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Bloodsuckers Trample Kids at "Twilight" Signing

11/10/2008 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kids were trampled, the cops were called in, blood was reportedly spilled -- all over a chance to see a guy from a film that hasn't even opened yet.
Robert Pattison: Click to view!
Things got nasty at San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria this morning when a crowd of roughly 3,000 anxious tweens grew out of control while waiting for a chance to see "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson.

The crowd -- nearly 10 times larger than event officials prepared for -- mutated into a mob scene when a push to get into the mall got so wild, that several kids fell under the crush. One girl reportedly broke her nose and another fainted.

No arrests were made and the event was canceled for obvious reasons.


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is he doing another signing?

if so, when and where?

2172 days ago


I was there. Im actually in the mob a few feet from the door. It was a madhouse. Very poorly planned. For the longest time they only had one young security guard running crowd control. Im sure he quit after yesterday. :) But at the end of the day we got in and got our autograph.

2172 days ago


I really cannot stand when people make stupid comments about the teens standing in line to see a guy who plays a vampire but wouldn't be caught dead in a church. You are a moron.

2172 days ago


man you guys need to get over it! i agree with the one person who said that you guys ("devout church people")are on here blogging, dont have anything better to do? these books are great the movie has already recieved so much publicity!!! its crazy and they had to say it was cancelled so everyone would leave, i got to meet him hes soooo down to earth and it was worth it, and the girls nose didnt get broken she got a little cut and was fine. It was poor management and the police wouldnt get involved, they left when they were there at 5am and then came back only after the fire department arrived after a girl had an anxiety attack..So be mad at the people who didnt plan to deal with the mob that would come, shouldv anticipated it though HE IS SOOOO HOTT!!!!!!!

2172 days ago

Lidia R.    

I am one of those parents who support children's in their dreams and I made responsible Hot Topic for wronly organizing this event. 1 the mall do not allow people concentration in the side walk or in the private parking area at other times than the mall operation hours. 2 Teens and parents showed up from a day before and made a very well organized line by the church public parking across the mall parking. 3 police officials and mall security showed around 5 am did not know what to do; HT had not made any plan with them how to proceed and they made the girls moved from one spot to another to finally made them run to the mall gate and mall side walk. 4 There were plenty officials and security to make the girls move from the main gate to the side walk as they were moving the crow later in the afternoon, but they did not look prepared to do it. 5 The organizers showed up by 7 am gave directions to the girls, but they did not know how to organize the crowd. With Organizers' directions, police and security officials good imagination and good will the crowd would have been controlled. 6 The time run, more people showed up trying to cut in what made harder to move the girls from the front gate to make the line. 7 HT offered 500 wristbands for Robert P's signing and the plan was one or two writsbands per customer buying one or two twilight t-shirt, so only 250 girls may get the 500 wristbands to see Robert in the evening. 8 They offered a Q-A session with Robert for girls who could not get a w-band. 9 Security left few people get in the mall and gave them some tickets to return later for the writs bands, but suddenly they stopped. 10 The fail organization made police asked HT to cancel the event by 7 am, but they planned to sell the t-shirts anyway. 11 Most people patienly being in line from a day before or earlier that day left dissapointed. In the meantime new people showed up after 7 am. 12 I believe the mall was open before operation hours and girls made a line to buy the t-shirts. 13 HT opened the store after 10 am and they reparted the wrist bands to the customers. 14 They continued with the event plan. Only the firts girls who showed later in the morning got w-bands and were allowed to see Robert P. but remember they could have gotten one or two w-bands (one for a friend) 15 Robert P was supposed to be there at 4 pm but showed up around 6 pm. There was not such Question-Answer session. 16 Some people from a day before or the early morning showed up later to find out they were cheated. 17 People with the early famous ticket showed up to find out had not chances to get a w-band and less to see Robert P. I personally asked many questions to the organizers to know if they would always have the event later that day or next day, if they would give up the w-bands and all answers I got was not, it is cancelled.

2172 days ago


Well, I was actually there that day, I am 25, married and have 2 kids. I drove 6 hours to wait for another 6 hours and then was told to go home because there was no way this thing was gonna happen. When I got home I found out they had gone and done it. There were 300 people there by 3 am, and then about 600 kids there by 6am, the mall sent one security guy to be there until they opened, and he was a little guy with a mega phone and didnt know how to use it.after that more started to get there so by 8 am there was MAYBE a few hundred more. and too out of control for the police who finally showed up. And it was the first 500 through the door got a wrist band. One girl did get trampled around 4 am, I saw here, don't think she had a broken nose. and it serves the couple girls who fainted right because the police just wanted people to back away from the door and they were to idiotic to get that a few feet didnt really make a difference. They also did not think they would cancel it and lose 15 grand. I did not sleep for over 24 hours, drove 12 hours to see a guy who inspired me to start playing the piano again, and don't care what anyone thinks. It was worth every minute for the chance. And I really like the Twilight series.
Also I don't go to church. I don't think its right to be the one to decide which religion is the correct one because I am scared to go through life not knowing the truth.

2171 days ago

mrs cullen    

rob pattinson is so HOT people need to stop being such hatters.....he is perfect for the part and the fact that hes playin a vampire has nothing to do with all you bible bangers need to butt out its a f@#%en movie based on a should be happy tha teen are reading

2171 days ago


This is what happens when Rob's hotness is summoned to a two bit mall. Get the dude a stadium people! His hotness needs a stadium, not a hot topic store! Bad idea, I could have told you that RP wasn't meant for a mall tour!

2171 days ago


OMG When are the PR people going to realize they are dealing with a mega superstar and get some proper event sites with some control on the crazy fan situation? Oh well, sucks for San Fran. We love ROB!!!!! And will always want...need - MORE!!!

2171 days ago

Michelle Reyes    

I absolutely love reading everybody's comments! Everyone in this site is so witty! I especially loved number 53, Crystal, I wish we could write like that here. I'm from the Philippines and I so envy you people for having Robert Pattinson enter your malls. I would so love to have the chance to meet him or even see him as a person. I think it's great that teens/mothers or women are all excited about meeting him. In such a harsh and complicated world, living out some fantasies are not a bad thing. Twilight makes you forget your problems and brings you to another world. Is that such a bad thing? And kudos to the casting team... I can't imagine a better cast for Twilight. It really disappoints me when people bash the casting. Try to be open minded, you can't please everybody. And lets face it, Robert Pattinson is as good as it gets!

2170 days ago


I think it's disgusting that people would injure themselves and others just to see Robert Pattinson. I'm sorry I think he's gorgeous too and I plan on waiting in line the night the movie opens AND I've read three of the four books, but that sort of thing is completely unnecessary.... I totally agree with those who think they needed a bigger venue... but come on... let's act somewhat sane here people...

2169 days ago


lmao.. well i personaly loved the movei and the book. It's like titanic all over again.

2118 days ago

Chelsea Schilling    

Haha, that's funny. I don't get why they would do this at Stonestown, it's such a horrible mall.

2087 days ago
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