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Oprah to ABC: It's Not You, It's Me

11/8/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OprahLady Oprah has finally grown past the relationship she has with ABC, and now may be ready to do her own thing.

Reports have surfaced saying Oprah will be joining forces with Discovery Communications to form the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) which promises a brand new potpourri of fuzzy, cuddly, safe for everyone programming that tests high in both heart-warming and heart-wrenching categories.

David Zaslav, Discovery's president and CEO says, "The expectation is that after [the 2010-11 season] her show will go into syndication, and she will come to OWN."

Harpo Productions responded saying, "While David Zaslav's comments are true that Oprah's current contract to produce 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' will expire in 2011, she has not made a final decision as to whether she will continue her show in syndication beyond that."


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Carrys F.    

When does Oprah City open so that all her followers can join her there????

2173 days ago


Am I the only one that is enjoying all the bitter comments from the ignorant right?
I AM LOVING it!! It almost makes having to put up with Bush for 8 years worth it.
This election is the gift that keeps on giving.

*grabs popcorn*

2173 days ago


Oprah is so 10 minutes ago. She has lost her thunder. No one cares anymore. Everyone I know is boycotting her because she is def bias, and mask is off. Scary.
Instead of OWN, she should call it, you stupid democrats believed everything I said, now I own your white behinds. Black commercials, propaganda, watch and see. You TV executives were beaten at your own game. You helped and supported her, and you will be licking her hand-hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaa you did it to yourselves and your grandchildren...

2173 days ago

Fl Girl    

The Oprah show has been on for what, 21 22 yrs. now. That is an amazing run. I may be wrong, but I believe there isn't another day time talk show that has lasted this long. This is the obvious next move when one has outgrown a network. She is a smart lady (obviously) and many have benefited from that. It's amazing how improvement is always frowned upon by most. I suppose all previous bloggers are equally as successful as she!

2173 days ago


Not to take anything away from Mr Obams' many many accomplishments, I think he became another item on her O list.
My problem with her isn't that she backed Mr. Obama publically, but that she has deemed herself to be the height of fashion and style and knowledge which is the biggest joke of the ages. Her popularity soared whenshe started "giving stuff away". It makes people nuts!! She makes an ass of herself daily. I quit watching 3 yrs ago and many friends, of ALL RACES, have tuned out also.

2173 days ago

bite me    

yep this election has definately turned into a circus, and it is run by the O's. It is truly sad to read some of the posts here, the Libs are groating (there is such a thing as a gracious winner). and the reps are in fear (stick to your religion, you will need it) I read in a post yesterday about how the whites needs to go work in the fields because the blacks are in charge now, that is racism at its best. We are headed for a civil war again and I am going to stand on the side lines and watch. I am so sick of all the bitterness that has come out. Anyone can campaign and say they are going to do all this and that, but unfortunately in my opinion it isnt going to happen this time. The American public has spoken and now it is time for all of us to shut up and watch in silence as this country goes down the tubes. It has already started, Class wars is an evil thing.

Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it, and it may be bitter to taste.

2173 days ago


Oprah = Crazy Bitch

2173 days ago

bite me    

#21 21. Not to take anything away from Mr Obams' many many accomplishments,

Posted at 2:54PM on Nov 8th 2008 by RLR
I am at a loss, name some of the accomplishments, besides becoming president-elect please

2173 days ago



2173 days ago


on ABC nightline this past Wed night, it was proven that if Oprah hadn't come out and backed Obama that he would not be our next president. Hillary would have beaten him in the primaries. He is a great speaker but he has to walk the walk not talk the talk. So gun owners get ready to lose all guns because he has voted 4 times to abolish the 2nd amendment he believes that only the police and military need guns and that is the start of socialism. And i would like to know what the blacks thinks he is going to for them special and not for anyone else. Give them more welfare, food stamps, maybe a free house or car. I work in the financial field and Bush didn't causse this economic problem it started with Acorn and oh wait a minute Obama pushes banks to loan the poor money for houses and credit cards that they couldn't afford to pay back.

2173 days ago


Oprah is out for her own race only. Obams should ditch her hes half white.

2173 days ago


#24, Mr. Obama has proved his scholarship via his education but other than that, I don't know WHAT he accomplished as a "community organizer".

2173 days ago

Ric Roe    

The best thing about Oprah being on network TV or on her own network is that the TV can easily be turned off...Saves energy and ear drums.

2173 days ago

Moderate American    

I am amazed and disheartened by the racism displayed in these comments. I'd argue, but it wouldn't be fair to to match wits with the witless. Calm down, remove the aluminum foil form your little craniums, take your meds and get over it already.

2173 days ago


Only losers watch NO-prah anymore. She is mental and embarrassing to watch.

Oprah knows her popularity is over and is leaving the network. She'll muddle around at Discovery, broadcasting more self-serving slop that no one will watch, and then she'll be over and people will say how sad that she squandered her career on getting a black man elected. At least if she squandered her career on getting a black woman elected that would be something. Women built the Oprah empire and Oprah thanked them by crapping all over them.

Women, Oprah has nothing but scorn for you. She thinks you are so dumb that she can use you to build her empire, then crap on you during the election, and that you will still come back and watch whatever garbage she throws on the air.

The woman is becoming a tragic farce. She has pissed away what once was an amazing career. Make no mistake, Oprah is ovah. It will become more and more evident. Oprah is trying to change course and save her career, but it is over. Ovah.

The comments above slamming NO-prah are so true. She is crazy and delusional and so enamored of herself. She has lost touch that what made her popular was credibility. She has lost all credibility.

She lives a lie, she tells lies, she has fraudulent guests and backs their lies,

Oprah thinks she is running the country now. Well, the honeymoon will soon be over and sadly America will see her boy Obama will break every grandiose promise he made. He's already hedging and saying he can't fulfill his campaign promises. Oprah will look even more foolish and fraudulent than she does now.

Even her network name is telling "OWN" Oprah thinks she owns the world, she thinks she owns and controls everyone. Next she'll be trying to control the weather. Someone lock her up.

Women, Oprah screwed you and turned her back on you in this election. Don't keep giving her power. Boycott Oprah.

2173 days ago
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