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Hudson Murder Suspect

Could Walk Monday

11/7/2008 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Monday morning could be absolutely huge in the Hudson family murder case -- the cops' only suspect, William Balfour, could walk out of jail a free man.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Balfour, who's only being held on a parole violation in a case unrelated to the murders, could "conceivably" skate if there's not enough evidence to prove he did violate his parole. He's scheduled to face the Illinois State Parole Review Board Monday at 9:00 AM.

The only way authorities could keep Balfour in custody is if they officially charge him for the Hudson killings between now and Monday, or if they find that he did violate his parole

Thus far, no other suspect has been named in the triple murder of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and nephew.


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Ghetto/Hood folks always keep secrets! I bet somebody knows something but is too afriad to spill the beans. That is why things will never get better for hood folks. Why can't they call the police? Everyone is scared...wait until that winner gets out of jail.

2173 days ago


If William didn't do it, then why would his alibi be that he was at his girlfriends house? She said he wasn't there and that he was involved in the murders so why would she lie? I think this parole hearing was scheduled from the day he was arrested and it's a formality only. He did violate parole so naturally he's going to be guilty at the hearing which would mean he has to serve the rest of his sentence behind bars. He's not going anywhere!

2173 days ago


Well,for the person with #16 or 11 whatever is the number,i guess this fellow is kinda prejudiced ,because he /she believes that all us citizens are God's lambs,so innocent and tries to say just the foreigners are"bad monsters "in this country but is not true ,because i live in a area where i know lots of hommies here,doing bad things or being lazy ¬ working or not going ever to school ,so u better watch out in your own "garden"who 's there and after make those comments k??Regarding.the tragedy of Hudson's family ,i feel bad for Jennifer and wishing her the best and i'm sure that preety soon ,they'll catch the "real killer" and the light will come up at the end of the tunnel ,so just have faith ,Jennifer and pray for your mom's soul and bro's and that cute boy to rest in peace and i luv the new movie with you -"the secret life of the bees" and you are a smart girl ,so life will pay you for this .Good luck !!!!

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2172 days ago


I heard that He threatened thier lives. They kicked him out of the house. I think he is the killer. He may have killed them, Took the boy, killed him and came back and acted innocent.

2172 days ago

Angry Republican    

Michelle Obama did it.

2172 days ago


I have an eerie feeling about this whole situation. I think it would be a little too perfect for William to have committed these crimes. Believe it or not, I think his mom may have been right. It wasn't him. It was too convenient that he said he was going to get them back for throwing them out of the house. He already has a record and knew that if he done or appeared to do anything out of the norm he would be back behind bars. Jennifer and her boyfriend were conveniently out of town in Fla. (alibi) Julia was supposedly working. (alibi) Obviously Jason did not do it because he was a victim as well as the mom and little boy. Jason had been identified as a drug dealer and the aunt owns a funeral home and Julia is on myspace every single day posting new pics and no one has mentioned that someone has been logging on to Jennifer's and Jennifer's fiance's pages. So that looks crazy to me too. I am willing to bet they all are on drugs. I mean, c'mon it's the lifestyle of the stars. And we already know that Jason, William, Greg (the father of Julian) as well as Julia were all brought up on drug charges as reported right here on tmz in a previous article. I am hoping that Julia, Jennifer, etc had nothing to do with any of this. But for some reason, I think they are all shady. All of them could be in on this for all we know. (Shaking my head) Something isn't right. Yet may the deceased rest in peace.

2172 days ago


My guess is that either (1) Police have all their "ducks in a row" to charge SOMEONE before William is released, or (2) If they're not quite ready yet, William will stay in jail for a while until they ARE ready. It's pretty clear that there isn't sufficient evidence to charge him, since they haven't done it yet and there was so much going on AFTER he was already in custody (the white SUV seen driving around by several witnesses, witness reporting seeing 2 guys in the SUV and something thrown out of the window into the vacant lot where the murder weapon was found on the Saturday following the first murders, etc.). Whether or not to keep a person in jail for a parole violation is basically a judgement call on the part of the parole officer and other law enforcement authorities. It depends on the nature of the infraction. If the violations are things like failing to report a change of address, missing a meeting or class, or some other programmatic thing, that's usually viewed differently than if the person was caught in possession of a weapon, had a complaint filed against him for some aggressive act, or was actually involved in a crime. Technically, William *can* be kept in jail for not reporting that he'd moved, missing a class, or missing a meeting, which is what may be happening here because police need to keep him around to answer further questions, if any surface, and so he himself doesn't end up as the next victim in what is looking to be a very complicated situation.

