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Cheetah Girl Cheated Out of Semi-Nude Pics

11/8/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adrienne BailonTMZ has learned that Adrienne Bailon of The Cheetah Girls is a victim of a crazy extortion plot.

Several practically nude photos have been stolen from Adrienne's laptop, and sources tell us the scumbag who took 'em is trying to shop them around to the highest bidder.

It all started when Bailon was at JFK airport in late October, and noticed her laptop computer was missing from her bell cart. She filed a report with the Port Authority -- but later that day her record label received an anonymous phone call from a man saying he had her laptop and would return it for $1000.

A meeting was set up at JFK with the anonymous man, where he was given the money, and in turn gave up Bailon's missing laptop ... except one minor thing was missing -- several semi-nude photos of Bailon she had taken as an anniversary present for BF Robert Kardashian.

Calls to Adrienne's rep have not been returned.


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damn ur dumb    

Well, look on the bright side: at least it won't be a porno leaking out. But anyway, for all I know, this could be a publicity stunt because I forgot all about this girl since they went from 3LW to Cheetah Girls...guess Disney takes all rejects.

2144 days ago

damn ur dumb    

They actually gave that thief money for the return of the laptop!? Who was the brain behind that great idea?

2144 days ago


Didn't she learn anything from Robert's sisters??? They do this and then expect to have privacy if the photos go out to the public!

2144 days ago


Maye we should stop blaming the victims in such cases.
ALL humans have sex. But leaking tapes or picures after a breakup or stealing/hacking them is deplorable and a total betrayal.
Guys who do that are disgusting. No good person does that.

2144 days ago


Another "Kardashian Curse"

2144 days ago

name withheld    

hmmmm. She's hot~!

2144 days ago

To see or not to see    

You should learn to encrypt your data.

2144 days ago


where can I see these pics at ;) hahahahahahaha

2144 days ago


this was planned for publicity trace the income for pics back to her !

2144 days ago


What a friend of Kim kardashian's is a hoe too? wow so hard to believe!!! LMAO

2144 days ago


I don't believe for a minute that this wasn't a set up. She knows how much publicity other fame whores have got by doing this, and she wanted her own 15 minutes. Think about it - she has these pics on her laptop that she just happened to not notice get ripped off at an airport....puhlease......she's a dumbass if that's true but it's not so she's just another stupid attention whore. Seems this has become the norm among young women who can't make a living doing anything that requires a brain or talent - let out naked pics of yourself or a sex tape and you'll not only get attention and be back in the news but you can make money too.

2144 days ago


What a moron! Nobody wants to see pics of this chick with or without clothes. She's nasty!

2144 days ago


Another idiot woman/girl. She wants to be able to be the slut and take nudes of herself "for her BF"...then leave it on a laptop that is stolen. Then she whines and cries about it.. Pathetic. I'm always confused when these "women/girls" who act the slut on stage and crave publicity...whine and cry when their actions actually achieve what they want. When you try to tell them to act more responsible, more adult-like you get a look or remarks about how "old fashioned" you are...

2144 days ago


"ALL humans have sex. "

You must not know my wife.

2144 days ago

have a heart    

Wow u people are vicious!! Just because she makes more on 1 movie than u make in a lifetime doesn't mean u have to be so hostile. Her stuff got stolen and I feel for her. Luckily she is w/ a family that knows how to deal with pervs like this guy! Keep ur head up girl!!

2144 days ago
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