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Hulk to Linda: Adultery Accusation is "Pathetic"

11/7/2008 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan is kinda sorta striking back at his soon-to-be-ex wife -- one day after she blamed the split on an affair Hulk had with their daughter's BFF.

In a statement released through his lawyer David Houston, Hulk says, "It is unfortunate Linda Hogan will do virtually anything to keep herself in the public spotlight. We are not going to demean this process nor the family any longer by responding to what amounts to pathetic pleas for attention."

Sorry, Hulkster, but "pathetic pleas for attention" run in the family.


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Jack Yard    

Of course he thinks it is pathetic, BECAUSE IT IS TRUE! Naturally he wants to downplay it. He doesn't want his precious fans to know what a philandering cheat he was, he wants everyone to think it was something she did. THE TRUTH HURTS and Hulk sounds like he just doesn't want to face what he did. If he loses half of his fortune over it. Too bad. Nobodies fault but his own.

2175 days ago

King of Kings    

They were already separated for months before The Hulkster loaded the nice younger one up. Linda is useless.

2175 days ago


Linda sounds like a very mean and bitter woman. She could keep her mouth shut and settle the divorce privately, but she chooses not too. I don't care how long she has been married to Hulk Hogan-she chose to stay married to him, and now she needs to get a job. At least he's still supporting her. Hulk has my respects.

2175 days ago


Affair? Don't steroids make a guy's nuts shrivel up?

2175 days ago


If the split and divorve was caused by the affair. Then why didnt the STUPID BLOND BIMBO state the reason for divorce on the divorce papers as adultery. She didnt say that on her divorce papers. She and her publicist is just saying this now because tonight on channel E at 8 pm true hollywood story its about hulk hogan ,his divorce, nick car crash and jail time and why Linda's own daughter Brooke on how she feels about her mother and why. {Brooke doesnt speak to her mother and hasnt for months}. Hogans family members and friends etc are going to be interviewed on this..

2175 days ago


Linda "Hogan" Bollea is nothing but a money digging who=e. I don't like how TMZ tries to say that Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea is in the wrong in this when he is paying for all expenses & whatnot in this entire fiasco of a divorce. Word to TMZ don't back Linda on this one just because she is the best "photo-op".

2175 days ago

Robert W. Combs    

when is linda going to pay back the hulkster for the implants...if not for those, they would be framing her bellybutton. she has proved that she was only in it for the money...if she had been dishing it out at home, hulk wouldn't have needed take out...women throw themselves at the hulk, and he has said no plenty of times...but when your wife, who you have given everything to, treats you like crap, wellllllll GO HULKSTER.

2174 days ago


I watched the Bollea family on "e" television last night, the true Holly wood story. I am amazed that the Bolleas once again put themselves out there. They just don't get it. Terry and Brooke may not see anything wrong with him rubbing lotion on her inner thighs and ass as an adult. Linda may not see anything wrong with her having a 19 year old boytoy. And the entire family still does not get that Nick, has no damn business driving a tricycle! That said, I am certain Terry Bollea is still living off the adulation he reaped as a cartoon character during his wrestling years, which was nothing but a lousy acting job, with a bunch of steroid nitwits. I am glad they included Graziano in their sad attempt to come off as they would like to...having everyone feel sorry for them over and over again. Once again all of this could have been avoided. But it comes down to self indulgent parents who allowed a 17 year old to continue to drive in a wreckless and irresponsible manner. No matter what part Graziano may have played, he is paying his dues in the worst possible manner. Should we be surprised that Brooke runs around naked in her stripper high heels? Should we even care? Should we even believe one word that any of the Bolleas say? Hell no. They have lied over and over again to cover their collective asses. They deserve each other.

2174 days ago

pattie in cali    

when you look up the word PATHETIC, theres hogan an linda, YOU BOTH ARE PATHETIC. no other words needed.

2174 days ago


are they not both attention whores. i mean show after show, spin-off after spin-off the whole thing is some stupid look at me look at me attention blitz thing. if only we could just ignor them....would they go away.

2168 days ago
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