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Balthazar's Breakup -- The Dominos Effect

11/10/2008 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's gone from cavorting with half-naked Sienna Miller in Italy, to carrying a big pizza pie in L.A. with kids in tow. Balthazar Getty is now unencumbered -- except he's still married and very much financially on the hook.


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Yea Jean, all the more reason for Diaper-Boy to gargle with boiling Draino, and then boil himself in a vat of Lysol.

2144 days ago


You have to give him credit for doing one thing right - dumping that disgusting girlfriend.
But imagine anyone putting his wife and family through such humiliation for a few months of lust with such an unstable woman.

I hope that he will concentrate on his beautiful four children because that's what they need now after all the months of stress.

2144 days ago


@ 14 - His wife smells Sienna's crotch when she kisses her kids goodnight? I guess we can add a dash of Jude Law sausage and a pinch of au pair chipped beef. You have to contact the CDC for the full celebrity goulash recipe.

2144 days ago


Not doubting anyone here just curious....when did Getty dump that sl*t Sienna? I would be thrilled for the kids sake, sorry for the wife's sake but I never heard anything about those two selfish pigs breaking up. Last time I checked he was cavorting about with that selfish puke Miller just a few weeks ago. Hope he did kick her whore -a** to the curb. It would serve her right!
And anyone who would want to knock the bottom out of that wh*re, please PLEASE never get married. Not even those British wh*res deserve a puke like you!

2144 days ago

can't fool me    

Okay, he MUST stop with the scarves. He's been looking like a European gigolo. Sooooooo affected - eeewwwww!

2143 days ago

Nobody In Particular    

This guy is a giant tool, BUT leave the kids out of it!! Stop taking photos of celebuspawn. Their lives are abnormal as it is, without paps following them around taking pictures.

2143 days ago


If I am getting this picture right, I notice a few things; 1- he is a midget w/gray hair (EW!),2- he leaves his kids in the dust behind him(EW!- but lucky for them!), and 3-his tragically overused euro-trash look might be physically infused(EW!) Just EW!EW!EW! He should be neutered and sent to clean up after old people with IBS!!!!

2143 days ago


And I called it. He is staging these photo-ops with his kids by trying to give the impression that he is a "good father" to offset how he has HUMILIATED HIS FAMILY BY HAVING A VERY PUBLIC AFFAIR.

2143 days ago


Balt's kids have suffered enough having him as a father. TMZ, please stop publishing photos of these kids. They don't need paparazzi following them around.

2143 days ago


I don't think the have split up yet US WEEKLY have pulled the article of their website so there is something fishy going on. Miller is more likely to get the attention with this comment, and she said "I AM SINGLE AT THIS MOMENT", i honestly think miller is giving him problems about his divorce, she is saying "get a divorce or I am out of here" miller will have all her own way and lets just see if getty thinks more of his children than miller.

2143 days ago


I agree with you # 25. I now think she was setting the stage for another outrageous PR stunt with the MARRIED MAN by annoucing that they were split and being photographed with another man. She just won some more money and we know how much that motivated the MARRIED MAN to resume his public appearances with VM the last time. So she was probably using this as an opportunity to tell him to "GET A DIVORCE or I won't continue to financially support you". I serioulsy doubt that she would "end" the AFFAIR, I think she probably wouldn't give him any more money and he got mad and "ended" the AFFAIR. Now she is annoucing that she won some money, like she is calling him to come home. I don't think that he is worried about his inheritance because VICTIMienna is making a career out of filing "harassment" lawsuits just to keep him comfortable. She did say at this moment, so it could mean I am staying away from the MARRIED MAN because he is getting a divorce or I am staying away from the MARRIED MAN until I win my case in court (she could be arguing that the media destroyed her relationship with BG).

I think that he staged this photo-op to give the impression that he really does care about his kids because many posters were wondering if he ever spent any time with them. A DIVORCE announcement maybe coming soon or he still plans on continuing his AFFAIR but doing it less publicly. I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed with VM until he blew through the settlement money and then moved onto his next "sugar-mama". I wouldn't put it past VM to try to use the settlement money to pay RG to get a DIVORCE. In her mind, she believes that it's her fault that the MARRIED MAN won't get a divorce.

2143 days ago


Just public relations BS. Their careers are on very dangerous ground! You don't spend to redecorate your loft apartment and have your art work sent over only to split with your mistress! BS, BS, BS. What jokers! Wish I was wrong! What's with the scarf on Balty? One of the children are wearing short sleeves and he has a scarf on? What an ass, save the scarf for London, where practically everyone wears one.

2143 days ago


What is that schmatte wrapped around Getty's neck and covering his crotch ?

2143 days ago


miller has been taken on by HUGO BOSS for their new fragrance Orange, will be writing to them to say that a woman who has had an affair with a married man is not a good advertisement. I would have thought they had more sense unless the photo shoot was some time back, that happens. and they are waiting for the dust to settle.The address is PETER LITTMANN AG HUGO BOSS DIESEL STRASSE 12 7255 METZINGER GERMANY if anybody wants to write as well.

2143 days ago


Thanks for the info #29. I probably won't write but I most definitely not by ANY fragrance by that company. Talk about a bunch of losers. They probably think that old cliche of "Any publicity is good publicity". However in this case, the complete opposite is true. In fact don't just boycott the fragrance but any movie she makes and His TV show. I think you guys on this page are correct. These British Wh*res know every trick in the book to get these rich bast*rds to propose. They undoubtedly learned it from their mothers. If you listened to as many of these mothers of these gold-digging sl*ts as I have, you would discover that their mothers are usually an even bigger gold-digger than their daughters and that they will back-up most of the lies their daughters tell their prospective husbands. Like one model insists angrily that she never has an abortion and yet she told four of her ex-s that she had had three and yet all of a sudden she "Never had one". No I'm not talking about Sienna. I'm talking about another British sl*t! Anyway, her mother completely backed up her story probably because they know Mr. Hollywood moneybags is against abortion. LOL! I'm Sienna's mother will do exactly the same thing! Lie her a** off so that she and her daughter can live "Happily ever after".

2141 days ago
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