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Oprah to ABC: It's Not You, It's Me

11/8/2008 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OprahLady Oprah has finally grown past the relationship she has with ABC, and now may be ready to do her own thing.

Reports have surfaced saying Oprah will be joining forces with Discovery Communications to form the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) which promises a brand new potpourri of fuzzy, cuddly, safe for everyone programming that tests high in both heart-warming and heart-wrenching categories.

David Zaslav, Discovery's president and CEO says, "The expectation is that after [the 2010-11 season] her show will go into syndication, and she will come to OWN."

Harpo Productions responded saying, "While David Zaslav's comments are true that Oprah's current contract to produce 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' will expire in 2011, she has not made a final decision as to whether she will continue her show in syndication beyond that."


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K. Wilson    

I used to watch Oprah every day and then.....I was on Oprah's show many, many years ago. She is so fake, she's plastic. She's not all warm and fuzzy as she would like you to think. She is cold and impersonal. I have not watched her show since the day I returned home from being on her show. That should say something.

2140 days ago

Jonhy T    

I cannot wait until Oprah is no longer on TV period. I am sick of her pusing her ideals on the general public. Plus I feel she has preferences amongst the cultures.
See you later fat ugly cow.

2140 days ago


Oprah was leaning on that white guy in Grant Park because her piggy toes hurt. She cant lean on Steadman because his shoulder is too high for her to be held up. She is carrying nearly 300 lbs now and imagine how your own piggy toes would feel with all that weight on them. Plus all people, VIPs included had to hoof it that night in Grant Park---Oprah doesnt walk anymore as she does have major bunion problems, which has been a major contributor to her weight gain and it not coming off the last couple three the white dude in front of her was not a publicity stunt, it was a piggy toe hurting reality.

If you saw some of the candid shots of her entering Grant Park with Steadman (which they're now mysteriously not running) you could see her being almost held up by him as they walked---her piggy toes hurting again.

She needs to lose weight, she will develop some major health issues here soon if she does not---shes nearly 55 now and being that big this long at this stage of life will shorten it greatly and thus shorten any OWN TV dynasty she has planned.

Having no heirs, who is she leaving all this wealth to when she does pass? Gates and Buffett set the example of what they as the richest men in America are doing with theirs when they pass on---what is she going to do?

Its a shame she got this big and has those piggy toe issues...she is surronded by Dr Oz, Dr Phil, Bob Green, the best workout equipment and nutritional food and personal chefs money can buy and still she is huge.

She is a terrible example of health to the world. Now that her pet project Obama has been elected and he wont be calling on her anymore (michelle doesnt want him to) she will need to fill up that emotional space fast, otherwise more depression, weight gain and health issues are on her horizon.

It would have been so much easier had she just married a good man she loved and had a child or she's just miserable with a lot of money.

2140 days ago


A few facts, then an observation

1. The Oprah Winfrey show is a syndicated show now. It has been since Sept. 8th 1986. King World was the syndicator of the show until King World was bought by CBS. CBS is owned by Viacom. Shortly after Roger King's death in 2007 the company officially closed and folded into CBS's Television Distribution unit.

2. The quote within the TMZ story did come from Lisa Halliday a Harpo spokes person but she was not referring to her ABC Deal.

3. Harpo Productions has a separate ABC deal to produce made for T.V. movies "Oprah Winfrey Presents..." and other shows like "The Big Give".


Success brings backlash. I've known this for some time but reading the small minded hateful language here is surprising. Although I don't agree with everything Oprah has said or done on her show (Nor have I agreed 100% with any show or person) She has been a role model to me since I was 13 and watched her first show. It takes courage to be yourself knowing that others will attack. As she grew stronger over the years I have too. I know that we all must find away to be self determinative and help others "who wish" to move in that direction. Living one's best life is not just a slogan, it's a commitment to use this one life to it's highest potential for you. If Oprah or anybody says something that's not for you; It doesn't make them wrong. Nor should it inspire such venom, That comes from a place inside you that has nothing to do with Oparh or anybody else. Although I have build my own successful business, I will occasionally learn from her determination to own and be responsible for what has your name and energy attached.

