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Julia Hudson


11/7/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two weeks to the day after her mother, brother, and son were brutally murdered, it's hard not to point out what Jennifer Hudson's sister Julia is saying with words and pictures on her MySpace page.

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Most bewildering is this: Under one picture Julia writes, "NOW THAT JASON'S GONE I'M THE PRETTIEST ONE," an apparent reference to brother Jason, whose body was found shot to death along with their mother's.

Other photos show her partying with friends.

Julia has taken down pictures of William Balfour, her estranged husband and still the only suspect in the case.


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I feel so bad for Jennifer. This is what she is left with for family.

2141 days ago


Myspace and Facebook are a cheap way to exploit oneself. I heard on the radio today that colleges are looking at the Myspace pages of potential college applicants to get a better insight into what kind of candidate the person is...some no doubt should apply to clown college!!

2141 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

This woman is either mentally ill, has some type of cognitive disorder, or evil.

2141 days ago


Hey Calm Down, kindly CALM DOWN YOURSELF!!! This is only TMZ; relax on the your heels three times and remind yourself; it is only TMZ... Have a good day; regardless...

2141 days ago


I f this correct what you say that bitch needs some serious help.We all know that the Hudson's were not very smart but this just does not make sense if it is true.


2141 days ago


Who takes pictures of ANYONE preparing for a memorial service? Weird.

2141 days ago


I'm sorry but this woman does not look like a person whose only son has just been murdered! I think she has mental problems...she HAS to have some kind of mental problems. I know people heal over time but its only been 2 weeks

2141 days ago


This woman's little son, mother and brother were brutally murdered , and she doesn't look very sad and grieving to me. Not at all.
What is wrong with her ?????
She looks like she is actually CELEBRATING something , grinning , laughing, posing, partying with lots of people, blowing kisses and climbing all over some guy !!!
Disgusting obese low-life woman with greasy very bad skin and serious mental problems.

2141 days ago

Karen Ann    

#62 And why would you make a racist comment out of this. Not one person said anything about race so far except you. You're the truly sick one!!!!!!

2141 days ago


People react to grief in different ways. Really, who's to judge? But it's awful nice of TMZ to point it out! It's unfortunate to elevate your own importance by judging. I love the celebrity gossip but what happened to her family was tragic, and your reporting her behavior when she's not even a celebrity is horrible. C'mon TMZ - do what we love for - report of CELEBRITY GOSSIP!

2141 days ago


Jennifer needs to get on a plane and go back to California and forget that she ever knew Julia. She is dangerous and I worry for Jennifer's safety. Just think all that money and Julia would get it all. I hope the police are watching her.

2141 days ago


Notice that Jennifer Hudson doesn't appear in any of those pictures.
What she must be going through!

2141 days ago


So who gets that huge house? You know Jennifer doesn't want or need it, so I guess that leaves Julia. HMMMMM were the police still looking for a motive?

2141 days ago


when her Myspace page was open her pictures were was like she was a very depressed woman, who really didn't like her little sister. I feel viewing her page when it was up that she wanted to be the star in her family. Her brother had all his thug friends worshipping him, her mother loved Jennifer and Jennifer provided for her mother, and Jennifer was devoted to the boy. So I think Julia just was lost in the mix. Maybe she knew there was a huge life insurance policy on her Mother, Brother and Son and she was the beneficiary. Maybe, she talked William into helping her pull it off.
But most women who loves a child in a brutal way could not even stand on their feet to speak. Julia could.
There is something very sad about this woman.

2141 days ago


Her behavior has been disturbing from the first, or lack of behavior I should say. Writing on her myspace page?

2141 days ago
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