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Suri Cruise: Rainmaker

11/6/2008 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her mother following behind, adorable little Suri Cruise used her power of cuteness to shield herself from the rains in NYC on Wednesday.

At least Katie Holmes is keeping Suri safe from some things.


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I have never seen this poor child in a comfortable pair of tennis shoes or a play outfit. Her parents disgust me, they care more about their money grubbing fashion image than Suri's comfort. There's nothing wrong with a good pair of tennis shoes and some little stretch pants to play in. I saw a photo of an "outing in a park" , Suri was dressed in an expensive , ill-fitting uber-dress and dress a PARK. They expect this little girl to have fun , somehow, while dressed to the nines. SO FAKE. They should get a hint from Jennifer Garner, her daughter Violet is allowed to be more than a fashion plate. POOR SURI. And where are Suri's FRIENDS ? DO THEY ALLOW HER TO HAVE ANY ??!

2141 days ago


The look in Suris eyes scare me..........she looks like Damien from the Omen!!!!

2141 days ago


I agree. I find it ODD this child NEVER SMILES, Most kids are happy, especially when they don't have to worry about things.

Something is wrong that this child NEVER SMILES.

2141 days ago


I have never seen her eyes look crossed before. I think it really is the camera flashes. Perhaps she has strabismus like Anna Nicole Smith's baby Dannielyn, but it has never appeared like it before. I think this was just a bad moment. She's 2, I can't believe we are discussing her quite frankly. Kind of weird.

2141 days ago


So Catered to such a Spoiled Little Rich Girl.Since when does a kid her age worry about designer dresses and a $300 pair of shoes.

2141 days ago


is there something screwy going on with her eyes? they look a little jacked...

2141 days ago


OMG--the child can walk and doesn't have baby bottles in her hands!

2141 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

SOmeone please explain to me how a two year old can already look like a little snob ? God help the kids she plays with, she'll eat them alive !

2141 days ago


Yes, they do dress that child in some weird outfits don't they? Poor little girl always looks like a vagabond. The dress looks homemade. I wonder if Tom took away Katie's use of his Black American Express card?

Anyway, at least the child now has on some leggings. Suri still needs a coat though. And at 3 years of age Katie should be potty training her child. At least the diaper isn't showing here.

With all the money Katie has spent on shoes and purses and endless pairs of jeans for HERSELF.....she couldn't seem to buy her daughter something nice to wear?

Why is it that Katie always seems to be just wandering the streets? Katie has no friends and Suri has no friends.......that's how it looks anyway. Katie seems to wander the streets everywhere she goes, while looking completely sour faced. I wonder how Tom is doing since he is living in California not in New York. Katie is mostly alone, Tom's only around when photography is neccesarry.

2141 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Katie has a coat on....Suri does not. When a child goes to school in the dead of winter without a coat, they take that as a sign of neglect. I feel sorry for this little interaction with other kids her age and brainwashed wack jobs as parents. Can't wait for her tell-all book when she gets older. Kate will be the new "Mommy Dearest"

2140 days ago

Greg's Wifey    

Suri is really pretty! But I totally agree they need to let her be a KID! I bet she is going to rebel like crazy when she is older. Tom Cruise who would have guessed would have been so crappy as a husband/father [not saying he's a BAD father, but just a really weird one....] and Katie Holmes used to be effing gorgeous, now she's like a sad looking skeleton. I feel bad for her and her daughter. Dude that sucks. I hope things get better for them. And that they get some friends. A lot of people made a lot of good points.

BTW though, who cares if she's wearing a diaper/has a bottle? She's what, 3? yeah that's a little old but kids grow at different ages....give her a break she'll grow out of it when she's ready

Also I don't think she's going to grow up to be a personal opinion is she'll be that little rebel child and [hopefully not] turn into a huge slut at like 15 and totally resent her parents.....not that i wish this to happen I just can see it because of how they dress and make her into a little mold now.....

Good luck to you Suri and Katie!

2140 days ago


I am so sick of seeing this kid wrapped up in a blanket. Can they afford her a coat? Get real Katie Holmes and go shopping.

2140 days ago


Katie has gone down hill as far as her appearance and clothes. Can Tom afford decent looking clothes for his ugly wife?

2140 days ago


You guys are critiquing the appearance of a 2 year old? Do you kick puppies too? Good Lord.
TMZ, why don't you lead the way in tabloid journalism and make kids off limits? If it were my child, that umbrella would be stuck up your photographer's ass.

2140 days ago


It is the typical TMZ a$$hole is has to post ugly things about a child.

2140 days ago
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