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Bloodsuckers Trample Kids at "Twilight" Signing

11/10/2008 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kids were trampled, the cops were called in, blood was reportedly spilled -- all over a chance to see a guy from a film that hasn't even opened yet.
Robert Pattison: Click to view!
Things got nasty at San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria this morning when a crowd of roughly 3,000 anxious tweens grew out of control while waiting for a chance to see "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson.

The crowd -- nearly 10 times larger than event officials prepared for -- mutated into a mob scene when a push to get into the mall got so wild, that several kids fell under the crush. One girl reportedly broke her nose and another fainted.

No arrests were made and the event was canceled for obvious reasons.


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Okay I have to say that Robert is pretty hot on in his own but I did not see him as Edward either. I have to say also that is will take Cedric Digery (Harry Potter) but they could have done better. As far as who they casted for Bella she is right out of my imagination. I have to say the rest of the clan was cast pretty perfectly as well.

I forgot that Steph was Morman. Yeah church people the books all screams no sex before marriage. I hope I didn't give to much away by saying that. Anyway chuch folk think of it this way Twlight is a series of book that have encouraged reading. Man I can't wait to see this movie.

2176 days ago


I was actually there this morning. I was there from 3 AM to around 9 AM. The cops did nothing to help whatsoever and now they're trying to blame the crowd. The fact is that they had ONE Rent-A-Cop to begin with. Two women who were there since 11 the night before from LA, organized a sign in list to see if it would help. I still have my number on my hand(137). The cop and Hot Topic were debating whether or not to use this and then I guess one person sprinted to the front. All I saw were a bunch of people running and then a swarm, so obviously we followed. The crowd was actually not that bad, the main problem was the lack of organization and security. The real police didn't show up for a while and they still didn't do anything. All they told us to do was to "MOVE BACK" which is impossible when being crushed into a planter box. There was no room to move back whatsoever. Finally it seemed like they would be able to do it in a somewhat orderly fashion. They started taking people in and I guess some stupid pushy fans in the FRONT ruined it for everyone. The cops gave up, canceled the event, and resorted to physically pushing us back into other people. I applaud the women from LA who tried to organize what the cops didn't. They should have honored that list because we all were there first. Some people straggled in around 7 and just formed in the back, becoming stone and refusing to move. The excuse that they didn't expect as many people to come is just ridiculous and absurd. If you have a total of 500 wristbands, you should expect AT LEAST that many and typically two times that much. Blame it on Hot Topic and the cops, not on the crowd.

2176 days ago

TMZ Staff Are All Deuche Bags!!!    

This Movie Is Going To Suck As Much As They Do In The Movie!!
Stop Chasing These Idiot Actors Who Aren't Really That Great!!

2176 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I heard some TMZ potogs started a rumer that only the 1st 1000 were going to be let through so they could film the kaos.

2176 days ago


I can not believe these people! CRAZY
I agree with the posts about the movie.. the books are fantastic.. the movie looks low budget and "Bella" sounds like she is reading the script..
"Edward" is so miscast it's sad.. I too cringe when I see the trailers

2176 days ago


Church?? No comment
At least these books are teaching teens some good moral lessons about love and the sanctity of true love.. and the feelings and thoughts of others..

Try reading the books before comparing it to the hypocrisy they would learn in church

2176 days ago


Gah, I hate the books AND movie. Just more talentless pop culture. It'll die out. It's just really sad that there's this much hype over it.
And I love all the wonderful comments about church, too; ignorance is bliss, when it comes to religion. xD

2176 days ago

Jane Doe    

Campuses are closed today due to Veterans day, I think, so I'm guessing this didn't help matters. This isn't exactly the hugest movie, or even the most anticipated, but it has a very large, very specific, very crazy fan base. Obssession is an understatement. The twilight fans are beyond loyal, its almost like a disease, the twilight fever.

Why do we have to bring religion and the Church into the equation? The topic of discussion is a book, a ficitonal piece of work. Kids that read this book are not going to go out and have sex because of it, and they're not go out and join a church because of it either. They may, however, start hanging out in graveyards in an attempt to find themselves their own personal Edward Cullen.

Feel kinda bad for Robert Pattinson though. "Sorry your signing was cancelled, people are beating each other up to see you. Health risk, you understand." Yikes.

2176 days ago


I can't wait till the day these tweens wake up and realize that Edward Cullen does NOT exist.


2176 days ago


i showed up there after it all happened. i agree with the #19 comment. it was badly organized. they should have expected wayy more people. and they should have opened it up to more than 500 people.

2176 days ago


First off ... don't knock the tweens. I'm a 25 year old graduate student who earlier this week bought tickets to the midnight showing of Twilight along with 10 other girls from the BIBLE STUDY I LEAD. I was planning to go to Chicago on Wednesday for the other one but now I'm deciding it might not be a good idea and might be a waste anyway if this happens in Chicago.

While I might not have been there, when I read the small amount of people online at the Hot Topic website that they were letting in I was a little shocked. They really need to be prepared for at least three times that amount of people. These books have a cult following to them. I really haven't met any females that HAVEN'T read the Twilight series, regardless of age.

I also take offense as an Evangelical Christian that people are making statements about Christians. Here's an idea ... don't judge a group of people if you don't know them personally. I didn't realize since I go to church every weekend and lead bible studies for other college kids that I'm not allowed to read books with vampires in them. Thank for the clarification.

2175 days ago


Big deal! I liked all the books, but the movie and the books will NEVER reach the level of Harry Potter! I agree with some of the posts here--casting Robert for Edward didn't seem to fit. I can still picture him as Cedric Diggary of HP fame (although brief), but not as the so called "handsome" Edward Cullen.

2175 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    

People rushing for an autograph is so stupid, I mean I live in palm springs, we see famous people all the time out here they are like one of the group, we just say hi, no trampling for autograph's here. I think people who do that, usually don't think that they are anybody, so they put all there hope's in famous people so they feel good about themselves, it's so sad.

2175 days ago


Lauren: There should not have to be a big bunch of cops at such as this. Perhaps some of these people acting no better than wild animals needed a good shot of pepper spray! Stop acting like fools, fools!

2175 days ago


Robert pattinson is going to be HUGE!

2175 days ago
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