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Touched by Oprah

11/8/2008 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Everything Oprah Winfrey puts her hands on turns to gold.
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This guy, Sam Perry, is now famous because Oprah leaned on him during election night in Chicago. He got to experience two of the perks yesterday -- appearing on her show and getting the papper treatment afterwards.

Be careful though Sam -- the spell does eventually wear off (see: Phil, Dr.).


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thats right    


2172 days ago


sorry, Sam, must suck to be you! HAHAHAH.. should we call you MAS now, like HARPO studios?????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

2172 days ago


Another thing for desperate, bored and confused housewives to fawn over because Oprah farted on him.

2172 days ago


That man deserves a medal for propping O for her photo op

everything she does she does for herself

You notice how O turns other's moments into her moment

what a cow

2172 days ago


thank god he didn't ask any questions that might embarass either oprah or obama, otherwise he would have his trash gone into like joe the plumber. i am just happy he just smiled and went along with the one, or he would have his life ruined. just remember socialist leaders can never be questioned, or made fun of. so tmz let it be a warning, no matter how big of a buffune obama is, don't dare question dear leader obama. did you like the fake cabinet room for the photo op, or the new obama office of president elect sign, do you ever remember any president elect doing this? i cant wait for dear leader to actually take office,

2172 days ago

Rest in Peace    

This guy is super can't possibly find anything to say about him! :) I work right near Oprah's studio, she and her staff are always very nice, they hang out, work and eat in the neighborhood as well. Oprah has always been gracious to her audiences and true genuine person. They were all having a great time Tuesday night...come on people, life is too short to not be happy and enjoy all that life has to offer!!!!

2172 days ago

arte help    

Big deal, he's got tear stains all over his clothes. I guess that makes you famous nowadays.

2172 days ago


oh, reverse this situation.. if someone would have done this to HARPO, it would have been law suit city...

2172 days ago


Lovin' Chicago, Oprah is arrogant and impatient with her audiences, and constantly talks down to them. But there are people who, when treated with arrogance and contempt, twist it into believing they are in the presence of greatness. You can see this frequently in people who were abused as children who go on to defend and praise their abusers. And a true and genuine person? I find you about as observant as a pile of rocks. Life's to short to eat this crap.

2172 days ago


Touched by Oprah !! Welcome to the next U.S. President. Ah. But he won't be. He is not a Black foreigner, who has associations with local & foreign Muslim Terrorists.

2172 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

You want to know what OPRAH calls him ? 'MR. MAN" said Oprah when asked what his name is . lol

2172 days ago


u got to be kidding.No wonder she think she is better then everyone else.Under her cloak she is more predigest then everyone I know. Have u ever heard Oprah saying, because her mother had to work for white people, she got herself some whites working for her.If a white person would say that, he would be called any kind of name in the book

2172 days ago


What I can't figure out is why TMZ is not bashing that old cow instead of Sarah Palin. Do you suppose if Sarah had smeared all over oboma, TMZ would be smearing and all that happy crap over Palin as well.

2172 days ago

Rest in Peace    

Kan, you better book your appointment with your shrink, you have some major head issues my friend. Have you been to a show? You sound like you are a little creepy little dude, typing from your creepy little computer, making all these assumptions about people you don't know and who obviously you have HUGE hang ups about. Impatient with her audience, what the HELL does that mean? And, how could you tie that in with abused children?! Eeewww, I feel sorry for anyone who crosses your path devil boy. Smile and take a chill pill, peace baby...

2172 days ago

Avenge, revenge, whatever    

Hey petee, love how you spelled "buffune". You are very smart and not at all a right-wing, alarmist nutjob. "Buffune", classic. Duh, you are a reetarhd. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Angry little mental-midget.

2172 days ago
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