It would be easy to attack all those who have expressed some of the most rude, ignorant things on this board but I won't. Mainly because I'm at peace and not threaten. I respect your right to express yourself and defend your right to do so. However, I am also well aware that the hatefulness it took to express those words eat at you, not Oprah. Whether or not you ever like Oprah; I hope you will release the hatefulness that pours from your text. I wish you well.

2140 days ago


I can't stand her... she's a racist bitch!!!

2140 days ago


I'm over Oprah....Used to love her show, but don't need her telling me who to vote for or for that matter know who she is going to vote for......

Now, where's my money?

2140 days ago

Independent for Barack    

All people do on here is hate. Stop worrying about others and just worry about yourself. Btw, the election is over...........get over it and move on with your lifes.

2140 days ago


83. All people do on here is hate. Stop worrying about others and just worry about yourself. Btw, the election is over...........get over it and move on with your lifes.

Posted at 8:49AM on Nov 9th 2008 by Allen

Allen, I AM worrying about myself. And my friends. We work hard, we pay our taxes and we live simply. I do not expect, nor do I want the government to support me. However, I don't want to support those who do not work, have a houseful of fatherless children and have never put in an honest day's work in their lives. We all know this is going on. It is going to get worse as another generation of losers grow up in an Obama presidency.

What Oprah spends on one pair of shoes would support my family for a month. How can anyone relate to her? You are sgruggling and she is living like a queen. I fully expect to see her take a camera crew along so they can film her sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom.

2140 days ago


Look at the funny comments of the bitter repubs "stop the hate", "bling bling", "mr. Reality" - they represent the ignorance of a small minority in america. Thankfully the rest of America is not as narrow-minded and voted with their conscience, rather than believing repub unsubstantiated facts, etc... these same people forget the eight years of george bush... Please, my feeble-minded repubs, how did George Bush benefit this country? Any challengers?

2140 days ago


If not for Oprah I might just stay sober for a day. When I see her on commercials with her big mouth bellowing some new nonsense for the masses to worship I can't help myself. She just naturally encourages me to chug a keg., I believe Obama will distance himself from her soon, very soon. Nothing past the inauguration. If not, I will enjoy staying drunk for the next four years. Cheers.

2140 days ago


Gee Dan, your comments started out OK and then degenerated to expose your own ignorance. You implied a "small minority" voted republican, and "the rest of America...voted with their conscience rather than believing repub unsubstantiated facts, etc". Well Dan, the popular vote was won by 6.5%. Not exactly "the rest of America". You also failed to mentioned the bitter comments from the other side, while pompously ignoring your own bitter comments. I don't know how well Obama is going to do as there is no information to base it on. I hope he does well. And if you can't think of anything beneficial Bush did for this country, then you, feeble-minded Dan, are as narrow minded as you accuse others of being. Listening to crazy people on both sides has convinced me we should be required to pass a history and civics test before we exercise a right to vote.

2140 days ago


To the #83 commenter (Maddy) and #87 commenter (JRN), I couldn't have said it better! Way to go!

2140 days ago


#85 Dan

you said the rest of America voted with their conscience? Oh I see. Here I thought it was they voted on the color of a mans skin. You cant name one thing your messiah has done, put in place or represented when he was state senator and us senator for Ill. I cant either and I live here.

You've already been duped with the chief of staff he named...rahm emmanuel? I know him too...ill congressman...snake, non jew hater to the absolute max, foul mouthed, vindicative and unrelenting. You got just what you wanted Dan.

And deserved. Freaking hater.

Find it hard to think for yourself Dan? Easy to follow a herd of sheep for goofs like you, but not before you throw rocks at those who dont go over the cliff with you.

2140 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

We all pay a price for the lives we lead. Imagine her bill when the piper comes calling.

2140 days ago


Look no further than this a-hole to find out where a good portion of Lord Obama's campaign funds came from.

2139 days ago
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