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Cheetah Girl Cheated Out of Semi-Nude Pics

11/8/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adrienne BailonTMZ has learned that Adrienne Bailon of The Cheetah Girls is a victim of a crazy extortion plot.

Several practically nude photos have been stolen from Adrienne's laptop, and sources tell us the scumbag who took 'em is trying to shop them around to the highest bidder.

It all started when Bailon was at JFK airport in late October, and noticed her laptop computer was missing from her bell cart. She filed a report with the Port Authority -- but later that day her record label received an anonymous phone call from a man saying he had her laptop and would return it for $1000.

A meeting was set up at JFK with the anonymous man, where he was given the money, and in turn gave up Bailon's missing laptop ... except one minor thing was missing -- several semi-nude photos of Bailon she had taken as an anniversary present for BF Robert Kardashian.

Calls to Adrienne's rep have not been returned.


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This article says: "... except one minor thing was missing -- several semi-nude photos of Bailon"

Missing? What? The girl opens up her machine and immediately sees that several pictures are "missing"? .... "Really, they were right here. I left them in a folder called.... naked pictures of me. And now they're gone."

Oh, the thief meant to do a copy, but accidently clicked on cut.

None of these people seem very bright.

2136 days ago


People, get a grip. 1st) She's 25yrs old, not a child. 2)If she was wearing a thong bikini you would see the exact same picture with a triangle patch of material. Even if this was a set up, how does that make her a whore? She's putting her assets out there where she can get more adult exposure. She has to start thinking beyond her Disney career. At her current age, in hollywood she's almost an old lady. Give her a break. Almost every celebrity has done the exact same thing at some point. Look how fast Britney Spears became more famous after her Disney start when she started wearing sparkled bras during concert performances. And then even more famous when nude photos of her came out. Hell yah! You go WOMAN.

2136 days ago

what a skank    

Sorry, but all these women wanna get skanky behind closed doors... Taking pics is the dumbest thing to do.. knowing what could AND DID happen. She got what she deserved... you wanna play the skank role, deal with the consequences. I don't care if it was in private or not. You wanna be the whore type, do it WITHOUT the camera. Then nothing to worry about and you're still happy with your skank self. Nice role models... lets see how sleezy we can be in a bedroom.

2136 days ago



2136 days ago


this story is dumb...okay you find a famous persons laptop and all you want is $1000 dollars! omg that is so dumb! $1000 dollars you got to be kidding me!
you would think a person would ask for more but i guess that person has no brains either!
then okay so what people take semi nude pics all the time but hello its called a delete button after you send the pictures!
and thats fine she wanted to send them to her bf but omg seriously delete them!

2136 days ago


WHEN WILL YOU GIRLS EVER LEARN???? Never take your clothes off for any camera or your man's birthday present...they always show up....if he loves you, wait until you are married, fat and sassy....THEN TAKE YOUR NUDES....IF THEY GET PUBLISHED .. WHO CARES!!!

2136 days ago


I feel bad for the girl. :( but on the bright side she has a good body! i think this whole thing will blow over... it happened to vanessa hudgens and people still love her! alot of kids still went to see the movie! i think everything will be fine... in a week no one will care!

2136 days ago


I understand that she is 25 and they have been together for 4 years and everyone has sex and that is great and all, BUT she knows the ages of the little girls that watch her movies. For the young ones that look up to her might see this and think it's ok to take off their clothes for their boyfriend or start having sex at a young age. It's really sad to see all the disney stars taking off their clothes.
While I'm at it... I was watching the Kardashian's show. Rob is such a baby! Good gosh. She left for 3 months to film a movie and he cried like a baby!! Now if she was going to war then I can understand why he would be crying so much, but good gosh she was gone for only 3 months and was doing a movie. Get over it. Plus he went and saw her anyways and could talk to her anytime he wanted! Grow up alittle.

2136 days ago

dont believe her!    

Is it crazy how Disney channel would let her be a part of the Mickey family after that, they should have put their foot down the first time it happened with Vanessa H. cause now it’s like Disney girls gone wild and personally I have a young daughter myself and it would be a shame for her to see her role modal hannamontanna on MySpace or utube half naked. Seriously Adrienne is 25 yrs old she needs to be replaced as a cheetah girl. she needs to realize that she has a great amount of young fans she has to live up to the image and if she can’t handle being a role model 24/7 then hand ova the crown cause I’m sure there are plenty other girls who would be honored to do for her. >TO DISNEY< stop rewarding these girl! We have our 5, 7, 10 yr olds looking at your shows. Now if your showing that sex sells then put parental warning on you channel so i can block it! these girls need live up to the "T" your role models for little girls around the world deal with it you signed the contracts therefore if you want to do smutty things to disgrace the Disney logo then deal with the consequences

2135 days ago


ROFL, the pictures were 'gone'?! So the thief deleted them after he 'stole' them? Or maybe he dropped them and they ended up in some other directories.. "We searched all over the computer, but we just couldn't find those pictures! Luckily nothing else was stolen!"

2135 days ago


If there isn't a picture of a facial, it is just for publicity.

I don't know who this chick is, but she isn't especially attractive or anything, and since there isn't a facial involved, it's clear that they're faux "nudies" that don't reveal anything.

2134 days ago

its not her fault    

i dont think its her fault. her laptop was stolen. shes a good person i doubt she told someone to steal her laptop and put the pictures online. her and rob are pretty serious i think those were supposed to be private. shes not a whore.

2134 days ago


I'm sure it was an accident. Not! How is it that all these C and D list performers and actresses always seem to have their "private" nude photos stolen? Or their "private" sex videos stolen? But it must work because now everyone knows who this babe is. It's just a matter of time until Britney has hers stolen and posted. They should give me their nude photos and videos. Nothing ever gets stolen from my house.

2134 days ago

i dontcare    

sure they were stolen its a publicity stunt she had them put out there her self to get out of the good girl stage come on now

2133 days ago


Maybe she should have taken the photo off her computer and put them on a flash drive or something. but that is uncool of someone to invade her privacy like that. and they should not have given that lowlife sicko money. they should have thrown his thieving @$$ in jail.

2092 days ago
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