's not the VP-get over it we have a new President and everybody needs to come together as one and make this country work instead of trying to find something wrong with how someone does their job! You may not have voted for him but he is your President and we as Americans need to respect that.

2115 days ago



TMZ keeps posting stuff about Palin every chance that they can get! It doesn't matter if it came from Fox, they still put it on their site as well as other trash one after the other. It is Sarah Palin Day on TMZ.

2115 days ago


OMG Fox is throwing Bible Spice under the bus? What tis the world coming to? Seeriously though I love the fact that the Repubs are eating there own over who is to blame for the mess they calll a party. They now must decide do they continue to be a party of hate and bigotry? A party of mostly white or do they welcome all? Their future success depends on the choices they now must make. Kudos to everyone who saw Palin for the dumb ass she is.

2115 days ago


TMZ seems pretty liberal to me. I am talking about them!

2115 days ago
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