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Hudson Murder Suspect

Could Walk Monday

11/7/2008 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Monday morning could be absolutely huge in the Hudson family murder case -- the cops' only suspect, William Balfour, could walk out of jail a free man.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Balfour, who's only being held on a parole violation in a case unrelated to the murders, could "conceivably" skate if there's not enough evidence to prove he did violate his parole. He's scheduled to face the Illinois State Parole Review Board Monday at 9:00 AM.

The only way authorities could keep Balfour in custody is if they officially charge him for the Hudson killings between now and Monday, or if they find that he did violate his parole

Thus far, no other suspect has been named in the triple murder of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew.


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Peace be with the hudson family.

2173 days ago


Just because he's a brother you think he did it?

2173 days ago

just my input    

well, if he DID do it..(which it seems that he did)....and he doesn't go down for this, then Karma will bite him in the bum.....what goes around, comes around

2173 days ago



2173 days ago


He didn't do it, thats why they have to release him, but.......him and Julia know who did!

2173 days ago


i just don't know i am from the chi as well Jennifer Hudson's family didn't live to far from where i was born anyway in so many ways i think he did commit the murders then again i think he had someone else to handle his dirty work i think he should stay in jail until farther notice because anything could happen when he get out he was a violent man away .

2173 days ago


I just love the way some people come on a gossip website and then complain that there is gossip here.
Honestly. What did you expect?
If the Hudson murders were not interesting to people who follow the stars, they would never be reported here or anywhere.
Jennifer Hudson, whether you like her music or not, is a star.
Seems her family was a bunch of lowlifes and maybe this Balfour guy is not guilty.
I hope they figure it out but it could be gang violence and in that case, nobody is gonna talk.
In the meantime, her sister Julia is basking in the limelight even though she lost her mother, brother and her son.

2173 days ago


I'd stay in jail. People have already got it in their heads that he did this (guilty until proven innocent) and if dude leaves jail without being charged, I am will to bet he's going to end up dead within 48 hours of leaving jail.

2173 days ago


maybe #10 needs help

2173 days ago


do you think jen knew about what was going on under her nose? i mean, i'm sure she knew something about jason selling drugs (did julia sells drugs too? what about her mom?), but i'm not sure whether or not she was aware of how deep or how dangerous the situation was. i don't think anyone would have left their family in such a dangerous situation if she knew there was a hit out on the house. i wonder if she knew that jason had been shot in the leg but refused to go to the hospital? he is such an idiot... go get your leg taken care of, let your sister pay for it, and go hideout with her in LA. idiot! instead, he chose to stay at the house and endanger his mom and his nephew :(

2173 days ago


Could it be that the gun may have belonged to Jason, and that someone with access to the house stole the gun from Jason and used it to kill him, his mother and nephew? Well, we know that Jason did not kill his nephew Julian because he was deceased. It may have not have anything to do with drug dealing. Another thing is I have not heard how Julia got to work that morning, since she did not have have access to her car because her husband had the car, and the picture that she had on her myspace of her brother with a caption about how his a$$ has to take her to work because William a$$ sold her car and how did she get home that day of the killings to find her mother dead and did not check on the brother or her own son, my instinct would be to see if my son was OK - I mean that's your child that you brought in the world it seems like if someoone was still in the house it could not have prevented me from checking on the welfare of my flesh and blood that I bore into this world would make me back out of the door and call or what ever she did. Maybe Jason was giving her a hard time about getting her to work that morning and said something about getting her transportation from William (since he apparently did not sell the car) and it pissed her off (Julia) something happened to trigger this horrible crime. The authorities probally know by now what happened since they have the tape from the school showing who was getting out of the car and they want to have all their eggs in a row before they say what it is that they have - for someone to go around with the dead body of a kid in a car from Friday to Monday seems a little out of the ordinary, we have to wait until we are told how long Julian had been dead when they found him. Julia is not reacting to the tragedy like someone out the norm would act, but you have to look at the facts before making judgements. You know she made a statement after Jennifer got in town after the murders and missing nephew she made a statement that "She fell in love and lost her family" she is admitting something without knowingly that she has.

2173 days ago


am i shocked that he will walk,;? er no. there is more to this than meets the eye but NOBODY IS SAYING A WORD.. that is the way of the GHETTO. like all of these black on black crimes it is fated to REMAIN UNSOLVED.. just another COLD CASE..IF jennifers brother was a drug dealer am not in the least surprised that happened.. thats how dealers talk to each other.. on the gun not the phone..i feel sad for jennifer because her talent took her away from a bad place, but she couldnt save the ones she loved the most. her mother and her little nephew...pity.. however, nothing is gonna change.. obama couldnt change the bad habits of the chicago ghetto's when he worked out there, and he wont be able to change them now..those who live by the sword are fated to die by it and the language of the american streets is endless and pointless violence without end.

2172 days ago


I seriously doubt he will walk. They will find something to either hold him on or charge him with, I am confident about that.

2172 days ago


I don't trust Julia. She is the key to this whole thing.

2172 days ago


Doesn't look good for him. But who knows, maybe HE didn't do it. But I'd bet my last dollar that he and Julia know WHO did do it. So sad for Jennifer. She will be forever known and the girl from American Idol who's family got murdered. Not that she 'made it' and got out of that mess. God bless her. Her life is forever changed--and not in a good way!! That has all been over-shaddowed.

2172 days ago
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