2172 days ago


For #53 - I agree with you, putting William out there as the "logical suspect" was a matter of convenience.... anyone with a "background" is usually the first scapegoat. But it's unlikely that William would be motivated to kill the whole family in October because of being asked to leave the house in January. Throughout the time since, he was obviously still in touch with the family and spent time in the area... not unusual, since he had been friends since grade school with Julia, Jennifer, and Jason, and probably had other friends in the neighborhood too since he had grown up there. But he had apparently also moved on with his life in some ways - he had another girlfriend, who is expecting now, and so still had a place to stay and still had a job too, so he wasn't out on the street broke and homeless. Had he wanted to steal something from the house (money or drugs), he would pretty much know where it was stashed, and would also know the family's schedule and habits well enough to get this done without committing multiple homicides. And.... as you mentioned...I can't imagine that anyone who spent seven years in the penitentiary would deliberately risk doing something that might send him back. So... what was the motive?

I'm thinking that some of the real answers might rest with whoever borrowed William's car on Friday (we know that someone drove it to the area of the neighborhood high school and parked it there around 12:30, when it's already been established that William was at his girlfriend's house on the west side) and those 2 guys who were driving Jason's white SUV all around that neighborhood all weekend (while William was already in police custody) and who ultimately left it there, where it was found Monday morning with Julian's remains inside. Police here have NOT released any information about Julian's approximate presumed time of death. I don't think this was an oversight. They may have been letting the "William as suspect" thing play out, in the hopes that the others might then slip up a bit, thinking they were off the hook. So we shall see what happens this week.

2172 days ago


Well if he hasn't been charged yet, it's clear they don't have enough evidence to do it. This is a very complicated case and my guess would be multiple people are involved in one way or another. Motive is also a big question mark with there being several, it's sad to say but this was one mixed up family. Hope they get it all sorted out because a child is dead and someone(anyone) needs to pay for that.

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2172 days ago


58. Michelle Obama did it.

Posted at 9:27AM on Nov 9th 2008 by Angry Republican


oh dear , oh dear.. infact the whitehouse puppy did it!!!

somebodies mad as hell


2172 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    


2172 days ago

Queen of Hearts    

Imo, I havent seen or even heard of Balfour expressing Any emotion and he didnt make a statment about whoever took the child when he was first gone miissing & to please return him safely ( i'd think that if he considered Julian his step child ) he would have been making a public plea back then, But he hasnt shown any sign of concern, maybe??? due to the fact that he KNEW ,that he wasnt alive !! and as far as them holding him on parole violations they are going to keep pulling any & all the rabbits they can out of their hats, Until they can get some more POSITIVELY incriminating , solid evidence, Balfours (his ) threats that he stated before the shootings are really looking negative for him and the fact that he knew where jasons gun was and that the hudson family was kicking him to the Curb & the fight that the men had , are more motives for him to have maybe done this ,but hopefully soon the Forensics will tell the real and whole story, In my eyes no matter what the hudson family said to him or whatever was done, IS NO REASON for these horrendous Murders and of a child too ,YOU have be STONE COLD HEARTED to kill that Poor Innocent Boy !!! I pray day & nite for ths case to come to a end with the capture and Trial of whoever did this soon !! prayers from alabama****

2171 days ago


For #60 - We haven't heard anything from William Balfour because he has been in police custody since approximately 6 P.M. on Friday, October 24, the day that the bodies of Darnell and Jason were discovered around 3 P.M. People in jail aren't offered the opportunity to hold press conferences or release statements to the media. Since we haven't heard from him personally, we can't really know what he has been thinking or feeling.

2171 days ago
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